Friday, October 9, 2009


After the single "free madness" dropped,terry g's album became one of the most anticipated album of 2009.being a producer is one thing while being an artiste is another.with gingah your swaggah,terry g has proved his critics right that he is more suited to life behind the boards.

Listening to this album,you get the feeling terry g recorded it overnight.the beats sound so amateurish that it is difficult to believe that a producer of his standard could come up with something this awful.some songs cut off suddenly without any explanation("wine dey go") while some sound as if they were never mixed("sangalow").the lyrics are mostly predictable as terry g sticks with gingah the gingah & swaggah the swaggah throughout the album.

"omo naija" is a lukewarm display of patriotism,"put something" is blatantly lewd and raw,"halleluyah" sounds like a weak remake or remix of kelly hansome's maga don pay and "free madness 2" tries to recapture the magic of the original and fails.Terry g's sophomore album doesn't end up being a total disaster as tracks like "gingah seduction"(ft house of gingah),"bad belle"(ft timaya),"fall in love",the infectious "free madness" & the fela inspired "ojukokoro" save the day.

Even with autotune terry g struggles throughout the entire album to make anything meaningful.this is clearly an album that was made under the influence and it will be better for any prospective listener to also be under the influence to listen to it.don't be fooled by terry g's attitude as he doesn't have anything worth your money to offer.while gingah your swaggah season 1 must have been a thrilling mad experiment for terry g it wasn't for us.we will kindly implore him not to waste his time making a season 2.


PLAY-free madness,ojukokoro,gingah seduction,fall in love,bad belle
SKIP-everything else

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  1. aiye re ada jo dat album really suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx big tyme