Saturday, March 28, 2009


"4 years don waka,we still dey carry go.
nobody waka,nobody go solo"

Words ain't enough to describe how much this song pisses me off whenever i hear it on the radio.who gives a f*@k how long you have been together if no good comes out of it.In terms of achievements musically and otherwise,what has styl plus done in the last 4 years.after coming out with a bang,they released a weak album and made some awful videos to accompany make matters worse they have lost the little fan base they had to p square.

It is clear to see that these guys need some advice and who else to give it to them if not yours's not like their family & friends will tell them the truth.come to think of it,it will be pretty difficult for their parents & relations to look at them in the eye and say "son,you fucking fell off".so what i am about to do is an act of love,more like euthanasia.

Firstly lets forget the nobody waka talk,the right thing to do now is break up.
Shiffi should just go and get married(raise a family)
Tunde should get a job(i can picture him working for a 1st generation bank)

*(customer service)-hi,my name is tunde from styl plus.would you like to open an account with us or in what way can i help you? (i joke,i joke)

now where was i?

Zeal should go solo
To be frank i don't think zeal has awesome talent,but with age on his side & his looks,he will definitely move more units than a group effort.all he needs is a good management team and nice p.r.he would haVe to make a lot of noise about leaving styl a couple of solid guest appearances & then (bam) drop a hot album filled with club bangers,love ballads & some uptempo songs.
cameos from tuface,9ice & m.i will go a long way in lighting up the album.
lest i forget,he needs a major record label like kennis music & he will be needing producers like jeremiah gyang,cobhams,don jazzy,ojb,paul play e.t.c
incase he is not a good song writer he can get help from ojb,paul play,faze,cobhams e.t.c
a duet with asa or ty bello won't be a bad idea if he can pull it off vocally.

A lot of publicity won't do him harm(good or bad).any type of publicity is great.he can potray a bad boy or player image by dating & dumping one hot industry chick real fast or he could make a sex tape with mercy johnson & leak it on the internet(now that will be news)

since p square have stolen the whole usher thing,he could learn some dance steps/moves and be naija's chris brown.

Now how hard is all this,styl plus will probably thank me for this one day.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The way i keep it coming,y'all will think i f*@k all day,can't say i am killing the competiton cos there is no competition.i am a jack of one trade,master of one & thats why i am running this thang.

I got the whole hip hop community in a frenzy just cos i leaked an awards winners list that wasn't handled with y'all make it look like i am straight out clowning these was just sloppiness on there part.

I dropped state of emergency,next thing you know bella naija is doing naija divas.i mean how much of a co incidence is that?

"where are they now" has got all all these long gone artistes coming out of the woodwork like roaches,talking about how much they have been around and granting interviews everywhere.

real talk,iam way ahead of the game,i got my s*@t in japan

this is just to let you know i ain't going nowhere,iam just warming up.stay tuned.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS........................

WARNING:What you are about to read is illegal & i could get sued for this except for the fact that no one knows who i am.if there is a single difference in what you are about to read and what will be officially announced on may 16,2009 at HHWA.DON'T EVER READ MY BLOG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

I am in the street all day & i keep my ear to the ground,thats why when S*@t happens i am the first to know it.That's what makes me different,so while you were checking out the nominees,HHW sprung a leak and i was in the right place at the right time.Now i know the winners and i am gonna give it to you 100% straight,just remember where you heard it first.


AND THE WINNER IS.................

Gongo Aso-9ice


Gongo Aso-9ice

Can't do without you-Tuface FT Melissa Briggs

I.D Cabasa

DJ Tee "Pere"-Mo hits allstars

Gift & Grace-Timaya

Mr Capable-Banky w

Talk about it-M.I

Street Credibility-9ice FT Tuface

Kini big deal-Naeto C

Not the girl-Dare art alade

In the music-Omawunmi

Wa waa alright-Kel


I dey kolo-Tinny


04kasibe-DJ Zeez


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The attention of the management of Kennis Music has been drawn to recent media statements credited to Mr Edward Ashiedu-Brown who was until 2004 signed to Kennis Music as a recording artiste. In the said interviews, Mr Brown cast aspersions on the person of our CEO Keke Ogungbe, just as he alleged the label owed him royalties.

We wish to state matter-of-factly, that there is no iota of truth in these allegations and we like to implore the general public to weigh carefully the sincerity of the artiste before digesting his statements hook, line and sinker.

According to Keke Ogungbe, who put the record straight during the week, ‘Kennis music has one OF the best records when it comes to royalty payment. We pride ourselves as one of the very best in the country; known to pay royalties in full as at when due, even now embracing advance royalty payments. (e.g. 2face in grass 2 grace audio and grass 2 grace video [separately])Speaking particularly on Eddy’s allegations, Keke stated that ¡sales from Eddy's works have dwindled almost to zero in the recent past. However, his contractual agreement stipulates quarterly payment to him after sales with full payment received by Kennis. There are some Eddy/Remedies products out in the market currently that are on ¡sales on return¢ [products are given out on credit to distributors and payments are remitted upon sale of the works]. However, royalties are usually paid upon receipt of payments which now gives the amount to be paid to artistes according to the monies received. In the past artistes will say company so so and so has not paid any royalty but the same artiste will not say that their album which is a huge investment for the company has not sold enough for the company to recoup money they used to produce the album, mass produce from master to CDs, tapes etc, produce the video[s], promote the songs on radio, TV, newspapers, posters, etc, distribute the albums; before you can then think of royalties.

Eddy was signed to Kennis in 1998, as a member of now rested group Remedies, which still owes Kennis an album,. His contract with the label as a solo artiste ran between 2001 and 2004.

We try to be very transparent at Kennis music and we will not allow any artiste to tarnish our image. Especially as we have noticed that such complaints are peculiar to unsuccessful and failed artistes who are ever willing to blame his or her woes on somebody else especially their record company but never themselves. This issue of looking at both side of the coin is very important in this industry so as to put a stop to this one sided lies and cheap blackmail. You will never found a 2face saying his royalties were never paid. Same for Lagbaja, Eedris Abdulkareem, Paul Play Dairo,V I P from Ghana, Kenny saint brown, Tony Tetuila just to mention few¢.

Please find below, details of Royalties paid to Edward Ashiedu-Brown a.k.a. Eddy Remedy.

*Last royalty paid:Arrival of eddy................ N261.38

Leave eddy alone.............. N301.88

Peace Nigeria [remedies] N1510.9

My music video compilation vol.2 N2910.

(Less deductions)

*Total royalties paid to and received by eddy......N4,700.00 [four thousand, seven hundred naira only]

*Edward Ashiedu- Brown sighted and reviewed the accounts before signing for the receipt of his royalties on 23rd of June 2006. (please note that he signed and collected the royalties himself. The label can make his signed remittance advise available if need be.)*Also note that royalties are paid for sales made for at least 3 months.*Prior to the last payment, his royalty was N13,081 but he paid his last outstanding on personal loan which made his balance to N3,102.00 naira.


Keke Ogungbe

CEO Kennis Music

Monday, March 9, 2009


You gotta admit sasha has got more swagger than all her male counterparts combined together.heard she went to shoprite in an helicopter.

With the extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle olu maintain is living,you have to start wondering if he is really into yahoozee,money laundering or spending drug money.

That D'banj gave 9ice 2 mil for his video shoot is old news,is he being generous or plain stupid.

Isn't it odd that ruggedman seems to be the only one wearing his 20th september line.i haven't seen it anywhere else

3 artistes whose sophomore album you don't want to hear
-Konga :baby konga
-Raymond king :alanta
-D smart :pikin

The best way to blow up in the naija music biz is to drop out of school first and every other thing will follow.peep your favorite dropout mcs:D'banj,Olu maintain,9ice,Tuface e.t.c

who exactly is this uche guy that these artistes keep telling us not to look at his face?

Was it the economic downtown & recession that made eldee go commercial or he is just trying to save up for baby food?

Why do most naija artistes have to go all the way down to south africa to shoot their videos?

where is jim iyke's who am i? album,has anyone seen it yet,it is supposed to feature timaya,tuface & 9ice

Isn't it time now muzik changed their name to then muzik as they have fallen off so much you barely know they exist.

Now that soundcity is on radio,did their VJs turn to DJs overnight.

Is Ikechukwu now signed to mo hits records,if not why is he always jumping on d'banj & don jazzy's d**k so much.

How the hell did these guys(C-mion,Alabai,K-show & Six o) end up being duds?they looked quite promising earlier on.



Before the release of this album,everyone was trying to get signed to a record one knew how to be independent until 2shotz showed them the way.he teamed up with biglo to create the infectious hit single "delicious" & then made his way to alaba and sealed the deal with Tjoe thus paving the way for every artist after everyone wants to be independent and no one wants to be on a label where you will be getting ripped off by your of total control.

2.THY ALBUM COME-Ruggedman
Ruggedman popularised dissing in Nigeria and also sanitised the naija rap game.previously there were a lot of wack artists out there claiming to be rappers until the rugged one dropped "Thy album come"which featured songs like "ehen pt 1 & peace or war" where he took the bull by the horn and addressed the sorry state of the rap industry without caring whose ox was gored.going head to head with the pillars of the industry back then and putting his career on the line is the stuff legends are made nobody wants to jump on a track and start spitting rubbish cos someone might be watching.

3.P.A.S.S-Eedris Abdulkareem
This album was a monumental landmark in the history of naija a time when hip hop music was sacrilegous and genres like apala,fuji,reggae & afrobeat had the game in a chokehold,Eedris did the impossible and kickstarted the hip hop movement."Oko ashewo" the first single from the album was a monster hit and thus started the reign of hip hop/rap in nigeria.

The best rap collective to ever come out of nigeria.this album actually showed us the future of Nigerian was from this album the rap careers of 2shotz,sasha,timi & the solo careers of eldee & freestyle took off.propelled by the hit single "oya".this album went on to become the most successful rap album by a group in Nigeria.most of the members of this group have become the core/backbone of the Naija rap movement.

5.L.A.G STYLE-Trybesmen
Trybesmen are to naija rap what plantashun boiz are to naija r&b.Without these guys,your favorite rappers would still be trying so hard to rap like hov,nas,big or pac.with this album they laid down the blueprint for rapping in pidgin and making a success of cut a long story short these are the pioneers of afro hip hop or whatever you decide to call it.



They say what a man can do a woman can do better.that is clearly not happening in the nigeria music scene.i have never seen a girl who can make better songs than the likes of 9ice,tuface,faze,d'bang,p square there a female producer in nigeria (none that i know of),is there any girl out there who can drop bars like m.i,ruggedman,modenine,freestyle e.t.c
There are 140 million people in nigeria so give or take we should have like 60 million women in nigeria,for crying out loud there has to be a diva somewhere.
Looking at the industry,shola allyson and asa seem to be the only talented female artistes,while the latter is coming up the former is getting scorned because she sings in her native language.since when did that become a sin,look at the likes of angelique kidjo,mariam makeba,yvonne chaka chaka,late brenda fassie & lebo mathosa.they were all succesful making songs their own way but we are busy trying to imitate and be the next rihanna,ashanti, beyonce,keri hilson,ciara,cassie,leona lewis,lady gaga e.t.c
So before things get out of hand we should come up with a solution,props to smooth productions(girls nite out) & Orangootan(girl power unleashed) for taking steps in the right direction,but in the meantime i hereby declare a atate of emergency.

Lets take a quick look at what we have

ARA:I still don't understand all the hype behind this girl,she can't sing to save her own life.i hear she is a good drummer so i suggest she makes an instrumental album and stop making those awful songs(tolongo/eye meta or whatever the title is)

*ASA*:Wonderful vocalist,highly talented guitarist,overall a good package.question mark lost on this is so amazing the way she puts words together,this sista is top notch.with her albums "the Captivator & Asha" already doing well in the market.her success is a foregone issue.

KEMISTRY:Radio & tv presenter turned rapper,got decent rotation for her single "shake"but we can't jugde a book by its cover,the jury is still out on this one.

WUNMI OBE:What could be more interesting than making records with your husband,she is in her comfort zone (T.W.O) and not going solo anytime soon.

ESSENCE:Her rendition of african queen was neither spell binding nor Mind blowing.(dead end).i don't think anyone actually listened to her album "truly essence".

FUNKE:The girl that did a yoruba version of celine dion's "if that's what it takes"(another dead end)

MAIDEENA:Second runner up at star quest.status:missing in action

KWEEN:"Oluronbi-dance with me-jebele jebele".she has been around for quite some time and she keeps getting better.

MODELE:"Adara" was just okay.

*MUMA GEE*:A lot of people are sleeping on muma but she happens to be a great artist.her hit single "kade" was tight and the video was hot.

BOUQUI:Everybody knows bouqui or almost everybody,"molejo" was a regional hit,her debut album was tight and she can really rap for a gospel artist (nuff said)

*EGO IHEANACHO*:Wonderful resume-"konko below,anything,never far away".too bad all her hits were made with lagbaja,now that she is on her own,lets wait and see what she can come up with.

SASHA:Even with the release of her debut album "first lady" sash is still finding it difficult to hold her own in the industry.the untimely demise of trybe records put a huge dent in her career as she hasn't put out an outstanding single since "emi le gan"."adara" was just aight.well going to school,being a journalist and having a rap career is clearly not working,ask sash;she will know

AZEEZAT:"Simply magnificient" came and went with as much impact as a drop of water in the ocean."hold on" was quite nice then she stepped out of the picture only to reappear with "malu" which was underwhelming.

YINKA DAVIES:Who the F*@K is yinka davies?

*RESONANCE*:"Lele""chinwe ike""holy ghost fire""nna anyi" just to name a few were hit songs off her debut album.possesses an angelic voice that can move the crowd anywhere in the if only that other guy could just step out of the picture.

WEIRD MC:It took the weird one 10 solid years to come out with after the storm,i will be damned if i wait another 10 years to get a good album.won't put my money on this.

BLAISE:Nice cameos so far so good,quite promising but until her album drops she will just be one of the many upcoming female rappers out there.

SHOLA ALLYNSON:With 3 solid album under her belt (eji owuro,gbeje fori & ire) she has what it takes but because she sings in yoruba language a lot of people are sleeping on her.someone should put up the money and sign this talented artiste so that she can get major backing and exposure.

FOLAKE UMOSEN:"King's praise" was so good she won a kora award.since that was her debut album we can only expect so much more from her sophomore album.

*STELLA ABODERIN*:The sultry voice behind synergy before disaster struck.she showed us what she was capable of on OGD all single out yet but i believe whenever she decides to come out,she will do just fine.

KENNY ST BROWN:This sista has been around for ages but has not made any noticeable impact.nothing short of a miracle will make her blow up big time.

JANET GABRIEL:Miss Nigeria 1993."heard it all before" was a beautiful song and her album "the fire within" should be worth listening to.but if you ask me i would say that isn't the way to the promised land.

GENEVIEVE:Our friend from nollywood came to the rescue when everything was going awry but her album "one logologo line" fell below expectation,but if she can get back on her A game,a lot can still be done.i wouldn't write her off just yet.

OMOTOLA:A member of the nollywood rescue team.her album "gba" was hot by all standards and a follow up is clearly in order but the question is can she combine being a good wife,good mother,be on location and still hit the studio.i really don't think so,she ain't superwoman.

ASHONYE:Former lead singer of emete & as hot as they come."party tonight" was off the hook,her album was aight but it will take more than that to evolve above your stereotypical R&B artiste.

KEFEE:"Branama & branama 2" were both solid albums that could have propelled her onto the national stage but somehow she is still in the background.maybe third time will be the charm for her.

*TY BELLO*:Former member of KUSH (let's live together).tight debut album with a hot single "greenland".now that we know that the land is green what's next,she had better not come back and start telling me that the sky is blue.i wouldn't find it funny

KEL:"Waa wa alright" has put baby girl up there with next rated female mcs.has shown a lot of potential.nothing much to write home about.

OMAWUNMI:Ist runner up on west african idols is coming out with a bang,ok maybe not with a bang cos her new single "in the music" sounds a little bit off.more like south african music,wrong direction to go.

FRAGRANCE:"Lovers and friends"

ANGELICA: "My naija guy""gizzy gizzy"

NIYOLA:"Keep it real"

AMAH:"Ooh aah""work that"

PAMMY JO:No comments

GOLDIE:No comments

SAMANTHA:No comments

ZEAL:No comments


Saturday, March 7, 2009



Ever since charlie boy released his book "my private parts".Your favourite artistes & execs have all been upping their pen game.Yours truly has the list of artistes and books lined up for release in the near future.

Eedris abdulkareem- 10 years of hate,crucified for nigeria

Keke & D1- industry politricks 101

9ice- yoruba language made easy

Soul E- Gold digging for dummies

Olu maintain-
yahoozee for beginners
1 million dollars,how come?

Baby factory-based on a true story
Pleasures of fatherhood

Adventures in kokoland
Kokomaster and the love below
Booty capone-naija superhero (comic)
Art of kokolet seduction

Solo dee- How not to run a record label

Freestyle- Freedom-a tale of oppression

Lagbaja- Unmasked-the man behind the mask

Eldee- Trybal wars-my side of the story

Madmelon/mountain black- Sensi manual-higher than kilimanjaro

Anita hogan- For your eyes only (XXX)

Weird mc- Mix me-a must have for every tomboy

Friday, March 6, 2009



Do you ever think what life will be,
where you will go after you die.
-legend of the fall offs
Busta Rhymes
the big bang(2006)

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die?yes,i know we all do.but right now what i would like to know is what really happens to these artists after their career dies off.I mean when the crowd stops yelling,when the record stop selling.What is life like after the fame?
On this note i dedicate this piece to all the artists who were here before but can't be found anywhere,not on the tv,the radio,the charts and the record stores.

1.Tony one week: More like "tony one hit",this guy is a great example of a one hit wonder,after holding the whole nation captive with his gyration album back in the days.tony one hit just disappeared off the radar-only to resurface at star mega jam (2005) to perform his same old hit.

2.Daddy showkey: The dreadlocked Ajegunle musician who single handedly put ajegunle on the map with hits like dyna,congratulation,welcome e.t.c. hasn't had an album since like forever and a comeback doesn't seem likely with the kind of competition out there.

3.Slam: Naija's own former answer to R&B is questionably absent on the charts and elsewhere.After serenading us with songs like "thinking about you,booty dance",slam just fell off after he was dropped from kennis music and still hasn't been able to find his feet.

4.Timi: A product of the house that eldee built before absconding to yankee.Timi in his heydays had hits like"na flash,enitan & lem tight" and was next in line to blow up but he turned out to be a dud.he will probably make a song whenever some new technology comes into naija.

5.Azadus: "You is the one & Madam" were tearing up charts couple of years back.but down the lane azadus fell off badly.i guess the industry became too hazardous for weak artists like him.the boy wasn't really talented to start with.

6.Eddy remedy: Describe eddy montana in one sentence?the only unsuccesful member of the defunct remedies.eddy is yet to arrive even after dropping the arrival of eddy the greatest sonning of all time from the ogungbes.does anyone remember his song "gbese"

7.Baba fryo: This man's career is so dead and i don't see him coming back anytime soon."Denge pose" was clearly a hit back in the days when the industry was yet to one has heard from him recently but one thing we know for sure is that he isn't in the studio.

8.Rule clean: Too bad this guy never got what he wanted.after dropping "wetin you want" to lukewarm reception.he ran off to germany while his career got buried in the graveyard of payback time records.

9.Seyi shodimu: "Love me jeje & Money man" made him famous in nigeria and beyond.but we ain't heard nothing from him recently and we may not as mr money man doesn't need to put out an album again if he so wishes.dude is so paid.

10.Rasqie: When kennis music was at the top,rasqie was riding high on the back of hits like "ati ready,idan,soji"e.t.c.but ever since rugged man dissed him s*@t has never been the same again.ras's career is dead.R.I.P