Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On a more serious and sober note,ain't you all getting tired of all these disses released by some unknown artistes targeting major artistes.some good examples are nico gravity's "i wan finish timaya" & henry x's no danger targeting timaya & p square respectively.personally i do not approve of all this,not because i don't like beef(iam not a vegetarian) but because sometimes it is totally wrong.this was the same problem i had with ruggedman when he released ehen pt 1.the question is how do you come out of nowhere without a single good song and start dissing established acts.this has got to stop.
Shouldn't there be a rule that if you are yet to have an album or a top ten hit,you can't diss someone who has.at least that would make the industry a better place.based on this rule,kelly hansome gets a pass for his diss cos he actually has an album and a couple of good songs too.although if i was in don jazzy's shoes,i would be smacking the living daylights out of that boy.you can't call yourself a don and keep getting disrespected."igwe kom kom" was directed at his 2 major artistes & he ain't doing shit,what sort of a don is that?this time it is kelly hansome,next time it might be danny young,klever jay or one of these young cats.
Contrary to popular belief,silence isn't always the best answer,sometimes violence is always a better option.if don jazzy wants to take care of his business,he should let killz handle kelly hansome.i always thought they needed more muscle in mohits thus their signing of killz.dr sid is more of a yung joc than a young jeezy,and it won't do WC & Dbanj's image any good if they get their hands dirty.so he should just let killz be the enforcer(dude looks like he has more brawn than brains & it will boost his street credibility).
This whole beef thing will keep spinning out of control until something tragic happens,like someone getting stabbed or shot.would that be really bad?i don't think so.it might even be a step in the right direction.most of this cats are so corny and unbelievable,for example isolate,whose only claim to fame is that he sounds like 9ice and you can still hear him dissing 9ice subliminally.no disrespect,but without 9ice there would be no isolate.iam tired of hearing this nameless idiots dropping half assed diss tracks every week.someone please do something about this,i mean on a bang bang,good riddance to bad rubbish level.

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