Monday, November 2, 2009


It is pretty rare to see someone who has successfully made the transition from producer to artist.what most people don't understand is that the spotlight is not meant for everyone.there has to be someone in the background pulling the strings or someone doing the unseen work.
Lets look at some producers,who have tried and failed.

OJB-With flop after flop,Ojb has finally exhausted his energy and is presently tired of trying.that's like once beaten,twice shy or better yet once beaten,forever shy.

TERRY G-Terry is a good example of empty barrels making the most much as people wanted to free their madness,they had no interest in gingahing their swaggah thus dissapointing mr gingah the gingah wey dey drink the paraga.

ID CABASA-Everything was cool with id cabasa until he started thinking he could make better songs than toni payne's hubby.with 30,000 copies of his identity album sold,I.D cabasa shows no signs of stopping!!!!!!!!!!yes records will be biting their fingers on this one.

K SOLO-Timaya & klever jay's hitman finally decided to jump on the band wagon.reports emanating from alaba shows that producer extraordinaire k-solo's album has just gone double wood.marketers are praying and hoping for a time when his sales will finally move into the thousands.

SHEYMAN-It didn't take long for sheyman to realize that he wasn't really hotter than fire.his dismal album sales clearly underlined that for him.

my advice to producers-generally artistes are jealous people,immediately they realize that you are trying to be like them,they lose their trust in you and start avoiding you partly because they think you will either steal their songs or you won't produce their songs very well like you used is an "eku meji" situation or a bird in hand is worth ten in the bush situation.stop being greedy,as simple as ABC.

Lets take a look at some producers/video directors who might jump into the vocal booth come 2010.

1.Don jazzy-with the success and fame of his artistes like dbanj & wande coal,he may be tempted to try his own luck at singing.doing hooks is one thing while making an album is another.even though we enjoyed his hook on dbanj's smash hit "tongolo" & his solo track "serve the lord" on dbanj's run down album,i don't see how we can manage to listen to his voice on an entire album.

2.Clarence peters-to me,dude looks like someone capable of anything.with his penchant for shooting cheap videos,i don't see any reason why i would be excited,if he decides to release an album.the best he can do is jump into daddy's shoes and make some afro juju-the difference is clear music.

3.Suspect-the chances of this one happening is really high cos it looks like he is already nursing that ambition.those stupid hooks that he does every now and then might decieve him into jumping on the bandwagon.if he does,it is guaranteed to be a collosal failure.there isn't much he can offer.

4.Jude okoye-with p square's stock free falling like it was on the stock exchange, jude might decide to go to bat for the okoye family.from my own point of view,jude is not someone you can trust.anyone who goes around claiming to have shot videos he never did is slimy to say the least.if he decides to drop an album,it would probably be someone else singing on it but his face on the cover.

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