Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Incase you have not noticed,actors and actresses are also guilty of switching lanes.what amuses me is that,they never cross over to music at the peak of their careers.they only decide to sing at the twilight of their careers when the chips are is at this point in time when they start expressing their love for music with words like "i always wanted to be a singer" or "music has always been my first love".do not believe them cos it is always an attempt to regain lost glory.

Lets look at actors/actresses who have tried and failed.

OMOTOLA-Her debut album "gba" was so unsuccessful that she decided not to drop a follow up and spends most of her time nowadays endorsing chivita products.

GENEVIEVE-When the chips were down,nollywood's top actress made her foray into the music world but flopped so badly that none of the songs in her album made it onto any radio station's playlist.

JIM IYKE-Nobody really knows what is happening with jim iyke's debut album "who am I",but after watching & listening to the lead single on which he featured tuface,i wouldn't advise people to buy his album even if they are paid to.

ERNEST ASUZU-Most people don't actually remember,but this dude once tried his hands at music minute he is an hardcore rap artiste,the next minute he is a gospel artiste.a very unstable individual.can't remember if he eventually dropped an album but the few songs i heard were really awful.

OGD ALLSTARS-When things stopped popping off for them,some actors and actresses gathered together under tade ogidan's umbrella and made fools of themselves trying to do that which they didn't know how to do.all in all,it was a great experiment but with poor results.none of them have moved on from that point to have even the semblance of a musical career.

Here we go again.actors/actresses who might jump into the vocal booth anytime from now.

1.Funke akindele-once she releases her unanticipated jenifa 3 and the jenifa hype train starts to lose steam,you can be rest assured that she would jump on the naija hip hop train to make herself hot again by releasing an album,which i hope & pray she won't call "get jenified".guest appearances will probably include 9ice,pasuma,da grin ,lord of ajasa e.t.c and the music will revolve around those jenifa slangs nobody wants to hear again.

2.Desmond elliot-all is quiet on desmond's front and nollywood is in coma.this will be the perfect time for him to declare his undying love for music.he looks to me like the type of guy who will release a gospel album.

3.Mercy johnson-Very soon there will be nothing left for her to sell on screen again as we have seen all there is to be seen about her.with pornography not being a viable option in Nigeria,expect to see mercy grabbing a mic and making some saucy videos to accompany her songs.that girl will do anything to stay in the limelight.even if she sings the national anthem 12 times in a row on her album,people will buy it as long as she strips in the videos or she shoots them half naked.

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