Tuesday, October 13, 2009


If rap records were reviewed based on beauty,this sexy rapper would have won my coveted classic tag but fortunately they are not.with her laid back flow & nimble word play,kel strives to make her mark with her debut album,which she does more often than not.
She shows off her robust lyrical delivery on the lead single "wa waa alright" and lines like "i write like i was born to rhyme,make it count everytime. physically iam well designed,mentally iam on my grind" makes us know that baby girl ain't playing.she totally blows our mind with the alaye & may d assisted "too fine" and on "omoyapayaski" featuring durella she kept it hood.while on the ragga flavoured "push" featuring nyore she offers something totally different.
With production handled by the suspect,dr frabz,ty mix,j martins & jesse jags the album doesn't suffer much in terms of production although it is hard to overlook the lethargic production on tracks like "sitting on top,jeun soke & beautiful life".the low points on this album come when she tries to rap about love on "need you in my life" and the unconvincing storytelling on "boy meets girl" leaves you dissatisfied.when you listen to this album you get this almost there feeling,like there is something missing and it doesn't require much intellect before you know what it is.this album suffers seriously from lack of subject matter.
With her deft lyricism she has convinced us that she is a serious contender for naija's number 1 rap chick throne,but the question is can she hold it down on her own as her album has more guests than a 5 star hotel.apart from the previously mentioned tracks there is a lot of solid & i pod worthy material on this LP.songs like "die hustling,dem don dey move & nobody else" add the much needed jolt of adrenaline to this album.
Despite the fact that she is a rookie,kel's debut album is a solid & cohesive effort and deserves all the accolades it gets.she will definitely get better with time.with the present economic climate kel is a great and worthy investment.


PLAY-too fine,wa waa alright,push,nobody else,dem don dey move
SKIP-jeun soke,sitting on top,boy meets girl

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