Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Out of respect for the past achievements of naija music industry's favorite twin brothers(peter and paul).i have decided not to review their most recent album "danger".not only is that album weak,it was also below expectation.luckily for me i didn't buy that album and i didn't waste my precious time downloading it(free).nowadays whenever i see a p square album anywhere,iam always like damn!!!,look what the cat dragged in.

To say the truth,i wasn't suprised by that album.i saw it coming.when you become like me,you are no longer suprised by anything.some people were saying that p square had become over confident but i don't think that is the right word.i think the key word here is complacency.there comes a time in everyone's life or career when you start thinking that you are too good,you are irreplaceable or you are unstoppable(not like tuface).iam talking about that point in time when you believe you can do anything and get away with it(think 50 cent's "amusement park",hmmmm,now you understand).the fact is 90% of the time you never get away with it(unless you are R.kelly),but you wouldn't know until you do it and can't undo it.

Am i the only one who thinks that album was appropriately i can't say i wasn't warned.from what i have learnt growing up,the word danger means stay away or don't touch but i didn't take the hint.That album should have been titled SOS(save our souls),cos its a cry for help(i can hear the okoyes screaming please help us,we don't know what we are doing again).you will think dem boys had a premonition that something bad was about to happen or since when has it become cool to be threatened with ejection from your home by your landlord on TV(not a reality show),especially when you are supposed to be rich & successful.

I wish i could see peter & paul right now,so i can ask them one simple question.what type of weed have you kids been smoking?how could you put out an album like that?have you forgotten how much hardwork you put in,to get where you are today?what exactly is the problem?now that's like 4 questions!!!to be frank you boys are losing the plot.the other night at guinness 250,you were throwing tantrums like some spoilt brats(ehn,if they don't allow tuface to perform,we won't perform).where exactly do you think you are?this is naija!!!,keep acting up and they will dump you guys.has bracket stolen your mojo?cos while their career is on an incline,yours is declining.

Take my advice and name your next album "SOS".another great title will be "grace to grass" cos you went from "do me,roll it & no one like you" to songs like "possibility & super fans" that has been terrorising us on radio.the last time i was in the club and "danger" came on,people were screaming "please,turn it off,its horrible"(true story).whatever phase you are going through,better get over it and brace yourself up cos from this point on,its all downhill.

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