Thursday, December 31, 2009


By now,you people should know me well enough to believe whatever you read on these pages.when i told you that all the best music always come out in the ember months,y'all thought i just felt like saying is december now and the last 4 months have produced way better music than we have been hearing all year long.i really shouldn't be doing this for free,y'all need to start paying for this.
back to the topic.this period is not only known for better music but also for more drama and better entertainment.lets check the stats.....

Mixtapes from Modenine,Alaye,Iceberg slim & Terry da Rapman.

Singles from Naeto C,Zaaki Adze,Charlie Boy,2 shotz,YQ,9ice,Tuface,Weird mc,Alabai,Pype,Isolate,Timaya,Kelly Hansome,D'prince,Banky W,L'ami,Oluwe,Sauce Kid,Kash 11,Paul Play,Mo Cheddah,Essence,Maye Hunta

Albums from 9ice,Jah Bless,ID cabasa,Sleek,Str8buttah,Omawunmi,p square,J.martins,Da Grin,Kel,Jaywon,Diamonds,Terry G,Bouqui,knighthouse,Danny young,Banky W & Styl plus

Diss tracks from Henry X(p square),Nico Gravity(Timaya),Kelly Hansome(Terry G,Wande Coal & D'banj),Mallam Spicy(Terry G) and countless others.

Let's not even start with videos.....Pype,Styl plus,Da grin,Naeto c,P square,Wande coal,Banky w,Charlie boy,2 shotz,maye hunta,alaye,Cartiair,Timaya,Kenny st brown,Essence,Dj zeez,Dj bombastic,Paul play etc

Busta rhymes & Ludacris showed up in Nigeria courtesy of star,Keri hilson courtesy of storm 360 & Beenie man courtesy of a state government.

I don't really like to show off but one thing you must remember is that once i tell you something,it is always in your best interest to believe it because iam never wrong.i was actually planning to upload my favorite ember songs for 2009 but i have been very busy of late.i will probably do it some other time.see y'all next year.


Over the last couple of weeks, i have heard a lot of people complaining about 9ice's new album "tradition". Two months ago i told a friend of mine who was desperately waiting on the 9ice album that he would be hugely disappointed when he finally listens to the album, so you can imagine his surprise when it turned out that i was right(I am never wrong). its not like i can see the future or something like that, what happened to the 9ice album is what i would call THE GREAT ALBUM SYNDROME.

The great album syndrome can be defined as the inability of an artist to have 2 great albums in his or her career. To get a full understanding of this, you must first of all be able to differentiate between a great album and a classic album. There are 2 major differences between a great album and a classic album.

1. A great album is just for the moment while a classic album is for all time.

2. A classic album is a perfect collection of songs which may not be loved by everyone while a great album is loved by everyone but not quite perfect.

Let me quickly give you some examples of great albums in Nigeria & America
-50 cent’s get rich or die trying
-Craig david’s born to do it
-DMX’s and then there was X
-Nate dogg’s music & me
-Nelly’s country grammar
-Sisqo’s unleash the dragon
-Young jeezy’s thug motivation 101

-2face’s face 2 face
-9ice’s gongo aso
-D’banj’s rundown
-P square’s get squared
-Timaya’s true story
-Wande coal’s mushin 2 mohits

All the above mentioned albums are the ones I can think of right now and I don’t think I have to start listing the classic albums(you should know them by now).incase you haven’t noticed, all these artists never released a better album than the ones mentioned above and they never will. I can’t really explain this phenomenon but it just happens. No matter how hard an artist tries, he/she never follows up on his/her great album. In fact the harder they try, the harder it gets.

Just like I said in the case of 9ice, P square, Timaya & D’banj, I am saying it here right now that Wande coal’s next album will be way below expectation. And won’t be anywhere as nice as M2M.if I had said this 2 weeks before 9ice’s album came out, y’all would think it was because I had already heard the singles or probably I had an advance copy of the album, but in WC’s case he is yet to hit the studio. feel free to quote me on this. Wande coal’s untitled sophomore album will not be as good as Mushin 2 mohits. Now who wants to bet?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.
Happy holidays...........................i hope u are all having a great time.
what else can i say!!!,don't drink and drive.


I think the approriate name for this list would have been "THE FINEST". these artists deserve all the accolades they get because they put in work in 09.

-Jude abaga has achieved so much within such a short period of time that it is pretty difficult to believe that he has been around for only a 365 days he has won numerous awards most notably HHWA & MAMA for his album "talk about it".he also dropped a mixtape that rejuvenated the naija mixtape scene and his chocolate imprint is already blowing up with jesse jagz & ice prince.

-Mohits's blackest in charge did exactly what we all expected of him:blow up!!!.ever since mo hits released their compilation cd "CV",we all knew that it was just a matter of time before wande took his spot right among the elites of the naija music industry.with his debut album "mushin to mohits" spawning hit after hit from "bumper to bumper","you bad" to "taboo" and getting certified multi platinum,WC finally stepped out of dbanj's shadow and showed us how important he was in the house that don jazzy built.

-In a year when people were already getting prepared to witness the death of femceeing on the naija music scene and yours truly had already declared a state of emergency,out came capital hills's first lady to save the day and put smiles on our faces.although most people will argue that it is hard to put a foot wrong when you have the backing & support of people like clarence peters,illbliss,suspect & M.I but kel's individual effort on her debut album "the investment" has not gone unnoticed by the general public & the critics.

-I think it is safe to say you have had a good year when you have the best rap album of the year and you released the best video compilation of the year.on the 1st of january 2009,no one would have placed their bets on this Abia representer running things but he sure did and has consequently blown up his labelmates & friends like flavour,MC loph & tj.dat nigga raw showed us just how well rounded he was with the quality of his sophomore album "everything remains raw" which is unarguably his best work till date.

-This year was bracket's breakthrough year as the ape planetarians had the charts on lockdown with hits like "no time","ada owerri" & their smash single or preferably tsunamic single "yori yori" which tore the competition to shreds.apart from wande coal,there is no one else on the naija R&B scene who had a better year than them.their achievement becomes much more remarkable when you consider the number of R&B albums released this year especially the ones by established artistes that didn't match up to their exceptional album "least expected".

Monday, December 21, 2009


I know iam supposed to call this,flops/losers of 2009 but i don't want to be too hard on these brothers,they really tried their best but their best wasn't just good enough.don't laugh at least they tried,so lets cheer them up and clap for them(not a standing ovation thing or with your palms,i mean with your fingers like they do it in primary schools).just look at this like an end of year performance report.

-P square totally tanked this year!!!!!!!,it's not like iam happy to see people fail although iam somehow pleased that the okoyes bricked.from being everyone's darling,Dem boyz have now become the laughing stock of the whole music industry.who would have thought a day will come when p square will fail to have a major hit on the charts.infact people were beginning to think they were untouchable until their album "danger" dropped and relieved them of their teflon aura.

-Terry g started out on a good note but fizzled out towards the 4th quarter of the year,initially everyone was on terry's nuts for a verse,a hook or a beat but the story changed as soon as everyone got a taste of terry's insanely underwhelming album "gingah ur swaggah".the major lesson we can learn from this is that all gingah and no talent makes you a poor artiste.

-Ruggedy baba is the chief culprit here.infact this list should be called ruggedy baba & the beginning of the year,he had everything set up for him to blow up big time.he never capitalised on the modenine beef.any reasonable artiste would have used that to re-establish his/her buzz,ruggedy could have at least dropped a mixtape filled with modenine disses but he chose to end the year on a quiet note with no album,no mixtape and no major cameos.i never thought it was possible to turn a win/win situation into a loss.

-When next you hear someone talking about falling from top 10 to not mentioned at all,they are definitely talking about olu maintain.this dude went from having the biggest song in the nation "yahoozee" to wack songs like "karmakazee & arab money".how do you explain that?these days whenever i think of a one hit wonder,the only person that comes readily to mind is olu maintain.

-I am not really sure if JI(what he calls himself these days) should be on this list but i think the fact that he attempted to drop or probably dropped an album(haven't seen the album anywhere yet) this year qualifies him for this.just one look at the video of his single "who am i" featuring tuface will tell you all you what to expect from his unreleased or released album.the fact that nobody is checking out for him clearly underlines his failure.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Third albums can be quite tricky as artistes usually get torn between growing and marketing themselves to a wider audience.with "tradition",9ice opts for growth over fan base expansion.this album showcases 9ice flowing over beats from seasoned beat makers like Terry G,Dr Frabs,ID cabasa and newcomers like Cheepho & SARS.Collaborations are kept to a minimum as Asa is the only notable artiste featured on this 16 track project although Nneka,Snow,Wise & Seriki lend 9ice a helping hand to make tradition a worthwhile ear-xperience.

9ice gets things started by sending out a positive message on "show your love" featuring Nneka,which has a jamaican tinge/flavour and sets the tone perfectly for the album.the alapomeji train cruises along smoothly with tracks like "respect is reciprocal" and the sex centered tune "bluetooth".the cheepho produced "liquor" is an uptempo track that will definitely get you in the groove,but it is on the ID cabasa produced "gbamu gbamu" where the album hits top gear.with the way 9ice kept the proverbs coming on this track,one will be inclined to think that dropping knowledge is running out of fashion.

The album veers off course slightly with tracks like the Dr frabs produced "bo kini yen" which is quite unnecessary with all the unwarranted sexual undertones and the Terry G produced "charging charger" which is not only low in quality but also meaningless cos all of a sudden 9ice stops been a party rider and decides to become a charging charger(lame).it looks like collaborations bring out the best in 9ice as it is quite evident on the Asa assisted "pete-pete" and the snow & wise assisted "once beaten,twice shy" which restores balance to the album.

One thing that is noticeable on this LP is the lack of creativity and fluidity as most of the songs are neither here nor there.with tradition 9ice fails to take his game to the next level and loses his chance to obliterate the competition.he runs through the final parts of this album as if his fans gave him an ultimatum when he actually has all the time in the world.i can't even say which one is more worrying,the fact that there is no song on this album that has hit written all over it or the fact that ony 3 songs on this album have yoruba titles?it clearly looks like 9ice is gradually losing his identity & street credibility in his quest for a grammy.

They say "as you pose for picture,na so you go show" but me i say "as you flow for studio,na so you go blow".no love song for toni payne,no song for his mother and more ominous is the absence of long time friends & collaborators,Lord of ajasa,2 phat & Jahbless(probably all is not well in the land of coded tunes).this album paints a sad picture of 9ice relying on the false cushion of reputation.this year is definitely not 2009ice.


PLAY-liquor,gbamu gbamu,show some love,anytime,pete-pete
SKIP-bo kini yen,my people,energy,no be mistake,charging charger

Monday, December 14, 2009


Olenu pa-you are influential

Mo ko eje-iam feeling you

Shine your eye-look before you leap

I go yarn-i will talk/speak

I dey bam-iam alright

I no send-i don't care

You no get liver-you are a coward

No lele-no problem

Dem go fall your hand-they will embarass you

Nothing dey happen-nothing is happening

No yawa-no problem

I don hammer-i have made it

E don shele-it has happened

No think am-don't think about it

Tear rubber-brand new

No look uche face - Don't be shy/express yourself

Friday, December 11, 2009


As we all know,the Nigerian hip hop industry is growing in leaps and bounds(is it?).our songs are being played every where on the globe(ori wa ti fokasibe) but most people on the outside including some Nigerians in diaspora still find it hard to understand or decipher what we say,our slangs & lingua still baffles the out of the goodness of my heart,i have decided to create a Nigerian hip hop dictionary/thesaurus to aid the growth of naija hip hop.i will be needing all the help i can get on this one,so if you know something,say something.

419-advance fee fraud/fraudster
you be 419-you are a fraudster.

alanta is a dance style like snap/hyphy.

Aristo-high profile prostitute/escort

you no get bah-you don't have cash.

i dey my caban-iam in my crib.

pass me the choko-pass me the weed.

Chikala-young girl
chikala go plenty-there will be lots of girls.


you get too much effizy-you have too much swagger.

File-leave it
file be-leave it like that.

ori e ti fokasibe-you have become popular

Why you dey form?-why are you fronting?


which gbedu you get-what music do you have.

dem no want gbege-they don't want trouble.

i dey go gidi-iam going to lagos.
i wan enter gidi-i want to go to lagos.

Ginger-spice up

won ti fa igbo yo-they are high on weed.

Jaga jaga-disorganised
everything jaga jaga-everything is disorganised.

Jands-united kingdom
eldee don go jands-eldee has gone to the united kingdom

shey oti jasi-do you understand now.


kasala go burst-there will be trouble.

you don dey kolo-you are going crazy.

dem go kpai-they will die.

make we go kpoly-let's go & smoke weed.

you dey craze-you are crazy.

you be maga-you are a fool.

you be mumu-you are stupid.

i dey rep naija-iam representing Nigeria.

Omo ele-beautiful girl

timaya na my padi-Timaya is my friend.

Paraga-a blend/mixture of intoxicating drinks & herbs.

pepper no rest-i don't have money.

je ka lo shayo-let's go and drink beer.

Shaye-enjoy life
mo n shaye mi-iam enjoying my life.

Shekpe-mixture of intoxicating drinks

je ka lo shere-lets go and play.

Sheri koko-sweet heart
my sheri koko-my sweetheart.

Shi ere-mad
won ti shi ere-they have gone mad.

Tile tile-homie/friend/girl

Tu gbaski-too much

wahala dey-there is trouble.

Yahoozee-internet fraud
na yahoozee olu dey do-olu is into internet fraud.

Yankee-united states of america
tuface don go yankee-tuface has gone to US.

yapayaski-too much
o yapayaski-you are too much.

i go yarn-i will talk.

no yawa-no problem

i dey my zanga-iam in my hood.

Tongolo-make love

NOTE-Most of these words may vary or differ according to the usage.

Friday, December 4, 2009


The year has finally come to an end and it is time to reflect on all that happened during the know how it is now,we naija people don't forget much as i will like to know yours,i will share mine with you first.these are the things that happened during the year which i personally loved.

-kelly hansome's diss track
I don't support all beef, but i love it when 2 or more established acts are involved. beef is much more exciting when it is extremely disrespectful. not only was kelly hansome's "igwe kom kom" hilarious, it was also straight to the point & destructive. going against 3 of the naija’s hottest artistes is what most people will call career suicide but i call it entertainment. the stage is now set for a very entertaining 2010.lets wait and see what the trio of Dbanj,Terry G & Wande Coal can offer us next year.

-Banky W's strong thing video
This year every tom,dick & harry in the naija music industry was running to South Africa & UK to shoot their videos but they always came back with poor results until banky w broke that jinx with his "strong thing" video. while most of our favorite artistes disappointed with their videos, he re-invented the art. the likes of 9ice,Dbanj,Wande Coal & P Square were trying to outdo each other in offering the unsuspecting public stupid and uninspiring music videos all year round but thanks to banky w, we have something to be proud of.

-Naija mixtapes
Modenine's mixtapes kept us company over the years but this year was a little bit different as naija rappers kept on churning out mixtapes upon mixtapes to keep the streets on lock and to re-establish their buzz. from the new short boy on the block "MI(illegal music)" to the regulars "Modenine(09-09-09),Terry da rapman(joe spazm mixtape),Alaye(undeniable)" to the unknowns "beazy(get money,stay fly) etc, we had our ears full and like oliver twist we still want more.who doesn't want to hear a freestyle or eldee mixtape. so you guys keep it coming.

-NBC's banning
We have to say a big thank you to NBC(nigerian broadcasting corporation) for restoring sanity to the music industry by wielding the big stick. the NBC signaled their intentions to sanitise the music industry by banning songs/videos of some of our favorite artistes which they deemed as too offensive or unacceptable by their standards and ever since there has been a significant drop in the quantity of lewd & offensive music that regularly assaults our ears and eyes.

-Collabo mode
Normally naija artistes shy away from collaborating with each other for reasons best known to them but 2009 was the year of collabos and super collabos. we had songs like Eldee's "big boy" with Banky W,Olu Maintain & Oladele,P square's "possibility" with Tuface,Bracket's "no time" with P Square,Wande Coal's "you bad" with Dbanj,Knighthouse's "the finest" with Teeto C & Sauce Kid,K Solo's "salo" with Konga,Da grin,LKT & Lord of Ajasa,Yes records's "keep it clean" with 9ice,ID Cabasa,Steel,Jah bless & Gxploits,Jamix's "omo naija" with 9ice,Terry G & M.I,2 shotz's "make some noise" with MI just to mention a has been one eargasm after another all year round.just like tuface will say,jungle don mature.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The year has finally come to an end and it is time to reflect on all that happened during the know how it is now,we naija people don't forget much as i will like to know yours,i will share mine with you first.these are the things that happened during the year which i personally hated.

-M.I on autotune
No disputing the fact that M.I had a great year.i love "talk about it" and "illegal music" but i hate the way m.i uses the later part of the year,the shortest in rhyme couldn't do without autotune and he has somehow lost his identity.infact he is not using autotune but overusing it.dude never needed it in the first place and we loved him like is so uncool trying to sound like weezy & kanye.

-Reuben abati vs naija hip hop
We all run our mouths every now & then but there should be a limit to it.reuben abati certainly overdid it with his piece "a nations identity crisis" which took shots at the whole hiphop community.although banky w & eldee replied him,i still hate the way all the other artistes(especially the most influential ones) kept quiet throughout the whole will think it is only the returnees that know what freedom of speech means.i told y'all then that keeping quiet will turn you to everyone's punching bag,even biodun oduwole also took a subliminal shot at y'all with his piece "singing and dancing our lives away".someone should have gotten a beatdown along the line,its not too late but a stitch in time saves nine.

-Mo hits videos
Mo hits is arguably the best record label in naija presently,these guys keep the chart on lockdown for 365 days 24/7.they come up with hits after hits and they keep coming with more hits(isn't that why they are called mo hits?),but when it comes to shooting the videos for their songs,its a totally different story.throughout 2009,the mo hits family kept on commiting one visual murder after cut a long story short,their videos were catastrophic.with all the money they have,you would have bet the kitchen sink on them coming out with some exciting videos but one look at wande coal's"you bad,bumper to bumper" & dbanj's "suddenly,gbono feli feli,kimon" will show you just how stupid your favorite artistes can be.they really have to get rid of that sesan guy.travelling out of the country to shoot videos is pointless if you don't have good concepts.

-P square's danger album
There are no words to describe how woeful this album is.simply put,it was tragic!!!.just when people were beginning to think that p square couldn't do anything wrong,they dropped their 4th album "danger" and proved everyone wrong.i can't even think of any song i like on that album or one that is bearable.not even their collabo with tuface "possibility" can stop this album from going down as the worst album of the say the album was a colossal failure will be the understatement of the year.if iam allowed to hate only one thing this year,it will have to be this aural train wreck of an album.

-The word swagger & its use
When next you run into any naija artiste,ask him/her the meaning of the word swagger.don't be suprised when you find out that some of them have absolutely no idea what it means.if there is one thing i hate in this world,it is ignorance.most people think that just by mentioning the word swagger means you have it or it somehow makes you hot/cool.all through the year,i was bombarded with all sorts of songs about swagger until it became irritating like the seven point agendais it that these cats don't have anything else to say again? maybe they just want to jump on the swagger train or have a piece of the swagger pie,whichever it is,they had better get over it quickly.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Rebirth introduces you to one of the most known unknowns in the naija music industry.jahbless has been around for a long time and is definitely not a newbie as one might think.for his debut album on yes records,he enlists reminisce,seriki,G dog,SV,durella,banky w,pype,ID cabasa & lord of ajasa.on the 14 track album,production is handled by SAS and labelmate/friend ID cabasa.

Jahbless jumpstarts the album with good morning,which is more like the intro.everything is a smooth ride from there on with songs like the id cabasa produced "street rules" and "di dada" where he features reminisce until you hit speed bumps like the durella assisted "kaka koon" which somehow manages to be boring."yiwo saun" steadies things a little bit and banky w lends him a helping hand on "the one",but he fails miserably at his attempt at a club banger on "rock the party".

The album ends on on a great note as he kicks into overdrive on tracks like "oni temi",the creative & inspirational "ur time",the mellow "hang over" with id cabasa and "jooor" with lord of ajasa.even though his name sounds like that of a reggae artiste,jahbless is not one and there are no reggae influences on this album.infact he is to naija R&B what lord of ajasa & da grin are to naija rap.

Rebirth is a solid effort as jahbless's potential,creativity & talent is there for all to see.yes records clearly made a good choice in signing him.the only notable flaw or disadvantage on this album is the language as majority of the tracks are in yoruba.every other thing is on point from the delivery to the production.


PLAY-oni temi,street rules,jooor,hang over,the one
SKIP-kaka koon,rock the party

Friday, November 27, 2009



Here are the nominees for the 9jahiphop awards, the first of its kind. We have 20 categories covering everything that needs to be covered. This is the best and most sincere awards you are ever going to see in Nigeria. Y’all know how we do on this blog. we set trends and you follow our leads. Our panel of judges will decide who wins in each category so your vote doesn’t count, which explains why we don’t have a vote link, but feel free to start one somewhere else. The winners will be announced whenever we decide before the year runs out.

Note to the nominees-don’t sleep on this, you just might get a plaque sent to you or your manager/record label.(I am not promising you anything)

Note to the others-don’t trip, no hard feelings alright. we have heard your songs/albums but it just happens that someone else is better than you. better luck next year.

Igboro ti daru-Klever jay/Eedris
Ko gbadun-Dat nigga raw/Duncan mighty
Oluwe mawe-Oluwe

Tinkonko-Plus one
South African girl-Sleek/ID cabasa
Yori yori-Bracket
Pass me your G

Too fine-Kel/Alaye/May D
Sample-Terry da rapman/Pherowshuz/Stereoman
Da finest-Knighthouse/Sauce kid/Teeto
Make doe-Da grin/dark poet

You bad-Wande coal/D banj
Big boy-Eldee/Olu maintain/Banky W/Oladele
In love with an angel-Dat nigga raw/TJ
Aiye po gan-Illbliss/Terry G

Taboo-Wande coal
Iam in love-Faze
Not the girl-Dare art alade
Yori yori-Bracket

Pon pon pon-Da grin
Aiye po gan-Illbliss/Terry G

For my life-Rooftop mcs/Suspect
Run with you-lara george/lord of ajasa

Yankuli yah-Timaya
Oluwe mawe-Oluwe
Osondi owendi-MC loph

Free madness-Terry G
Fokasibe-Dj zeez
Hotter than fire-Sheyman/Dr pat

Yori yori-Bracket
Free madness-Terry G
Fokasibe-Dj zeez
Taboo-Wande coal

Undareyted-Dare art alade
Mushin to mohits-Wande coal
Least expected-Bracket

Talk about it-M.I
The investment-Kel
Everything remains raw-Dat nigga raw
Chief executive omoita-Da grin

Saxophone mood-Yemi sax
Happy day-Oluwe
Gift & grace-Timaya

A piece of me-Kefee
God's business-Pelumi

Talk about it-M.I
Mushin to mohits-Wande coal
Undareyted-Dare art alade
Everything remains raw-Dat nigga raw

Illegal music-M.I
Get money,stay fly-Beazy
The joe spazm mixtape-Terry da rapman

Strong thing-Banky W
South African girl-Sleek/ID cabasa
Strong & mighty-Dat nigga raw/Dekumzy/Flavour
Enter the place-Tuface

Mushin to mohits-Wande coal
Pin no 9 10 11-Sunny neji
The investment-Kel

Mo cheddah

Don jazzy
Terry G

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just when i was beginning to think that it was a wrap for the ladies in the industry,some of them rose to the occassion and held on to their spot.although not all of them excelled,we really have to applaud and appreciate them for their the start of this year,the menfolk had the game in a chokehold and the ladies were reduced to mere was so bad that i had to declare a state of emergency,but as the ladies game slipped into a coma,these young and vibrant women gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation.

KEL-Of all the sistas that dropped albums or singles this year,kel made the most notable impact.her album "the investment" is one of the best rap albums of this year.all her singles did reasonably well on the charts and her videos were also a delight to watch.with the way she has started,its just a matter of time before she starts bringing plaques home.

OMAWUNMI-After her single "in the music" failed woefully,she went back into the studio and came back with the eldee assisted "ma fi mi shere" which is already gaining is pretty difficult to say she had a good year but she didn't have a bad year either.

MO'CHEDDAH-For someone who was totally unknown at the beginning of the year,the first lady of knighthouse has come a long way as she is now part of the big picture.her hook on the knighthouse single "the finest" initially endeared her to our hearts but it is on her own single "if you want me" where she shows us just what she is capable of.

WAJE-We were all expecting something special from the guest appearance specialist waje.But it turns out that truly,empty barrels make the most sound as her single "kolo" fell short of the mark.this kinds of takes away some of her shine but her cameos,most notably on illbliss & kel's albums keep the dream alive.

BOUQUI-2009 was the year bouqui redefined herself,everyone had been waiting for her to release her sophomore album and when she did,she didn't dissapoint.fuelled by the smash single "morile" her album "the redefinition" became an instant collectors item.
the success of her album goes to show that quality is always in demand and appreciated.

SASHA-Just when you start thinking sasha will end the year with a whimper,she comes out with a bang.with competition at an all time high this year,sasha did what any reasonable person will do when the stakes are high.she stepped up her game by teaming up with dama do bling on "put it down",the first single from her sophomore album "sasha speaks" & she also dropped "making money" to prove to everyone that she was still a force to be reckoned with.

KENNY ST BROWN-It was an iya oni gba moment when i saw kenny st brown in the video for her single "turn around" with da grin.KSB will never give up,you have to admire her say i was shocked is an understatement,infact i was dumbfounded.haba!!!!!madam,at what age now?

AZEEZAT-Azeezat is actually a good will notice this once you can overlook her looks.her song "ife" is a testament to her vocal capabilities.although she got slept on,it will be terribly unfair not to praise her for her efforts.

ESSENCE-I must confess that i didn't see this coming.when anyone tells you that you can't write anybody off,they most probably have essence on their minds.out of nowhere,to the astonishment of everybody,this kennis music songstress dropped her hot single "kalangolo" & even shot a video for it.we really have to respect her tenacity and applaud her for a job well done.

WEIRD MC-By now,weird mc knows that she will never drop another album like "after the storm",but that has not stopped her from getting her groove on & putting in work in the studio,which resulted in the release of 2 singles "riranwo" & "step up" which were quite okay by all standards.iam still waiting on the album to see if she has got something better lined up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On a more serious and sober note,ain't you all getting tired of all these disses released by some unknown artistes targeting major artistes.some good examples are nico gravity's "i wan finish timaya" & henry x's no danger targeting timaya & p square respectively.personally i do not approve of all this,not because i don't like beef(iam not a vegetarian) but because sometimes it is totally wrong.this was the same problem i had with ruggedman when he released ehen pt 1.the question is how do you come out of nowhere without a single good song and start dissing established acts.this has got to stop.
Shouldn't there be a rule that if you are yet to have an album or a top ten hit,you can't diss someone who least that would make the industry a better place.based on this rule,kelly hansome gets a pass for his diss cos he actually has an album and a couple of good songs too.although if i was in don jazzy's shoes,i would be smacking the living daylights out of that can't call yourself a don and keep getting disrespected."igwe kom kom" was directed at his 2 major artistes & he ain't doing shit,what sort of a don is that?this time it is kelly hansome,next time it might be danny young,klever jay or one of these young cats.
Contrary to popular belief,silence isn't always the best answer,sometimes violence is always a better option.if don jazzy wants to take care of his business,he should let killz handle kelly hansome.i always thought they needed more muscle in mohits thus their signing of killz.dr sid is more of a yung joc than a young jeezy,and it won't do WC & Dbanj's image any good if they get their hands he should just let killz be the enforcer(dude looks like he has more brawn than brains & it will boost his street credibility).
This whole beef thing will keep spinning out of control until something tragic happens,like someone getting stabbed or shot.would that be really bad?i don't think might even be a step in the right direction.most of this cats are so corny and unbelievable,for example isolate,whose only claim to fame is that he sounds like 9ice and you can still hear him dissing 9ice disrespect,but without 9ice there would be no isolate.iam tired of hearing this nameless idiots dropping half assed diss tracks every week.someone please do something about this,i mean on a bang bang,good riddance to bad rubbish level.


Shouldn't we be worried about wande coal's expanding waistline?

Is the word swagger being over used?

Has kel's album "the investment" ended sasha's reign?

On that note,what effect will da grin's album "CEO" have on lord of ajasa's career?

When ruggedman & faze finally release their long awaited collabo album,will they call it "best of both flops"?

Won't weird mc be tempted to steal some of centage superstar contestants's ideas & concepts?

Doesn't kelly hansome's diss track stink of desperation and jealousy?

Is "if i catch you" OD's idea of going commercial?

Am i the only one who thinks lil jojo is better than most of our rap artistes?

Are naija artistes PDPing MAMA,or how do we explain some recent awards that we won?

When will saucekid release his album?

Isn't it wrong for naija secular artists to be featured on gospel songs?

Apart from olu maintain's friends & immediate family,who else bought his arab money album?

Is it me or does M.I's new hairstyle make him uglier than he really is?

Has Djinee finally seen ego?

Don't you feel embarrassed whenever you see your favorite artistes jumping on stage with all their family,friends & well wishers to recieve awards?

Why should our artistes face off playing basketball,wouldn't football have been a better option?

On MI's next album,wouldn't it be appropriate for him to have a song titled short fat boy?

Isn't it hard to believe that dj tee directed essence's "kalangolo" video?has he finally lost his touch?

Will 36 states have to change his name everytime a new state is created?

Doesn't naeto c's "ako mi ti poju" remind you of dem franchize boiz's "i think they like me" whenever you hear it?

What will midnight crew do without pat?

Monday, November 23, 2009


People say i talk too much but i don't think so.if i don't talk,what else should i do?dat na why i get mouth now.

Kash 11 preparing for album release.

HHP(south african act) just signed a management deal with storm 360 to cover Nigeria & the west african region.

Eedris abdulkareem is headed back to kennis music.

Isolate just hit the streets with "my turn".

Omawunmi has got a new single "ma fi mi shere" featuring eldee

Durella also recently dropped a new song "my life" off his forthcoming album which may or may not be titled "the ginger is constant".

P square just got dissed over their own beat by henry x with "no danger".

Timaya really impressed me with the video for his hit single "i don blow".it is not really spectacular but it is more than you would expect from timaya.

It felt good seeing naija artistes together on the ovation red carpet theme song "christmas in lagos" video.the song which was produced by OJB features omawunmi,olu maintain,wande coal and others.

If you haven't watched the video of maye hunta's "ekaete".endeavor to do so or at least listen to the is actually a really good song.

Kenny st brown's "turn around" video is also a video you should watch.da grin is on that one and the visual is easy on the eyes.the same cannot be said of her labelmate's video.

Essence's video for her "kalangolo" single is abysmal to say the least.iam not even supposed to be talking about it.listen to the song though.

Eldee is now officially a father after his wife dolapo was delivered of a baby girl.

Reggae buddies rhymzo & 3gga are beefing over who owns the credits of their collabo "satisfy me".

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This one is just to celebrate Nigerian hiphop's online presence,for all those who are repping the green white green on the worldwide web.i have put together the top 5ive websites holding it down for naija hiphop online.there is no order to my list so if you are on number 1,2 or 3 don't get carried away it means nothing,what really matters is that you made it into the top we go
Duduradio has been here for so long and to everyone's suprise is still here.what the folks over there do mainly is stream music.they have a vast library containing almost all albums released by every major Nigerian artist you can think of in the last couple of years.if you want to listen to any Nigerian album especially past albums that cannot be found elsewhere.

-Massive collection of music albums across all genres.
-Paid downloads.
-Infrequent updating of library.
-No exclusives.
I know that most people wouldn't agree with me on this one but this website is actually good in exposing upcoming artistes and they do come up with the occassional gem(music videos,downloads & news) every now and be frank,they are not really good in anything in particular.all they do is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

-Music videos.
-Entertainment news.
-Inadequate downloads
-Not user friendly(site navigation is poor)
This website is a true hiphop website.They specialise in breaking new artistes,dropping exclusives & informative features.they are also quite good with entertainment news & gists.on this site,you will definitely hear music you can't find anywhere else & watch videos that you will never see anywhere else again.

-Good features
-Entertainment news
-Inadequate downloads
-Poor album reviews
bellanaija cannot be totally classified as an hip hop website as they run the entire entertainment gammut from fashion,movies,tv to showbiz but they do offer entertainment news,music videos and audio.their events coverage is first class so you get pictures from awards,concerts,reality shows e.t.c

-Music videos.
-First class events coverage.
-Entertainment gist/showbiz gossip.
-Jack of all trade,master of none.
-No exclusives
-No downloads
-No album reviews
-Poor features
Now this is a purely hip hop site as the name you get album previews & reviews,interviews,news,exclusives,videos e.t.c they even offer free downloads.actually iam tempted to say this is the best Nigerian hiphop website around but their album reviews are way below expectations plus i don't want anybody catching feelings.

-Free downloads
-Music videos
-Entertainment news
-User friendly
-current and consistent
-Poor features/articles
-Unreliable album reviews

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When i say talk is cheap,i don't mean like a free night call(which is quite expensive considering the fact that you lose sleep and waste time that can't be recovered).now is not the time to tell you what i mean by talk is cheap cos time is money.i would rather get down straight to business.some people say i talk too much(i wouldn't know),its just that like the rest of you,i get mouth(mo lenu pa).on a more serious note let me bring you up to speed.

Talking of speed,zaaki adze is getting ready to relaunch his career by dropping a new album titled "speed".eldee is featured on the first single from the album.

Timaya recently dropped a new single titled "plantain boy".

9ice is also gearing up for the release of his album "tradition".the first single from the album "energy" is already in rotation.

2shotz just released a song "make some noise" featuring MI,which will be on his highly anticipated album "iam william".(good look)

Styl plus planning to release album.(who cares)

DJ zeez will be releasing a video compilation for some of his songs which include the smash single "fokasibe" & "bobbee fc"

The NMVA(Nigerian music video awards) is really not an award i approve of but that won't stop me from giving you the lowdown on what went down.let's see......these are the people i saw over there.keke & d1,lil jojo,seun kuti,wande coal,MI,jesse jags,ice prince,basket mouth,deji i really have time for this?NO!!!.
here are the winners

Mo hits – Ten Ten

Kefee – Kokoroko

Darey – Not The Girl

Holy Mallam – Somebody Say

Soul Muzik

M.I - Safe

Mex ( Safe – M.I)

M.I – Safe

D’banj – Mo Gbono Feli Feli

Mc Loph – Osondi Owendi

Darey – More

Gbenga Salu

Frank D Nero – Cure My Craze

Bracket – Yori Yori


Freewindz – Tolotolo

Benita – We Ose

Seun Kuti - Many Many Things

Jaywon – Filebe

May7even – Take off my clothes

Mo Gbono Feli Feli – D’banj ( Sesan)


Word on the street is that dr sid is about to be shown the exit door from mohits.he has reportedly been downgraded to back up vocalist since ikechukwu's arrival.Don jazzy says they need only one rapper on mohits and as bad as killz is,he is a better option,so dr sid is surplus to requirements.

Here comes the mother of all the year is drawing to a close,i think it will only be right that i have my own awards to crown all those other awards.the list of nominees will be out out/stay tuned or just do whatever you have to do till i get back to y'all.


Incase you have not noticed,actors and actresses are also guilty of switching lanes.what amuses me is that,they never cross over to music at the peak of their careers.they only decide to sing at the twilight of their careers when the chips are is at this point in time when they start expressing their love for music with words like "i always wanted to be a singer" or "music has always been my first love".do not believe them cos it is always an attempt to regain lost glory.

Lets look at actors/actresses who have tried and failed.

OMOTOLA-Her debut album "gba" was so unsuccessful that she decided not to drop a follow up and spends most of her time nowadays endorsing chivita products.

GENEVIEVE-When the chips were down,nollywood's top actress made her foray into the music world but flopped so badly that none of the songs in her album made it onto any radio station's playlist.

JIM IYKE-Nobody really knows what is happening with jim iyke's debut album "who am I",but after watching & listening to the lead single on which he featured tuface,i wouldn't advise people to buy his album even if they are paid to.

ERNEST ASUZU-Most people don't actually remember,but this dude once tried his hands at music minute he is an hardcore rap artiste,the next minute he is a gospel artiste.a very unstable individual.can't remember if he eventually dropped an album but the few songs i heard were really awful.

OGD ALLSTARS-When things stopped popping off for them,some actors and actresses gathered together under tade ogidan's umbrella and made fools of themselves trying to do that which they didn't know how to do.all in all,it was a great experiment but with poor results.none of them have moved on from that point to have even the semblance of a musical career.

Here we go again.actors/actresses who might jump into the vocal booth anytime from now.

1.Funke akindele-once she releases her unanticipated jenifa 3 and the jenifa hype train starts to lose steam,you can be rest assured that she would jump on the naija hip hop train to make herself hot again by releasing an album,which i hope & pray she won't call "get jenified".guest appearances will probably include 9ice,pasuma,da grin ,lord of ajasa e.t.c and the music will revolve around those jenifa slangs nobody wants to hear again.

2.Desmond elliot-all is quiet on desmond's front and nollywood is in coma.this will be the perfect time for him to declare his undying love for music.he looks to me like the type of guy who will release a gospel album.

3.Mercy johnson-Very soon there will be nothing left for her to sell on screen again as we have seen all there is to be seen about her.with pornography not being a viable option in Nigeria,expect to see mercy grabbing a mic and making some saucy videos to accompany her songs.that girl will do anything to stay in the limelight.even if she sings the national anthem 12 times in a row on her album,people will buy it as long as she strips in the videos or she shoots them half naked.

Monday, November 2, 2009


It is pretty rare to see someone who has successfully made the transition from producer to artist.what most people don't understand is that the spotlight is not meant for everyone.there has to be someone in the background pulling the strings or someone doing the unseen work.
Lets look at some producers,who have tried and failed.

OJB-With flop after flop,Ojb has finally exhausted his energy and is presently tired of trying.that's like once beaten,twice shy or better yet once beaten,forever shy.

TERRY G-Terry is a good example of empty barrels making the most much as people wanted to free their madness,they had no interest in gingahing their swaggah thus dissapointing mr gingah the gingah wey dey drink the paraga.

ID CABASA-Everything was cool with id cabasa until he started thinking he could make better songs than toni payne's hubby.with 30,000 copies of his identity album sold,I.D cabasa shows no signs of stopping!!!!!!!!!!yes records will be biting their fingers on this one.

K SOLO-Timaya & klever jay's hitman finally decided to jump on the band wagon.reports emanating from alaba shows that producer extraordinaire k-solo's album has just gone double wood.marketers are praying and hoping for a time when his sales will finally move into the thousands.

SHEYMAN-It didn't take long for sheyman to realize that he wasn't really hotter than fire.his dismal album sales clearly underlined that for him.

my advice to producers-generally artistes are jealous people,immediately they realize that you are trying to be like them,they lose their trust in you and start avoiding you partly because they think you will either steal their songs or you won't produce their songs very well like you used is an "eku meji" situation or a bird in hand is worth ten in the bush situation.stop being greedy,as simple as ABC.

Lets take a look at some producers/video directors who might jump into the vocal booth come 2010.

1.Don jazzy-with the success and fame of his artistes like dbanj & wande coal,he may be tempted to try his own luck at singing.doing hooks is one thing while making an album is another.even though we enjoyed his hook on dbanj's smash hit "tongolo" & his solo track "serve the lord" on dbanj's run down album,i don't see how we can manage to listen to his voice on an entire album.

2.Clarence peters-to me,dude looks like someone capable of anything.with his penchant for shooting cheap videos,i don't see any reason why i would be excited,if he decides to release an album.the best he can do is jump into daddy's shoes and make some afro juju-the difference is clear music.

3.Suspect-the chances of this one happening is really high cos it looks like he is already nursing that ambition.those stupid hooks that he does every now and then might decieve him into jumping on the bandwagon.if he does,it is guaranteed to be a collosal failure.there isn't much he can offer.

4.Jude okoye-with p square's stock free falling like it was on the stock exchange, jude might decide to go to bat for the okoye family.from my own point of view,jude is not someone you can trust.anyone who goes around claiming to have shot videos he never did is slimy to say the least.if he decides to drop an album,it would probably be someone else singing on it but his face on the cover.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


1.GHETTO DREAMS(ft Sossick)
produced by Sossick
-In the beginning was sossick and then there was da grin.the chemistry between both of them is quite evident on this track which sets the tone for the album.da grin's delivery on this track is fierce and shows just how hungry he is.

2.EVERYDAY(ft Ejay)
produced by Sossick
-This song is quite okay but it is ejay's hook which doesn't quite sound usual da grin's flow is tight and there is not much to complain about.

produced by Sossick
-The beat on this track keeps screaming g-unit,it sounds like something sha money xl did.this dark and gritty beat serves as a perfect foundation for da grin to deliver his lines which he doesn't fluff.this track is hands down one of the best rap tracks of 2009.

produced by SAS
-Probably this will be the second single off his get the feeling he is trying to expand his fan base with this one.he sounds good on autotune and SAS's production is also solid.

5.SWAG(ft Cartiair)
produced by Sossick
-with everybody screaming swagger these days,da grin probably thought it would be nice to join the bandwagon but it turns out he was wrong as he doesn't really have much to offer here.who would have thought cartiair could rap like this?he suprised me on this one but the beat & subject matter lets him & da grin down.

6.MAKE DOE(ft Dark poet & Sossick)
produced by Sossick
-Not only is sossick's beat sick but his hook is also tight.if i was M.I or modenine,i wouldn't be sitting pretty right now cos the way these kids are killing beats is amazing.dark poet and da grin went crazy all over this track.

7.GBORO(ft Isolate)
produced by Sossick
-Da grin stays true to his roots on this one and as a sharp boy,he enlists the cheaper version of 9ice to spice things up a little bit and both of them come correct but isolate doesn't do anything out of the ordinary that could have propelled him out of 9ice's shadow.

produced by Sossick
-This is one the few tracks on which da grin slips up,although his rhymes are decent and he keeps it hood,you will still find it hard to make head or tails of what he is saying.

9.HOLA HOLA(ft Tfrizzle)
produced by Tfrizzle
-Tfrizzle does double duty on this as he also helps out with the hook which is quite catchy.this track is just something to nod your head to and not necessarily one for the club contrary to their intentions.

10.THANK GOD(ft Omawunmi)
produced by dr frabz
-How do you close out a solid album?all you need is dr frabz on the beat,omawunmi on her best rihanna imitation and you praising God.this is exactly what da grin does on this track.the track is more or less a testimony of God's goodness in the life of da grin and it shows that while he may be happy with who he is now,he isn't ashamed of what he once was.

1.NLA(Lala ft Da grin)
produced by Dr frabz
-whoever lala is,he sure knows how to sing and da grin's 16 bars is as ill as they come.while dr frabz's beat is quite good,it is lala's hook & da grin's verse that makes the song memorable.

2.IWOFA(Bigiano ft Da grin)
produced by Sheyman
-I owe bigiano a big apology cos i always looked at him as a one hit wonder,but this particular track has changed my perception of him.that boy can really sing and as expected da grin comes correct.


Sometimes less is more.20+ tracks on your album won't give you the respect you crave so much unless every track is on point,which is almost impossible.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Out of respect for the past achievements of naija music industry's favorite twin brothers(peter and paul).i have decided not to review their most recent album "danger".not only is that album weak,it was also below expectation.luckily for me i didn't buy that album and i didn't waste my precious time downloading it(free).nowadays whenever i see a p square album anywhere,iam always like damn!!!,look what the cat dragged in.

To say the truth,i wasn't suprised by that album.i saw it coming.when you become like me,you are no longer suprised by anything.some people were saying that p square had become over confident but i don't think that is the right word.i think the key word here is complacency.there comes a time in everyone's life or career when you start thinking that you are too good,you are irreplaceable or you are unstoppable(not like tuface).iam talking about that point in time when you believe you can do anything and get away with it(think 50 cent's "amusement park",hmmmm,now you understand).the fact is 90% of the time you never get away with it(unless you are R.kelly),but you wouldn't know until you do it and can't undo it.

Am i the only one who thinks that album was appropriately i can't say i wasn't warned.from what i have learnt growing up,the word danger means stay away or don't touch but i didn't take the hint.That album should have been titled SOS(save our souls),cos its a cry for help(i can hear the okoyes screaming please help us,we don't know what we are doing again).you will think dem boys had a premonition that something bad was about to happen or since when has it become cool to be threatened with ejection from your home by your landlord on TV(not a reality show),especially when you are supposed to be rich & successful.

I wish i could see peter & paul right now,so i can ask them one simple question.what type of weed have you kids been smoking?how could you put out an album like that?have you forgotten how much hardwork you put in,to get where you are today?what exactly is the problem?now that's like 4 questions!!!to be frank you boys are losing the plot.the other night at guinness 250,you were throwing tantrums like some spoilt brats(ehn,if they don't allow tuface to perform,we won't perform).where exactly do you think you are?this is naija!!!,keep acting up and they will dump you guys.has bracket stolen your mojo?cos while their career is on an incline,yours is declining.

Take my advice and name your next album "SOS".another great title will be "grace to grass" cos you went from "do me,roll it & no one like you" to songs like "possibility & super fans" that has been terrorising us on radio.the last time i was in the club and "danger" came on,people were screaming "please,turn it off,its horrible"(true story).whatever phase you are going through,better get over it and brace yourself up cos from this point on,its all downhill.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


If rap records were reviewed based on beauty,this sexy rapper would have won my coveted classic tag but fortunately they are not.with her laid back flow & nimble word play,kel strives to make her mark with her debut album,which she does more often than not.
She shows off her robust lyrical delivery on the lead single "wa waa alright" and lines like "i write like i was born to rhyme,make it count everytime. physically iam well designed,mentally iam on my grind" makes us know that baby girl ain't playing.she totally blows our mind with the alaye & may d assisted "too fine" and on "omoyapayaski" featuring durella she kept it hood.while on the ragga flavoured "push" featuring nyore she offers something totally different.
With production handled by the suspect,dr frabz,ty mix,j martins & jesse jags the album doesn't suffer much in terms of production although it is hard to overlook the lethargic production on tracks like "sitting on top,jeun soke & beautiful life".the low points on this album come when she tries to rap about love on "need you in my life" and the unconvincing storytelling on "boy meets girl" leaves you dissatisfied.when you listen to this album you get this almost there feeling,like there is something missing and it doesn't require much intellect before you know what it is.this album suffers seriously from lack of subject matter.
With her deft lyricism she has convinced us that she is a serious contender for naija's number 1 rap chick throne,but the question is can she hold it down on her own as her album has more guests than a 5 star hotel.apart from the previously mentioned tracks there is a lot of solid & i pod worthy material on this LP.songs like "die hustling,dem don dey move & nobody else" add the much needed jolt of adrenaline to this album.
Despite the fact that she is a rookie,kel's debut album is a solid & cohesive effort and deserves all the accolades it gets.she will definitely get better with time.with the present economic climate kel is a great and worthy investment.


PLAY-too fine,wa waa alright,push,nobody else,dem don dey move
SKIP-jeun soke,sitting on top,boy meets girl

Monday, October 12, 2009



The major beef that has been the talk of town for the past few days has been that of Kelly hansome vs d’banj,wande coal & terry g.I don’t see any reason why kelly will be dissing Mo hits except for the fact that he finds it disrespectful that D’banj is calling himself an igwe.In terry G’s own case, he clearly deserves it as he was all over kelly’s dick on his album.check “halleluyah” on gingah your swaggah season 1.

Actually,i am not here to talk about Kelly hansome vs successful artists.they can kill each other for all I care(wait,no!!!they shouldn’t kill d’banj,dem kokolets will go crazy).I am here to talk about a brewing beef that has gone under the radar.It involves 2 yoruba heavy weights(not isolate and 9ice),i am talking about the chief executive omoita himself & Lord of Ajasa.

Although,from my own point of view,Da grin never took shots at Lord of Ajasa,but his lordship has replied on jahbless’s track “jooor”.on the 3rd verse,ajasa was clearly taking shots at da grin with this particular verse.

“Ladugbo mi,ti mi o ti yo.

E wo won,won fe ma show

Awa gan gan ni igboro

Anything ta ba do,lon gboro.”

This looks like a reply to da grin’s gboro(ft isolate).Does ajasa feel that da grin is biting his style?if so,what does he want modenine to do about M.I(FYI m.i has destroyed mode9’s career)?looks like naija hiphop is getting interesting.I was already looking forward to a collabo between Lord of ajasa & da grin,but it looks like that dream has just being dashed.please,you guys just stop it.i don’t want to make a choice(I prefer Lord of ajasa).

This year has been amusing with shots being fired all over the place.shall we call this year,the year of beef?lets check the beef report/update.

Modenine vs Ruggedman(stale)

2face vs Komo(no contest)

M.i vs Iceberg slim & company/broke rappers(tantalizing)

Kelly hansome vs D’banj,WC&Terry G(most promising)

Reuben abati vs Banky w(lame)

Coming soon to a radio station near you

Lord of ajasa vs Da grin(perfect match)








Lord of ajasa







Da grin







I guess we are about to find out,just how real these guys are.someone please book them for the same show and put them on the same stage.can't wait to see how that turns out.

Friday, October 9, 2009


After the single "free madness" dropped,terry g's album became one of the most anticipated album of 2009.being a producer is one thing while being an artiste is another.with gingah your swaggah,terry g has proved his critics right that he is more suited to life behind the boards.

Listening to this album,you get the feeling terry g recorded it overnight.the beats sound so amateurish that it is difficult to believe that a producer of his standard could come up with something this awful.some songs cut off suddenly without any explanation("wine dey go") while some sound as if they were never mixed("sangalow").the lyrics are mostly predictable as terry g sticks with gingah the gingah & swaggah the swaggah throughout the album.

"omo naija" is a lukewarm display of patriotism,"put something" is blatantly lewd and raw,"halleluyah" sounds like a weak remake or remix of kelly hansome's maga don pay and "free madness 2" tries to recapture the magic of the original and fails.Terry g's sophomore album doesn't end up being a total disaster as tracks like "gingah seduction"(ft house of gingah),"bad belle"(ft timaya),"fall in love",the infectious "free madness" & the fela inspired "ojukokoro" save the day.

Even with autotune terry g struggles throughout the entire album to make anything meaningful.this is clearly an album that was made under the influence and it will be better for any prospective listener to also be under the influence to listen to it.don't be fooled by terry g's attitude as he doesn't have anything worth your money to offer.while gingah your swaggah season 1 must have been a thrilling mad experiment for terry g it wasn't for us.we will kindly implore him not to waste his time making a season 2.


PLAY-free madness,ojukokoro,gingah seduction,fall in love,bad belle
SKIP-everything else

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Long time no talk.

Inyanya Mbuk is about to release his debut album.

Germany based Nigerian singer nneka egbuna wins award for best african act at mobo(music of black origin) awards 2009.(never heard of her before)

Mike anyazodor wins mtn project fame west africa.

John ogah wins naija sings.

Chocolate city's ice prince won the hennessy artistry competition.

Waje releases new single "kolo"(i hope its not her first single)

Recently i watched a lot of videos and can't wait to share them with you.

Azeezat's "ife"-good song,bad looks so 99ish and azeezat is still as ugly as ever.

Od& terry da rapman's "if i catch you"-immediately i watched this video,the first question that came to my mind was,how will this boys make it?

Banky w's "strong ting"-good song,better video.banky clearly took it to the next level on this one.good & matured concept

Wande coal's "you bad"-can't really explain what is wrong with this video.its just too ordinary for such a good will be better off just listening to the audio.

P square's "danger"-lets not talk about it.

There is supposed to be something called Nigerian music video awards(NMVA) coming soon.i will keep you posted.

Wahala dey!!!
P square are about to be evicted from their lagos residence by their landlord.The okoye's seem to have some unresolved issues with their landlord chief charles nwangwa.(the question is with all the money these guys are making,shouldn't they have a house of their own by now)

Shots fired!!!
Kelly hansome is dissing dbanj,terry g & wande coal.what's the beef?can't really place my finger on what the problem is here but i will find out later.(i always knew there was something special about that boy)

Friday, October 2, 2009


The other day someone asked me who i was?to be candid i don't even know who i am.i know a lot of people who read my blog will give an arm and a leg to know who i really am.i mean you guys will do anything to find out my true identity.

I have got good news and bad news for you.the bad news is that i will continue to be anonymous and the good news is that i will give you some clues as to who i really am.

1.iam a Nigerian(you will have to be dumb not to know that)
2.i may or may not work in the music industry(video director,marketer or producer)
3.i could be an artist(am i dbanj,terry da rapman or sasha?)
4.i might be a friend to the stars(denrele edun or efe omorogbe)
5.i should be between 20-50 years of age(that rules out fatai rolling dollars)
6.iam not computer literate(someone types all this for me)

Now who am i?too vague,right?if i keep giving you clues it will take all day,so lets cut to the chase.this is who i am.iam a ghost writer or should i say pen for hire.i write songs,scripts,books etc,so if your wordplay ain't on point holla at that good enough for you guys?is there anyway i can give you good clues without revealing my identity?let's see.........

7.wait......change the i's to we.(iam not the only one writing this blog)

the truth is my identity keeps changing everyday,so for today this is who iam.

Iam a bloggers hope,not his pipe dream,
when they speak of blogging success,
iam what they might mean.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution.the problem with understanding the problem is that most people don't realize that the problem is not that there are problems,the problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.the question now is what is the problem with the Nigerian music industry?the problem is that we do not realize that we have a problem.

Looking at the Nigerian music industry right now,one would be inclined to think that the industry is moving forward,which is not the case.only a fool would look at us right now and say we have arrived,i hate to be the one to break it to you but the promised land is not yet in can call me an harbinger,i don't care.i have been to a lot of places but i have never seen a country where mediocrity is celebrated like Nigeria.We are yet to win any grammy and none of our artist has been signed to a big record label,i personally don't see anything to write home get a better understanding of what iam talking about,just take a look our music report card.

Proud to be african-Wyclef/tuface/sound sultan/faze
Nfana ibaga(remix)-Tuface/beenie man/reggie rockstone

African queen-Tuface(phat girls)
Danfo driver-Mad melon/mountain black(phat girls)

-Best world music album category-Femi kuti(nominee)
45th annual grammy awards 2003

2005,african artiste of the year-Tuface(winner)
2007,african artiste of the year-Dbanj(winner)

2007,best african act-Tuface(winner)
2008,best african act-9ice(winner)

with the rich variety of music we have in Nigeria like juju,apala,fuji, afrobeat,highlife & last but not the least naija hiphop.we are yet to make it to the world stage.i can't stop laughing whenever i hear a naija artist talking about winning the grammy,that's like saying the super eagles will win the world cup(you will have to qualify first).iam not a pessimist,its just that i don't see that happening anytime soon,at least not with the shake your head,move your hips mentality that most naija artists have.first of all,there is no such thing as a Nigerian sound,we don't have anything we can call our own.this can be blamed on the western influence as everyone wants to sound like jay z,beyonce,lil wayne,rihanna etc.the only thing naija artists are good at is copy copy & follow follow,which is why most international artists are not impressed whenever they get to Nigeria.there is really nothing new for them to see.we will never get the desired recognition until we can outdo the originators of this sound,but can we outdo them?that is a rhetorical question.

When you take a look at African artists that made it to the world stage e.g Hugh masekela,Yvonne chaka chaka,Late brenda fassie,Angelique kidjo,Yossour ndour,King sunny ade,Koffi olomide,Awilo logomba & the late fela anikulapo kuti,you will notice that they all have one thing in common-they created their own sounds.take for example,in the American music industry,the south stuck with what they were doing for so long that they finally made it to the top.they came up with crunk,snap kept on leaning & rocking with it till it became acceptable,now they run the hip hop game.

Despite the myriad of opportunities that we have had we are still nowhere to be found on the world music map.isn't it sad that not even one naija artist has benefitted from all the shows & concerts where international stars have performed in is a list of all the international artistes that have performed in Nigeria since 2000

2001,October-Naughty by nature(NB plc)
2002,May-Eve/kci & jojo
2003-Ginuwine(Benson & hedges)
2004,April-Sean paul(Guinness)
2004,November-50 cent/G-unit(Star)
2004,December-Beenie man(grafton entertainment)
2005,Febuary-Boyz II men(Gordon sparks)
2005,April-Ludacris(MTV base)
2005,July-Akon(Westside inc)
2005,October-Pras(MTV base)
2005,December-Ja rule/kelvin little
2006,October-Jay z/busta rhymes/snoop dogg/ciara/missy elliot/beyonce/envogue(Thisday)
2006,December-LL cool j/Akon(Star)
2007,Febuary-Donell jones/112/chante moore/kenny lattimore(History of love 101)
2007-T pain/Kanye west(Star)
2007-John legend/rihanna/neyo/diddy/kelly rowland/shakira(Thisday)
2008-Rihanna/jay z/chris brown/usher/mary j blige/fat joe(Thisday)
2008-Brick & lace
2009-Lloyd(Mode men-black night 3)
2009-Sean paul(Guinness)

Looking at this now,you will realize that if our artists are half as good as we think they are,they will be on def jam,interscope,bad boy,rocafella or even any independent record label in US and we would probably have won a grammy by now.lest i forget,we have actually won some grammys by proxy.

-kiss from a rose
record of the year(1996)
song of the year(1996)

-Riding dirty
best rap song by duo or group(2007)

-No ordinary love
best R&B performance by duo or group(1994)
-Lovers rock
best pop vocal album(2002)

Tunde baiyewu(lighthouse family),lemar & taio cruz have also done us proud on the international scene.

so how do we answer this question with no lifeline,no phone a friend,no 50/50,no asking the hard can this be?its just a simple question with a simple answer

Are we there yet?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dagrin has been huge in the steets ever since "rap rules anthem" and with the release of his sophomore album "chief executive omoita" he has exceeded all expectations.with production from Sossick,SAS,Tfrizzle & Dr frabz,da grin delivers CEO and doesn't disappoint on the 10 track album.On the opening track "ghetto dreams" he bares it all & tries to exorcise his demons on wax.with lines like "mo ni dream lati di pastor or woli,but everytime ni mon mu shekpe,mo den fa kpoly" it is not that difficult to understand where he is coming from & why he gets so much love in the streets.

On the first single "pon pon pon" which is a street banger and one of the hardest cuts of the year,his realness is there for all to see and he shows us lyrically why he should be in our top 10 if not no 1.the SAS produced "kondo" shows dagrin trying to fill up the commercial quotient of his album & he actually succeeds as he offers the average naija music lovers what they want.this track also suggest that he wouldn't mind having a hit on the charts."make doe" finds him trading bars with dark poet about money,power,respect and with help from isolate on "gboro" he keeps it street and pledges his allegiance to the grind.

While the tfrizzle produced "hola hola" is one for the road,it is on the dr frabs produced "thank God" where he features omawunmi that he sheds his thuggish personality and takes his rap to the church.if only "swag" was half as good as the other tracks on the album,we would have been talking classic by now but notwithstanding CEO is a solid album and the bonus tracks on the album makes up for the little mistake.

What makes dagrin's CEO special is the hands on,take the bull by the horn and aggressive approach which is quite refreshing.even though the album title might suggest that it is meant for some people,there is enough on this heater to satisfy everyone's needs.whenever dagrin opens his mouth he shows his hunger and you are bound to feel his pain.this is an album that will bring out the oliver twist in you.


PLAY-ghetto dreams,kondo,pon pon pon,make doe,thank God.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am writing this with jay z's "run this town" banging in my earphones.i know what iam about to say will cause a lot of ruckus,but isn't it time we know who actually runs this naija music industry.its not that iam being tribalistic or something(God forbid),but iam just trying to break this down into the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria.this is no divide and conquer thing(just facts).

Yoruba -
Artquake,Yemi sax,Da grin,Pype,Sheyman,Banky w,Rayan t,Sound sultan,Baba dee,Femi kuti,Seun kuti,Yinka davies,OJB,Niyola,Omotola,Sauce kid,Dare art alade,Lagbaja,Tony tetuila,Eldee,Durella,Dbanj,Wande Coal,9ice,Lord of ajasa,I.D cabasa,Modenine,Bouqui,Sasha,Deebee,Olu maintain,Weird mc,Asa,Shola allynson,Oluwe,Paul play,Ara,KSB,Seyi shodimu,Kash 11,Dekunle fuji,Minus 2,Kemistry,Bigiano,LKT,Klever jay,Jazzman olofin,Zeal,Rooftop mcs,MP, Infinity,Rasqie,Danny young,Folake umosen & Beautiful nubia

Hausa -
Terry g,Six foot plus,OD,Terry da rapman,M.I,eedris abdulkareem,Zule zoo,Jeremiah gyang,2face,Blackfaze

Igbo -
Kelly hansome,Kefee,Mr kool,Alabai,Styl plus(2/3),Djinee,African china,Obiwon,Kween,Charlie boy,Omawunmi,Bracket,Timaya,Dj zeez,2shotz,Adaz,Ruggedman,Naeto c,Ikechukwu,Kel,Nigga raw,Illbliss, Kaha,Mtrill,Flavour,Duncan mighty,Freestyle,Faze,Sunny neji,Resonance,P square,Azu ekiye,Sammie okposo,Gordons,Cyrus da virus,Genevieve,J.I,Tony one week,Sanchez,Soty,Sky b,Stereoman,Spydaman,Marvellous benjy,J martins & sean tero

Unverified* - Cmion,Dr sid,Gino,Ty bello,YQ,Soul e,H-man,Morachi,Zidon,Samsong, Dsmart,X project,W4,Mad melon & Mountain black,Gt da guitarman & Blaise

This is a fairly accurate calculation,so if you see something a little bit out of place,notify me.from the data above we can deduce that

1.Yoruba artistes run the naija hip hop game.

2.Igbo artistes run the naija rap game.

3.Yoruba artistes run the R&B game.

4.Yoruba artistes run the gospel scene.

5.its a tie in the afrobeat/reggae/highlife/other genres scene.

*Unverified-artistes whose state of origin iam yet to ascertain.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Everybody wetin dey?how una dey?me i dey bam bam,still dey rep the green white green.(are u suprised)

iam about to start blogging in pidgin.iam on some no more no vernacular,teacher no teach me nonsense level(bantu style).make we yarn small.......

E get dis guy wey i dey feel big time now,na ACE be hin name.if you never hear hin tracks,download am for here.that hin "finger work" song dey tite(shey blogging na finger work?i no know sef!help me ask ace when una see am).

Omo,da grin get mouth(ole nu pa).hin album CEO(chief executive omoita) hot like fire.try buy am.

I think i tell una,dat boy oluwe na something else.hin new song "ewe lowo" where hin feature dagrin na straight banger.dat song too tight(awon boys won koje bi ewe).

Yes boss,i hear say naeto c and ikechukwu no dey yarn again.(wetin cerious music don join together,make no mo hits put am assunder).

Abeg,make una helep me yarn kel say i don dey move,dat her album "the investment" dey blow my mind.

Dat don jazzy boy waka don dey fear me,i hear say hin wan sign terry g.(abi him wan pai everybody for industry)

Walahi,i no dey watch videos again.who even release video sef?nothing dey happen for here jo.

DJ zeez,where you dey?wey the video for fokasibe?i don tire to dey wait?

Ehen!!!i hear say dem nominate some of my boyz for video awards.i no even remember which kain award dem call am sef.....em....em....em........OKAY!!!!!na mtv africa music awards.Tuface get 4,Dbanj get 3,M.I & P square get 2,Kel,Dare art alade & Bigiano get the full list be this.

Best Male
2 Face (Nigeria)
HHP (South Africa)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
Nameless (Kenya)
Da L.E.S. (South Africa

Best New Act
M.I. (Nigeria)
Shaa (Tanzania)
STL (Kenya)
Bigiano (Nigeria)
Rhythmic Elements (South Africa)

Best Hip Hop
M.I. (Nigeria)
A.Y. (Tanzania)
Zulu Boy (South Africa)
Jay-Z (USA)
Kanye West (USA)

Best Female
Kel (Nigeria)
Amani (Kenya)
Lira (South Africa)
Zamajobe (South Africa)
Lizha James (Mozambique)

Best Performer
P-Square (Nigeria)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
Samini (Ghana)
Nameless (Kenya)
Blu*3 (Uganda)

Best R&B
2 Face (Nigeria)
Darey Art Alade (Nigeria)
Loyiso (South Africa)
Beyoncé (USA)
Akon (USA)

Best Group
P-Square (Nigeria)
Blu*3 (Uganda)
Gang of Instrumentals (South Africa)
Mo Hits Allstars (Nigeria)
Gal Level (Namibia)

Artist of The Year
2 Face (Nigeria)
D’banj (Nigeria)
Lira (South Africa)
HHP (South Africa)
Nameless (Kenya)

Best Alternative
Green Day (USA)
Coldplay (UK)
Cassette (South Africa)
Zebra & Giraffe (South Africa)
Aking (South Africa)

Best Video
2Face – Enter The Place (Nigeria)
XOD – I Want You Back (Uganda)
HHP – Mpitse (South Africa)
Da L.E.S. – We on Fire (South Africa)
Wahu ft Bobi Wine – Little Things You Do (Kenya).

e be like say na only 2face & dbanj e sure wetin me i think be dat o...make una go vote for www.mama. or before october 5.

If u never hear,if na abeokuta u dey stay(under rock).make i give you latest gist.sean paul dey come naija september 25th,na dem odeme people(guinness) dey bring am dull yourself o.wetin just dey pain me be say dem no invite pype make hin come perform for there.maybe if hin perform,sean paul fit like am,carry am go yankee.MI,Dbanj,Tuface,P square & Wande coal go dey there.

Ramadan kareem to my muslim people dem dem.abeg no forget to send my ram o.wetin i know be say one place go dey online where you fit buy e-ram,so i go check my email when time reach.