Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It is clear to see what illbliss intended to do with this album.the boy went for the kill on the 21 track album(jugular style).but unfortunately he doesn't quite succeed.backed by frenzy's triumphant horns,illbliss opens the album with "u go wound" where he describes himself in one line "iam not a musician,iam a hustler with mic skills,get the picture" and manages to stick to the script on the frenzy produced title track "dat ibo boy",but it is on the terry g produced single "aiye po gan" where he shines the most.with terry g on the hook,illbliss had enough time to express himself without burdening himself with the task of singing the hook.

The thoroughbred mc caters to the ladies needs on tracks like "blessing" & "turn my head".more often than not,spotlight hugging rappers shy away from spitting substantial lyrics and unfortunately illbliss is no exception.most of the tracks on his album suffer from one major flaw,which is lyrical content.bliss is also guilty of crafting the overly simplistic hooks that fails to hit the mark,which might explain the heavy slew of guest appearances.tracks like "glory,don't dirty my shirt,feeling you,currency boys & da boss" all fall under this category.the c-mion assisted "lead the way" was a really weak attempt at a love song.

Despite all the aforementioned filler materials.dat ibo boy does have other notable materials like the durella assisted track "leader",the conscious "national cake" & "limelight".a weak beat and a less than great beat here and there won't stop dat ibo boy from going down as a solid and strong effort.for the major part of the album illbliss is kept alive by his numerous guests and top notch production.save for a few missteps and miscues,dat ibo boy is a good album the average Nigerian can relate to.

RATING - 6/10

PLAY - dat ibo boy,u go wound,blessing,leader,aiye po gan,turn my head

SKIP - currency boys,don't dirty my shirt,feeling u,lead the way

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