Thursday, July 9, 2009


Props to banky w & eldee for standing up for the naija hip hop community.but where are the home based artistes?it is only the returnees that are replying reuben.are they shook?

2face:this is not the time to be populating the earth,say something.don't worry,we will understand you even if you speak in pidgin.
Ruggedman & modenine:sheath your swords for now & face a real adversary.

if you people don't say or do anything,very soon every broke ass columnist will be taking shots at guys are looking really soft right now,you are beginning to look like a bunch of sissies.even naija actresses are harder than y'all.these people move blow(wunmi,i see you),they even run over people with their cars and come out screaming fuck the police(ibinabo didn't really say that) but you should get the picture.incase you guys have run out of ideas,i have got some for you.

-A 1 million man march to the guardian offices calling for the removal of reuben abati(probably won't work)

-A boycott of tuesday & thursday guardian newspapers all over Nigeria by job seeking youths(trust me they will feel the pinch up there)

-Rocking a fuck reuben abati T shirt to your shows & concerts or every where you go.

-Decline to perform on stage anywhere reuben abati is in attendance(before signing any contract,you put in a clause that will make you walk off the stage if a certain reuben abati is present)

-pull up some dirt on him aka discredit him(he will definitely have some skeletons in his closet,put some money out there on the streets and find out if he is cheating on his wife or has a weakness for young girls,if he smokes weed or is on drugs or he is a member of any secret society/cult)

-A denial of service attack on the website of the guardian newspapers is in order(get in touch with authentic naija hackers)

contrary to your beliefs,silence is not always the best answer for a fool,violence is always a better option and that is why i have saved the best for the last

-I am tipping sauce kid or terry g to do this one(m.i can't do it cos he is vertically challenged)
when you go to a corporate function and reuben is in attendance,do us a favour,give him a dirty slap or knock his teeth out(no hard feelings,just sending out a message),the worst that can happen is you will get sued or fined for money you don't have and all the other artistes will cough it up for you(probably a milli).if you end up doing time it will only boost your street cred,you can't lose.its a win/win situation.

-For the ladies,if you see him near you,mace him & claim self defence on grounds of sexual harrassment.

Before i go,i want to implore you all to please vote BANKY W FOR PMAN PRESIDENT.

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  1. Ibinabo,should not be the one in jail,it would have been better if it was mercy johnson,that girl is sexually harassing our menfolk.