Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just when i was beginning to think that it was a wrap for the ladies in the industry,some of them rose to the occassion and held on to their spot.although not all of them excelled,we really have to applaud and appreciate them for their the start of this year,the menfolk had the game in a chokehold and the ladies were reduced to mere was so bad that i had to declare a state of emergency,but as the ladies game slipped into a coma,these young and vibrant women gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation.

KEL-Of all the sistas that dropped albums or singles this year,kel made the most notable impact.her album "the investment" is one of the best rap albums of this year.all her singles did reasonably well on the charts and her videos were also a delight to watch.with the way she has started,its just a matter of time before she starts bringing plaques home.

OMAWUNMI-After her single "in the music" failed woefully,she went back into the studio and came back with the eldee assisted "ma fi mi shere" which is already gaining is pretty difficult to say she had a good year but she didn't have a bad year either.

MO'CHEDDAH-For someone who was totally unknown at the beginning of the year,the first lady of knighthouse has come a long way as she is now part of the big picture.her hook on the knighthouse single "the finest" initially endeared her to our hearts but it is on her own single "if you want me" where she shows us just what she is capable of.

WAJE-We were all expecting something special from the guest appearance specialist waje.But it turns out that truly,empty barrels make the most sound as her single "kolo" fell short of the mark.this kinds of takes away some of her shine but her cameos,most notably on illbliss & kel's albums keep the dream alive.

BOUQUI-2009 was the year bouqui redefined herself,everyone had been waiting for her to release her sophomore album and when she did,she didn't dissapoint.fuelled by the smash single "morile" her album "the redefinition" became an instant collectors item.
the success of her album goes to show that quality is always in demand and appreciated.

SASHA-Just when you start thinking sasha will end the year with a whimper,she comes out with a bang.with competition at an all time high this year,sasha did what any reasonable person will do when the stakes are high.she stepped up her game by teaming up with dama do bling on "put it down",the first single from her sophomore album "sasha speaks" & she also dropped "making money" to prove to everyone that she was still a force to be reckoned with.

KENNY ST BROWN-It was an iya oni gba moment when i saw kenny st brown in the video for her single "turn around" with da grin.KSB will never give up,you have to admire her say i was shocked is an understatement,infact i was dumbfounded.haba!!!!!madam,at what age now?

AZEEZAT-Azeezat is actually a good will notice this once you can overlook her looks.her song "ife" is a testament to her vocal capabilities.although she got slept on,it will be terribly unfair not to praise her for her efforts.

ESSENCE-I must confess that i didn't see this coming.when anyone tells you that you can't write anybody off,they most probably have essence on their minds.out of nowhere,to the astonishment of everybody,this kennis music songstress dropped her hot single "kalangolo" & even shot a video for it.we really have to respect her tenacity and applaud her for a job well done.

WEIRD MC-By now,weird mc knows that she will never drop another album like "after the storm",but that has not stopped her from getting her groove on & putting in work in the studio,which resulted in the release of 2 singles "riranwo" & "step up" which were quite okay by all standards.iam still waiting on the album to see if she has got something better lined up.

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