Monday, July 27, 2009


There are 2 ways to do a review,the generally accepted review & the no holds barred review.i have already reviewed this album the general way now iam going to review it track by track and in a whole new way.

**INTRO**produced by Micworx
Don't really know why he sampled nas on the intro but he definitely comes correct and sets the right tone for the album,but next time we see him we ask him how he plans to kill naija with qb swag. 7/10

produced by frenzy
Now this is good music,illbliss came hard on this and this track starts the album off with a bang.this is actually classic material,great beat and good song. 9/10

produced by frenzy
You can't help but notice the chemistry between illbliss & frenzy.when frenzy is behind the boards,illbliss is always at his best and once again this combination wins.another solid track that would probably have been great if he had other ibo boys on it.but i can't help but wonder why he is always dropping 2 verses. 7/10

**ENUFF SPACE** featuring terry g
produced by terry g
For his lead single,ill bliss hit the bullseye with enuff space(aiye po gan).with terry g on the beat and the hook,illbliss job was made much easier and he rode the beat perfectly & effortlessly.when this song dropped people actually started to pay more attention to illbliss and for crossover appeal this song was a clear winner.

produced by wazbeat
This is clearly filler material and should have been cut off from the is really quite difficult to like this track.wazbeat definitely jacked a timbaland beat for this track.(skip) 4/10

produced by micworx
This is hands down the worst song on the album.(skip) 2/10

**TURN MY HEAD** featuring waje
produced by smyl
In search of crossover appeal again,illbliss enlists waje for support but fails with the weak hook and 2 sub par verses.kinds of reminds you of fat joe's i won't tell.a song the ladies might like. 7/10

produced by osh
I don't know what illbliss was thinking of when he made this song,osh's beat is not that bad but the topic is kind of stupid and somehow illbliss stumbles & makes another filler material for his album.(skip) 3/10

**CURRENCY BOYS** featuring eldee & suspect
produced by suspect
I tried so hard to like this song but the more i listen to it the more i hate it.were they trying to rap like eminem or what.eldee is getting worse by the day.suspect's beat was too wack and is he a comedian?what was he trying to say on the outro.since we know you guys are not that rich,it doesn't make sense bragging about money you don't have.(skip) 4/10

**DA BOSS** featuring suspect
produced by micworx
Rick ross is the only boss i can think of right now,if you are not sure you are the greatest don't say it.for every 1 hater,i have got a 100 fans should have been the other way round.more filler material.(skip) 6/10

**LEADER** featuring durella
produced by micworx
This is the best song produced by micworx on the album,although i can't shake the feeling that i have heard this beat before it is still a solid offering and durella comes correct the only way he knows how. 7/10

produced by elajoe
When you listen to this track,you get to realize that illbliss is quite comfortable with elajoe behind the boards.the old school beat suits illbliss just fine and he makes good use of it.if this is thorough music,then we love thorough music. 7/10

produced by xyz
Just when you will think illbliss was done with those 80's beat,he comes out with this one.was this necessary?NO!!.you ain't gonna slap no one dawg,you are a few pounds overweight. 6/10

**LIMELITE** featuring ijeoma
produced by smyl
Naija artistes just can't stop copying their western counterparts and illbliss finally succumbs to the temptation with this one.more like ti/rihanna's live your life.good song but lacks originality. 6/10

produced by jonah the monarch
Nice & cool song,quite introspective.illbliss takes time out to address the naija situation. 7/10

**BLESSING** featuring pype
produced by paul play
When you get a beat from paul play,you can be rest assured you are getting the best.illbliss doesn't disappoint on this one as he jumps on the pype band wagon and successfully crafts a great love song. 8/10

**LEAD THE WAY** featuring c mion
produced by micworx
I am not sure if it is accidental but some how micworx always ends up producing the below average songs on this album and this one is no exception.even with c mion on the hook the song fails miserably. 6/10

produced by ty mix
Ty mix jacked this beat from wyclef's perfect gentleman and with illbliss's weak hook,this song also ends up as filler material. 5/10

**CHANGE** featuring venomous
produced by m.i
M.i's production is okay but it would have been better if he was actually featured on the song. 6/10

produced by jonah the monarch
This song is really nothing to write home about.filler material. 5/10

produced by micworx
It is kind of corny when you end your album screaming it is a classic especially when it is clearly not a classic. 4/10

BOTTOM LINE-Iam sorry to disappoint illbliss but this is no where near a classic,only 2 Nigerian rap albums have come close to classic status:M.I's talk about it & FREESTYLE's free at last.No matter how love struck you might be,there has to be a limit to the number of love songs on your many times do i have to tell you rappers that having 21 songs on your album doesn't make you a good or great rapper(ask ruggedman)sometimes less is more,stop trying to impress us.what is with all those 2 verses(it sucks).your album would have looked better like this

U go wound
Dat ibo boy
Enuf space/terry g
Da boss
Turn my head/waje
Side of your mouth
National cake
Dat ibo boy(remix)/2shotz,dat nigga raw.ikechukwu,naeto c,ruggedman
Aiye po gan(remix)/All stars

Friday, July 24, 2009


So i finally met with the kennis music bosses and this is what they told me,

9JAHIPHOP-what is the state of kennis music right now?your fans and the general public wants to know.
KEKE/D1-its all good,we are still doing our thing and we give thanks to God for where we are today.
9JAHIPHOP-it doesn't look like you guys are doing good right now,if you were i won't be why did you really send for me?
KEKE/D1-we would just like to send out a message to everyone out there,so that they will know we are still here and we would like to discuss our plans for the future with you,maybe you can add 1 or 2 things.
9JAHIPHOP-what plans are we talking about here,expansion,management,new artistes or deals?
KEKE/D1-no,just new additions to the kennis music family.we have got a lot of artistes coming on board soon,we are doing it big for the 09,a kennis music takeover is in the works.
9JAHIPHOP-great.who have you signed?
KEKE/D1-we have not signed anybody yet,but these are our plans.we want to sign bigiano,sheyman & deebee.
9JAHIPHOP-what is it with you guys and mediocre artistes,with all due respect,you can't sign these guys at this point in time.
KEKE-what of dj zeez?
9JAHIPHOP-NO!!that will make you guys look desperate and will cost you too much money that can't be recouped.
KEKE/D1-what about psquare?they will definitely be a good addition to our roster.
9JAHIPHOP-i know what you are thinking,psquare is not plantashun boiz,peter won't leave paul & vice versa.they are twins for God's sake.
D1-no,i meant signing them both as psquare.
9JAHIPHOP-frankly speaking,i don't think that is possible,there is really nothing you can do for them that they can't do themselves but in life anything is possible.if you can pull it off,that will be the coup de grace.those boys are the lionel messi & christian ronaldo of the naija music industry.
KEKE-so what do we do?
9JAHIPHOP-i can see that you guys are confused,so i will help you out here.first of all,we have to sack your A&R's,cos i don't know what they were doing when 9ice was there for the taking.before 9ice blew up,you could have had him for 2 mil.wait,do you have A&R's
KEKE/D1-what do you mean by A&R's
9JAHIPHOP-never mind we will discuss that later.right now we have to do some downsizing on your label.everyone else has to go except kelly hansome & KSB. in football terms,these are your summer transfer targets-yemi sax,durella,kaha,lord of ajasa,faze,eldee,cyrus da virus,M.I,M.P,oluwe,id cabasa,terry g & jeremiah gyang.
KEKE/D1-what about timaya?he is quite talented.
9JAHIPHOP-not really necessary except just to secure our movements in the niger delta region.
KEKE-i want us to sign 2shotz
9JAHIPHOP-2shotz can't be signed,he has been independent for so long and will be difficult to control.he looks real smart to me.
KEKE-if we can't get ajasa,should we go for da grin
9JAHIPHOP-NO!!!da grin still has a long way to go,you don't want to be stuck with another slam,do you?
KEKE-absolutely not.
9JAHIPHOP-will i be asking for too much if i asked for asa?
KEKE-no,but can it be done?
9JAHIPHOP-why ask me?i should be asking you,i don't know how deep your pockets are.
D1-what about omawunmi?
9JAHIPHOP-that will be risky business,what you need to do after signing all those artistes i talked about is damage control,you reach out to tony tetuila,marvellous benjy,tuface & invite them for your shows & act like you like them even if you don' that they will have good things to say about you guys wherever they go.take care of your online presence(website,myspace,facebook e.t.c).get in touch with soundcity & nigezie to make sure your videos are in full rotation and everything is a go.
KEKE/D1-we forgot to ask you about wahu?won't it be nice to have her with us or at least handle the Nigerian aspect of her business?
9JAHIPHOP-Wahu is quite good but you guys need to forget about ghana,west africa,east africa & south africa for can't be winning outside & taking heavy losses at more thing you need to do is give your artistes freedom,for example if eldee wants to start trybe records again,you allow him but you make sure he keeps it under the kennis music umbrella(trybe records/kennis music) and for id cabasa(coded tunes/kennis music).so any new artistes dropping on his label will also be contracted to you.

your roster will look like this:

Eldee/Id cabasa/Terry g/Jeremiah gyang(producers cum artistes)-they will act as your in house producers and will also be dropping albums of their own.

Yemi sax-very important and very easy to maintain.with a full roster,all he has to do is make jazz versions of hits from your artistes & his album is ready.did i forget to mention that he is capable of doing this yearly.

M.I/Lord of ajasa/Cyrus da virus-apart from dropping great rap albums,they will be protecting your artistes from ruggedman like attacks(ehen palaver).

Kelly hansome/Durella/Kaha/M.P/Faze-they will take care of your popular demand needs.with people like this,you can compete with the likes of dbanj,wande coal,tuface,bigiano e.t.c

Oluwe-for something new & refreshing.

M.i(centre forward)
lord of ajasa/eldee(left/right wing)
durella/faze(attacking midfielders)
m.p(defensive midfielder)
kelly hansome/jeremiah gyang(left/right backs)
terry g/id cabasa(centre backs)
yemi sax(goalkeeper)

SUBSTITUTES-oluwe/kaha/cyrus da virus

KEKE/D1-wow!!!!that looks good,thank you for your time and we hope .....
9JAHIPHOP-what is that noise in the background,must be my alarm,it's 6 a.m,gotta go to work.
sorry folks,it was all a dream.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Gone are the days when the duo of keke and d1 used to run the industry,back then as an artiste you were either on kennis music or no where else.the journey to oblivion started with the exit of their first major artistes(eedris abdulkareem & tony tetuila) and things got worse with the eventual exit of their last superstar(tuface).

Ever since these artistes left the label,keke & d1 have not been able to find their feet.the additions of olu maintain & kelly hansome to their roster did not change their is so bad these days that no kennis music artiste was nominated for any award this year(check HHWA & SMVA).even primetime africa's popularity and credibility has been totally destroyed by soundcity & is clear to see that the musical empire of keke & d1 is crumbling and with the way things are going,very soon there will be nothing left.

The genesis of all this can be traced to the emergence of various record labels(major & independent) on the Nigerian music scene.compared to other record labels like storm records,question mark,westside entertainmen,mo hits records,eastsyde records e.t.c kennis music look really weak.these other labels are signing all the talented artistes in Nigeria at the moment while kennis is left to take the runts of the looks like everyone is pitching his/her tent elsewhere,even those that are not on major record labels prefer to go independent ala tjoe,obaino,ahbu ventures e.t.c.nobody wants to touch kennis music probably because of all the ripping off their former artistes always complain of.when you turn on the radio these days,you will find it pretty difficult to hear a song performed by a kennis music artiste on any chart.its not like they are been blackballed or boycotted,the fact is they have no hot artiste at the moment.

It is very sad to watch one of the best and biggest record label in Nigeria fall off just like that,but keke & d1 have made some very questionable decisions in recent times,like allowing tuface idibia to leave when they could have renewed & extended his contract,signing olu maintain after yahoozee stopped selling & placing the burden of kennis music on the shoulders of kelly hansome.have they finally lost focus?that is the question everyone wants an answer to.will centage superstars(their talent hunt show) provide the spark needed to re-ignite their record label?will they rise out of the ashes like a phoenix?and if they don't,will they continue for the love of the game knowing that even the best lose or will they pursue a political career?only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It is clear to see what illbliss intended to do with this album.the boy went for the kill on the 21 track album(jugular style).but unfortunately he doesn't quite succeed.backed by frenzy's triumphant horns,illbliss opens the album with "u go wound" where he describes himself in one line "iam not a musician,iam a hustler with mic skills,get the picture" and manages to stick to the script on the frenzy produced title track "dat ibo boy",but it is on the terry g produced single "aiye po gan" where he shines the most.with terry g on the hook,illbliss had enough time to express himself without burdening himself with the task of singing the hook.

The thoroughbred mc caters to the ladies needs on tracks like "blessing" & "turn my head".more often than not,spotlight hugging rappers shy away from spitting substantial lyrics and unfortunately illbliss is no exception.most of the tracks on his album suffer from one major flaw,which is lyrical content.bliss is also guilty of crafting the overly simplistic hooks that fails to hit the mark,which might explain the heavy slew of guest appearances.tracks like "glory,don't dirty my shirt,feeling you,currency boys & da boss" all fall under this category.the c-mion assisted "lead the way" was a really weak attempt at a love song.

Despite all the aforementioned filler materials.dat ibo boy does have other notable materials like the durella assisted track "leader",the conscious "national cake" & "limelight".a weak beat and a less than great beat here and there won't stop dat ibo boy from going down as a solid and strong effort.for the major part of the album illbliss is kept alive by his numerous guests and top notch for a few missteps and miscues,dat ibo boy is a good album the average Nigerian can relate to.

RATING - 6/10

PLAY - dat ibo boy,u go wound,blessing,leader,aiye po gan,turn my head

SKIP - currency boys,don't dirty my shirt,feeling u,lead the way

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Props to banky w & eldee for standing up for the naija hip hop community.but where are the home based artistes?it is only the returnees that are replying reuben.are they shook?

2face:this is not the time to be populating the earth,say something.don't worry,we will understand you even if you speak in pidgin.
Ruggedman & modenine:sheath your swords for now & face a real adversary.

if you people don't say or do anything,very soon every broke ass columnist will be taking shots at guys are looking really soft right now,you are beginning to look like a bunch of sissies.even naija actresses are harder than y'all.these people move blow(wunmi,i see you),they even run over people with their cars and come out screaming fuck the police(ibinabo didn't really say that) but you should get the picture.incase you guys have run out of ideas,i have got some for you.

-A 1 million man march to the guardian offices calling for the removal of reuben abati(probably won't work)

-A boycott of tuesday & thursday guardian newspapers all over Nigeria by job seeking youths(trust me they will feel the pinch up there)

-Rocking a fuck reuben abati T shirt to your shows & concerts or every where you go.

-Decline to perform on stage anywhere reuben abati is in attendance(before signing any contract,you put in a clause that will make you walk off the stage if a certain reuben abati is present)

-pull up some dirt on him aka discredit him(he will definitely have some skeletons in his closet,put some money out there on the streets and find out if he is cheating on his wife or has a weakness for young girls,if he smokes weed or is on drugs or he is a member of any secret society/cult)

-A denial of service attack on the website of the guardian newspapers is in order(get in touch with authentic naija hackers)

contrary to your beliefs,silence is not always the best answer for a fool,violence is always a better option and that is why i have saved the best for the last

-I am tipping sauce kid or terry g to do this one(m.i can't do it cos he is vertically challenged)
when you go to a corporate function and reuben is in attendance,do us a favour,give him a dirty slap or knock his teeth out(no hard feelings,just sending out a message),the worst that can happen is you will get sued or fined for money you don't have and all the other artistes will cough it up for you(probably a milli).if you end up doing time it will only boost your street cred,you can't lose.its a win/win situation.

-For the ladies,if you see him near you,mace him & claim self defence on grounds of sexual harrassment.

Before i go,i want to implore you all to please vote BANKY W FOR PMAN PRESIDENT.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Like the yorubas will say "ti ibi ti ire lada ile aiye"(good & evil has always existed since the world was created).there are 2 sides to everything in life(good & bad).in every strata of life that is the status there is really nothing bad about the Nigerian music industry cos we have both good & bad artistes.(that's conformity,we can't do shit about that).so when a bad journalist(reuben abati) starts running his mouth & misinforming the public there is bound to be repercussions.

Dr reuben,if you want to go back to the stone age,feel free.just don't take us back with you.back then it was cool to use real names as stage names e.g whitney houston,lionel ritchie,micheal jackson,elton john,celine dion e.t.c.for your information that is no longer in vogue.that mentality has been replaced the same way the typewriter,post office and the bicycle have been replaced by the computer,email & cars respectively.if naija artistes don't imitate western artistes,who do you want them to imitate?(people like you who will see black and call it white).who wouldn't want to be like jay z,nas,beyonce,rihanna e.t.c.these are people who came from nothing and have made us believe that it can be done.

In your article,i noticed you giving props to old school artistes like KSA,KWAM 1,ebenezer obey,salawa abeni,sir shina peters,orlando owoh,kollington e.t.c as if all they ever made was good music.when you listen carefully to their songs you will notice a lot of raw & lewd lyrics in there.but from your article it looks like you are trying to say it is acceptable because of their names(are you alright at all?).ikechukwu goes by his real name,but where did that get him(he got dropped from storm records & now he is don jazzy's weed carrier).if M.I or timaya went by their real names,how many people will buy their albums?these artistes are marketing a product(themselves).i believe at your age you should know how important branding and naming is in marketing,so i won't go into all that.

Speaking of morals,artistes in your generation were really bad examples and were more morally decadent than the artistes in this generation,whom you have no respect for.

Fela smoked weed on stage and married 27 wives in one day.
-what sort of example is that?fine,some younger artistes also smoke weed but never on stage and none of them has done anything as outrageous as marrying 27 wives in one day.

Orlando owoh went to jail,came back and made a song about it.
-i respect his gangster but the last time i checked,no new generation artiste has been to jail.

KSA's legacy is being kept alive by tuface idibia.
-i won't go into that,look it up.

Salawa abeni was a jump off.
-Sasha,kel,bouqui & the others might wear body revealing outfits but they are no jump offs.

Majek fashek was a drug addict.
-nobody is in rehab yet.

i noticed that you stylishly omitted obesere from your write up.whether you like it or not,he represents your generation and his malefic deeds have yet to be surpassed.

Ignorance is no excuse,just because you don't understand what these young artiste are saying or doing doesn't make it are nothing but a hater(get a life).what business of yours is it,if the music is not listenable in 5 years time?if the music of yesteryears was so good,why don't we have re-releases,boxed set collections or 20 years anniversary collections?you are nothing but an hypocrite!.if dbanj or tuface was your son,you will be smiling to the bank on weekdays and having thansgivings on sundays.i think i know what your problem is,it hurts you to see these artistes making money you will never see in your lifetime,driving cars you only drive in your dreams and going places your first class never took you & will never take you sit over there talking about music you don't understand when the government's seven point agenda has not be met,when we still have irregular power supply and when millions of Nigerian youths are unemployed(you are unbelievable).

Seriously reuben,i think you have a death even took shots at the ijaw people.these guys don't play fair.if you keep on mocking them and making fun of their names,you might end up getting kidnapped for a ransom your family won't be able to pay.
from the bottom of my heart,this is what i have to say:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Been away for quite sometime,i guess the death of MJ hit me harder than i thought.but life goes on.
RIP Mike

On the musical front,nothing much is really happening.still waiting on bouqui's "Redefinition" album,i heard it is shaping up real nice.

Also heard that paul play will digitalize his next release through mtech and the album which is a 2 disc set(MVP & CLUB LIFE) will only be made available through mobile downloads.

Deji falope(ex soundcity vj) is planning to release an album very soon,and just for the record i won't buy it.(never really liked him as a vj & i can't see myself loving his music).

Dakore egbuson just dropped a single and i think that is good news,she might just be the one.for those who don't understand what i mean by the one:click here

Congrats to illbliss,his album "dat ibo boy" will be the first album to be reviewed on this blog.(i always keep my promises)

If you haven't watched jim iyke's video,do yourself a favour,DON'T WATCH IT!!!!!!!.the video is so awful,more like a low budget video.what's with the bath tub scene,looks like all those bubbles were made with omo or some other detergent.he will definitely win an award with it(worst video of the year)

Talking of awards,nominees for soundcity music video awards(SMVA)2009 have been announced,these are the nominees & categories

Categories & Nominees

Best Male Video
• Gino – Farabale
• Naeto C – Kini Big Deal
• Igho – Naija Boy
• Shank – Too Late
• Banky W – Capable Remix
• 9ice – Party Rider
• eLDee – Bosi Gbangba

Best Female Video
• Sasha – Only One
• Goldie – Shift
• Weird MC – Riranwo
• TY Bello – Ekundayo
• Kel – Waa Wa Alright
• Nikki Laoye – Never Felt This Way

Best Choreography
• Freewindz – Like That
• P-Square – Roll It
• Dipp – Dangerous
• Goldie – Shift

Best Special Effect Editing
• Mo Hits All Stars – Ten Ten
• Dipp – Dangerous
• P-Square – Roll It
• Omawunmi – In The Music
• Brymo – Sorty
• H-Man – Ndoli Ndoli

Best DuoGroup Video
• Mo Hits All Stars – Pere
• P-Square – Roll It
• Kentro World – Kama Kazee
• KC Presh – Shokori Bobo
• GXploits – Bolu Moru

Best Cinematography
• Bigiano – Shayo
• eLDee – Bosi Gbangba
• Sasha – Only One
• Tuface Idibia – Enter The Place

Best Hip Hop
• Str8buttah – Last Standing
• Mode9 – Hip Hop
• OD ft. Sound Sultan – No Be Today
• Gino – Farabale
• DJ Jimmy Jatt ft. Sasha, Blaise, Kemistry & Bouqui – Too Much

Soundcity Fresh Video
• Bouqui – Morile
• Ikechukwu – She Makes Me Go (Shoobeedoo)
• GXploits – Tear Rubber
• Morachi – Boomskolo
• Steel – South African Girl

Soundcity Viewers Choice
• 9ice – Street Credibility
• Weird MC – Riranwo
• Tuface Idibia – Enter The Place
• Bigiano – Shayo
• Ikechukwu – Wind am Well
• D’banj - Suddenly

Best Collaboration in a Music Video
• J Martins ft. Timaya & P-Square - Good or Bad
• Tuface Idibia ft. Sound Sultan – Enter The Place
• 2shotz ft. Timaya – In case you never know
• Klever Jay ft. Danny Young – Koni Koni Love
• Ayzee Yo ft. Tuface Idibia – No be small thing
• DJ Jimmy Jatt ft. Sasha, Blaise, Kemistry & Bouqui – Too Much
• Ikechukwu ft. D’banj – Wind am Well

Discovery of the year
• YQ ft. Dagrin – Efimile
• DeeBee – Collabo
• Bracket – Yori Yori
• Kel - Waa Wa Alright
• Bigiano – Shayo
• Tustep ft. Dagrin – Call the Police
• J Martins ft. Timaya & P-Square – Good or Bad

Hit Producer of the Year (as used in a music video)
• “ Efimile” by YQ ft. Dagrin (Dr. Frabbs)
• “Le Fenuso” by Lord of Ajasa (ID Cabasa)
• “Suddenly” by D’banj (Don Jazzy)
• “Kama Kazee” by Kentro World (JJC Skills)
• “Pasa Pasa” by M.P (Dapsey)
• “Enter The Place” by Tuface Idibia (JSleek)

Best RB or Pop Video
• In the Music – Omawumi
• Banky W – Don’t Break My Heart
• Dipp – Dangerous
• Tony Tetuila – Do Re Mi
• KC Presh – Shokori Bobo
• – Pass Me Your Love
• Djinee - Lade

African Video of the Year
• Nneka – Heartbeat (Nigeria)
• ML (Mozambique)
• Hip Hop Pantsula (South Africa )
• Asem – Pigaro (Ghana)
• Okyeama Kwame - Woso (Ghana)

Best Video
• Weird MC - Riranwo
• eLDee - Bosi Gbangba
• Naeto C - Kini Big Deal
• Mo Hits All Stars - Pere
• Kentro World - Kama Kazee
• P-Square - Roll It
• Tuface - Enter The Place

This reuben abati vs banky w,eldee & the naija hiphop community brawl has been going on for some time now and initially i was planning to sit it out on the fence,but iam beginning to think i have to address the out for that one.