Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The approval of COSON as a copyright collecting society by the NCC has continued to generate controversy as a former president of PMAN, Charly boy, has queried the motive behind Adebambo Adewepo’s action on the issue. The musician expressed surprise at the approval as he sees most of those behind COSON as “anti-artistes”.

According to him, the collecting society has been in disarray since that approval, “as COSON is being powered by those who have exploited us, those who have never been sympathetic to our plight”. “It is interesting to note that most of the people we fought during my tenure as PMAN president , labels that have cheated artistes, and pirates who have defrauded us are the same set of people that make up COSON. It’s a big problem but we will fight it” he said.

Insisting that he would not embrace COSON because NCC is bent on forcing artistes to belong to one collecting society, Charly boy expressed dismay on the sudden turn around of the NCC DG as regards standing for justice. “This same man that we fought for when we took on pirates is the same man that is supporting an association that consists of pirates and cheating record labels”. “In fact I am using this opportunity to call for his resignation because he is not the one to regulate what happens in the industry”, he added.

A spokesman of NCC said that the commission would not join issues with Chary boy or anybody. “the court is there”, he said.

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