Thursday, October 29, 2009


1.GHETTO DREAMS(ft Sossick)
produced by Sossick
-In the beginning was sossick and then there was da grin.the chemistry between both of them is quite evident on this track which sets the tone for the album.da grin's delivery on this track is fierce and shows just how hungry he is.

2.EVERYDAY(ft Ejay)
produced by Sossick
-This song is quite okay but it is ejay's hook which doesn't quite sound usual da grin's flow is tight and there is not much to complain about.

produced by Sossick
-The beat on this track keeps screaming g-unit,it sounds like something sha money xl did.this dark and gritty beat serves as a perfect foundation for da grin to deliver his lines which he doesn't fluff.this track is hands down one of the best rap tracks of 2009.

produced by SAS
-Probably this will be the second single off his get the feeling he is trying to expand his fan base with this one.he sounds good on autotune and SAS's production is also solid.

5.SWAG(ft Cartiair)
produced by Sossick
-with everybody screaming swagger these days,da grin probably thought it would be nice to join the bandwagon but it turns out he was wrong as he doesn't really have much to offer here.who would have thought cartiair could rap like this?he suprised me on this one but the beat & subject matter lets him & da grin down.

6.MAKE DOE(ft Dark poet & Sossick)
produced by Sossick
-Not only is sossick's beat sick but his hook is also tight.if i was M.I or modenine,i wouldn't be sitting pretty right now cos the way these kids are killing beats is amazing.dark poet and da grin went crazy all over this track.

7.GBORO(ft Isolate)
produced by Sossick
-Da grin stays true to his roots on this one and as a sharp boy,he enlists the cheaper version of 9ice to spice things up a little bit and both of them come correct but isolate doesn't do anything out of the ordinary that could have propelled him out of 9ice's shadow.

produced by Sossick
-This is one the few tracks on which da grin slips up,although his rhymes are decent and he keeps it hood,you will still find it hard to make head or tails of what he is saying.

9.HOLA HOLA(ft Tfrizzle)
produced by Tfrizzle
-Tfrizzle does double duty on this as he also helps out with the hook which is quite catchy.this track is just something to nod your head to and not necessarily one for the club contrary to their intentions.

10.THANK GOD(ft Omawunmi)
produced by dr frabz
-How do you close out a solid album?all you need is dr frabz on the beat,omawunmi on her best rihanna imitation and you praising God.this is exactly what da grin does on this track.the track is more or less a testimony of God's goodness in the life of da grin and it shows that while he may be happy with who he is now,he isn't ashamed of what he once was.

1.NLA(Lala ft Da grin)
produced by Dr frabz
-whoever lala is,he sure knows how to sing and da grin's 16 bars is as ill as they come.while dr frabz's beat is quite good,it is lala's hook & da grin's verse that makes the song memorable.

2.IWOFA(Bigiano ft Da grin)
produced by Sheyman
-I owe bigiano a big apology cos i always looked at him as a one hit wonder,but this particular track has changed my perception of him.that boy can really sing and as expected da grin comes correct.


Sometimes less is more.20+ tracks on your album won't give you the respect you crave so much unless every track is on point,which is almost impossible.

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