Friday, October 2, 2009


The other day someone asked me who i was?to be candid i don't even know who i am.i know a lot of people who read my blog will give an arm and a leg to know who i really am.i mean you guys will do anything to find out my true identity.

I have got good news and bad news for you.the bad news is that i will continue to be anonymous and the good news is that i will give you some clues as to who i really am.

1.iam a Nigerian(you will have to be dumb not to know that)
2.i may or may not work in the music industry(video director,marketer or producer)
3.i could be an artist(am i dbanj,terry da rapman or sasha?)
4.i might be a friend to the stars(denrele edun or efe omorogbe)
5.i should be between 20-50 years of age(that rules out fatai rolling dollars)
6.iam not computer literate(someone types all this for me)

Now who am i?too vague,right?if i keep giving you clues it will take all day,so lets cut to the chase.this is who i am.iam a ghost writer or should i say pen for hire.i write songs,scripts,books etc,so if your wordplay ain't on point holla at that good enough for you guys?is there anyway i can give you good clues without revealing my identity?let's see.........

7.wait......change the i's to we.(iam not the only one writing this blog)

the truth is my identity keeps changing everyday,so for today this is who iam.

Iam a bloggers hope,not his pipe dream,
when they speak of blogging success,
iam what they might mean.

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