Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Shouldn't we be worried about wande coal's expanding waistline?

Is the word swagger being over used?

Has kel's album "the investment" ended sasha's reign?

On that note,what effect will da grin's album "CEO" have on lord of ajasa's career?

When ruggedman & faze finally release their long awaited collabo album,will they call it "best of both flops"?

Won't weird mc be tempted to steal some of centage superstar contestants's ideas & concepts?

Doesn't kelly hansome's diss track stink of desperation and jealousy?

Is "if i catch you" OD's idea of going commercial?

Am i the only one who thinks lil jojo is better than most of our rap artistes?

Are naija artistes PDPing MAMA,or how do we explain some recent awards that we won?

When will saucekid release his album?

Isn't it wrong for naija secular artists to be featured on gospel songs?

Apart from olu maintain's friends & immediate family,who else bought his arab money album?

Is it me or does M.I's new hairstyle make him uglier than he really is?

Has Djinee finally seen ego?

Don't you feel embarrassed whenever you see your favorite artistes jumping on stage with all their family,friends & well wishers to recieve awards?

Why should our artistes face off playing basketball,wouldn't football have been a better option?

On MI's next album,wouldn't it be appropriate for him to have a song titled short fat boy?

Isn't it hard to believe that dj tee directed essence's "kalangolo" video?has he finally lost his touch?

Will 36 states have to change his name everytime a new state is created?

Doesn't naeto c's "ako mi ti poju" remind you of dem franchize boiz's "i think they like me" whenever you hear it?

What will midnight crew do without pat?

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