Thursday, July 16, 2009


Gone are the days when the duo of keke and d1 used to run the industry,back then as an artiste you were either on kennis music or no where else.the journey to oblivion started with the exit of their first major artistes(eedris abdulkareem & tony tetuila) and things got worse with the eventual exit of their last superstar(tuface).

Ever since these artistes left the label,keke & d1 have not been able to find their feet.the additions of olu maintain & kelly hansome to their roster did not change their is so bad these days that no kennis music artiste was nominated for any award this year(check HHWA & SMVA).even primetime africa's popularity and credibility has been totally destroyed by soundcity & is clear to see that the musical empire of keke & d1 is crumbling and with the way things are going,very soon there will be nothing left.

The genesis of all this can be traced to the emergence of various record labels(major & independent) on the Nigerian music scene.compared to other record labels like storm records,question mark,westside entertainmen,mo hits records,eastsyde records e.t.c kennis music look really weak.these other labels are signing all the talented artistes in Nigeria at the moment while kennis is left to take the runts of the looks like everyone is pitching his/her tent elsewhere,even those that are not on major record labels prefer to go independent ala tjoe,obaino,ahbu ventures e.t.c.nobody wants to touch kennis music probably because of all the ripping off their former artistes always complain of.when you turn on the radio these days,you will find it pretty difficult to hear a song performed by a kennis music artiste on any chart.its not like they are been blackballed or boycotted,the fact is they have no hot artiste at the moment.

It is very sad to watch one of the best and biggest record label in Nigeria fall off just like that,but keke & d1 have made some very questionable decisions in recent times,like allowing tuface idibia to leave when they could have renewed & extended his contract,signing olu maintain after yahoozee stopped selling & placing the burden of kennis music on the shoulders of kelly hansome.have they finally lost focus?that is the question everyone wants an answer to.will centage superstars(their talent hunt show) provide the spark needed to re-ignite their record label?will they rise out of the ashes like a phoenix?and if they don't,will they continue for the love of the game knowing that even the best lose or will they pursue a political career?only time will tell.

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  1. It's time we call a spade a spade.
    Kennis music came like a storm a washed away the real essence of Naija music. Now that there is a paradigm shift, it is lefet for them to re-define there acts or be out of business.

    Music is a movement not a monument, so let them leave behind the old ways they have used to mess up the music industry and embrace the true ethics of Naija music. Else...........

    Anayo Ezinwa