Saturday, March 28, 2009


"4 years don waka,we still dey carry go.
nobody waka,nobody go solo"

Words ain't enough to describe how much this song pisses me off whenever i hear it on the radio.who gives a f*@k how long you have been together if no good comes out of it.In terms of achievements musically and otherwise,what has styl plus done in the last 4 years.after coming out with a bang,they released a weak album and made some awful videos to accompany make matters worse they have lost the little fan base they had to p square.

It is clear to see that these guys need some advice and who else to give it to them if not yours's not like their family & friends will tell them the truth.come to think of it,it will be pretty difficult for their parents & relations to look at them in the eye and say "son,you fucking fell off".so what i am about to do is an act of love,more like euthanasia.

Firstly lets forget the nobody waka talk,the right thing to do now is break up.
Shiffi should just go and get married(raise a family)
Tunde should get a job(i can picture him working for a 1st generation bank)

*(customer service)-hi,my name is tunde from styl plus.would you like to open an account with us or in what way can i help you? (i joke,i joke)

now where was i?

Zeal should go solo
To be frank i don't think zeal has awesome talent,but with age on his side & his looks,he will definitely move more units than a group effort.all he needs is a good management team and nice p.r.he would haVe to make a lot of noise about leaving styl a couple of solid guest appearances & then (bam) drop a hot album filled with club bangers,love ballads & some uptempo songs.
cameos from tuface,9ice & m.i will go a long way in lighting up the album.
lest i forget,he needs a major record label like kennis music & he will be needing producers like jeremiah gyang,cobhams,don jazzy,ojb,paul play e.t.c
incase he is not a good song writer he can get help from ojb,paul play,faze,cobhams e.t.c
a duet with asa or ty bello won't be a bad idea if he can pull it off vocally.

A lot of publicity won't do him harm(good or bad).any type of publicity is great.he can potray a bad boy or player image by dating & dumping one hot industry chick real fast or he could make a sex tape with mercy johnson & leak it on the internet(now that will be news)

since p square have stolen the whole usher thing,he could learn some dance steps/moves and be naija's chris brown.

Now how hard is all this,styl plus will probably thank me for this one day.

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