Saturday, December 26, 2009


I think the approriate name for this list would have been "THE FINEST". these artists deserve all the accolades they get because they put in work in 09.

-Jude abaga has achieved so much within such a short period of time that it is pretty difficult to believe that he has been around for only a 365 days he has won numerous awards most notably HHWA & MAMA for his album "talk about it".he also dropped a mixtape that rejuvenated the naija mixtape scene and his chocolate imprint is already blowing up with jesse jagz & ice prince.

-Mohits's blackest in charge did exactly what we all expected of him:blow up!!!.ever since mo hits released their compilation cd "CV",we all knew that it was just a matter of time before wande took his spot right among the elites of the naija music industry.with his debut album "mushin to mohits" spawning hit after hit from "bumper to bumper","you bad" to "taboo" and getting certified multi platinum,WC finally stepped out of dbanj's shadow and showed us how important he was in the house that don jazzy built.

-In a year when people were already getting prepared to witness the death of femceeing on the naija music scene and yours truly had already declared a state of emergency,out came capital hills's first lady to save the day and put smiles on our faces.although most people will argue that it is hard to put a foot wrong when you have the backing & support of people like clarence peters,illbliss,suspect & M.I but kel's individual effort on her debut album "the investment" has not gone unnoticed by the general public & the critics.

-I think it is safe to say you have had a good year when you have the best rap album of the year and you released the best video compilation of the year.on the 1st of january 2009,no one would have placed their bets on this Abia representer running things but he sure did and has consequently blown up his labelmates & friends like flavour,MC loph & tj.dat nigga raw showed us just how well rounded he was with the quality of his sophomore album "everything remains raw" which is unarguably his best work till date.

-This year was bracket's breakthrough year as the ape planetarians had the charts on lockdown with hits like "no time","ada owerri" & their smash single or preferably tsunamic single "yori yori" which tore the competition to shreds.apart from wande coal,there is no one else on the naija R&B scene who had a better year than them.their achievement becomes much more remarkable when you consider the number of R&B albums released this year especially the ones by established artistes that didn't match up to their exceptional album "least expected".

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