Friday, March 6, 2009



Do you ever think what life will be,
where you will go after you die.
-legend of the fall offs
Busta Rhymes
the big bang(2006)

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die?yes,i know we all do.but right now what i would like to know is what really happens to these artists after their career dies off.I mean when the crowd stops yelling,when the record stop selling.What is life like after the fame?
On this note i dedicate this piece to all the artists who were here before but can't be found anywhere,not on the tv,the radio,the charts and the record stores.

1.Tony one week: More like "tony one hit",this guy is a great example of a one hit wonder,after holding the whole nation captive with his gyration album back in the days.tony one hit just disappeared off the radar-only to resurface at star mega jam (2005) to perform his same old hit.

2.Daddy showkey: The dreadlocked Ajegunle musician who single handedly put ajegunle on the map with hits like dyna,congratulation,welcome e.t.c. hasn't had an album since like forever and a comeback doesn't seem likely with the kind of competition out there.

3.Slam: Naija's own former answer to R&B is questionably absent on the charts and elsewhere.After serenading us with songs like "thinking about you,booty dance",slam just fell off after he was dropped from kennis music and still hasn't been able to find his feet.

4.Timi: A product of the house that eldee built before absconding to yankee.Timi in his heydays had hits like"na flash,enitan & lem tight" and was next in line to blow up but he turned out to be a dud.he will probably make a song whenever some new technology comes into naija.

5.Azadus: "You is the one & Madam" were tearing up charts couple of years back.but down the lane azadus fell off badly.i guess the industry became too hazardous for weak artists like him.the boy wasn't really talented to start with.

6.Eddy remedy: Describe eddy montana in one sentence?the only unsuccesful member of the defunct remedies.eddy is yet to arrive even after dropping the arrival of eddy the greatest sonning of all time from the ogungbes.does anyone remember his song "gbese"

7.Baba fryo: This man's career is so dead and i don't see him coming back anytime soon."Denge pose" was clearly a hit back in the days when the industry was yet to one has heard from him recently but one thing we know for sure is that he isn't in the studio.

8.Rule clean: Too bad this guy never got what he wanted.after dropping "wetin you want" to lukewarm reception.he ran off to germany while his career got buried in the graveyard of payback time records.

9.Seyi shodimu: "Love me jeje & Money man" made him famous in nigeria and beyond.but we ain't heard nothing from him recently and we may not as mr money man doesn't need to put out an album again if he so wishes.dude is so paid.

10.Rasqie: When kennis music was at the top,rasqie was riding high on the back of hits like "ati ready,idan,soji"e.t.c.but ever since rugged man dissed him s*@t has never been the same again.ras's career is dead.R.I.P

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