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There are 2 ways to do a review,the generally accepted review & the no holds barred review.i have already reviewed this album the general way now iam going to review it track by track and in a whole new way.

**INTRO**produced by Micworx
Don't really know why he sampled nas on the intro but he definitely comes correct and sets the right tone for the album,but next time we see him we ask him how he plans to kill naija with qb swag. 7/10

produced by frenzy
Now this is good music,illbliss came hard on this and this track starts the album off with a bang.this is actually classic material,great beat and good song. 9/10

produced by frenzy
You can't help but notice the chemistry between illbliss & frenzy.when frenzy is behind the boards,illbliss is always at his best and once again this combination wins.another solid track that would probably have been great if he had other ibo boys on it.but i can't help but wonder why he is always dropping 2 verses. 7/10

**ENUFF SPACE** featuring terry g
produced by terry g
For his lead single,ill bliss hit the bullseye with enuff space(aiye po gan).with terry g on the beat and the hook,illbliss job was made much easier and he rode the beat perfectly & effortlessly.when this song dropped people actually started to pay more attention to illbliss and for crossover appeal this song was a clear winner.

produced by wazbeat
This is clearly filler material and should have been cut off from the is really quite difficult to like this track.wazbeat definitely jacked a timbaland beat for this track.(skip) 4/10

produced by micworx
This is hands down the worst song on the album.(skip) 2/10

**TURN MY HEAD** featuring waje
produced by smyl
In search of crossover appeal again,illbliss enlists waje for support but fails with the weak hook and 2 sub par verses.kinds of reminds you of fat joe's i won't tell.a song the ladies might like. 7/10

produced by osh
I don't know what illbliss was thinking of when he made this song,osh's beat is not that bad but the topic is kind of stupid and somehow illbliss stumbles & makes another filler material for his album.(skip) 3/10

**CURRENCY BOYS** featuring eldee & suspect
produced by suspect
I tried so hard to like this song but the more i listen to it the more i hate it.were they trying to rap like eminem or what.eldee is getting worse by the day.suspect's beat was too wack and is he a comedian?what was he trying to say on the outro.since we know you guys are not that rich,it doesn't make sense bragging about money you don't have.(skip) 4/10

**DA BOSS** featuring suspect
produced by micworx
Rick ross is the only boss i can think of right now,if you are not sure you are the greatest don't say it.for every 1 hater,i have got a 100 fans should have been the other way round.more filler material.(skip) 6/10

**LEADER** featuring durella
produced by micworx
This is the best song produced by micworx on the album,although i can't shake the feeling that i have heard this beat before it is still a solid offering and durella comes correct the only way he knows how. 7/10

produced by elajoe
When you listen to this track,you get to realize that illbliss is quite comfortable with elajoe behind the boards.the old school beat suits illbliss just fine and he makes good use of it.if this is thorough music,then we love thorough music. 7/10

produced by xyz
Just when you will think illbliss was done with those 80's beat,he comes out with this one.was this necessary?NO!!.you ain't gonna slap no one dawg,you are a few pounds overweight. 6/10

**LIMELITE** featuring ijeoma
produced by smyl
Naija artistes just can't stop copying their western counterparts and illbliss finally succumbs to the temptation with this one.more like ti/rihanna's live your life.good song but lacks originality. 6/10

produced by jonah the monarch
Nice & cool song,quite introspective.illbliss takes time out to address the naija situation. 7/10

**BLESSING** featuring pype
produced by paul play
When you get a beat from paul play,you can be rest assured you are getting the best.illbliss doesn't disappoint on this one as he jumps on the pype band wagon and successfully crafts a great love song. 8/10

**LEAD THE WAY** featuring c mion
produced by micworx
I am not sure if it is accidental but some how micworx always ends up producing the below average songs on this album and this one is no exception.even with c mion on the hook the song fails miserably. 6/10

produced by ty mix
Ty mix jacked this beat from wyclef's perfect gentleman and with illbliss's weak hook,this song also ends up as filler material. 5/10

**CHANGE** featuring venomous
produced by m.i
M.i's production is okay but it would have been better if he was actually featured on the song. 6/10

produced by jonah the monarch
This song is really nothing to write home about.filler material. 5/10

produced by micworx
It is kind of corny when you end your album screaming it is a classic especially when it is clearly not a classic. 4/10

BOTTOM LINE-Iam sorry to disappoint illbliss but this is no where near a classic,only 2 Nigerian rap albums have come close to classic status:M.I's talk about it & FREESTYLE's free at last.No matter how love struck you might be,there has to be a limit to the number of love songs on your many times do i have to tell you rappers that having 21 songs on your album doesn't make you a good or great rapper(ask ruggedman)sometimes less is more,stop trying to impress us.what is with all those 2 verses(it sucks).your album would have looked better like this

U go wound
Dat ibo boy
Enuf space/terry g
Da boss
Turn my head/waje
Side of your mouth
National cake
Dat ibo boy(remix)/2shotz,dat nigga raw.ikechukwu,naeto c,ruggedman
Aiye po gan(remix)/All stars

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