Monday, December 21, 2009


I know iam supposed to call this,flops/losers of 2009 but i don't want to be too hard on these brothers,they really tried their best but their best wasn't just good enough.don't laugh at least they tried,so lets cheer them up and clap for them(not a standing ovation thing or with your palms,i mean with your fingers like they do it in primary schools).just look at this like an end of year performance report.

-P square totally tanked this year!!!!!!!,it's not like iam happy to see people fail although iam somehow pleased that the okoyes bricked.from being everyone's darling,Dem boyz have now become the laughing stock of the whole music industry.who would have thought a day will come when p square will fail to have a major hit on the charts.infact people were beginning to think they were untouchable until their album "danger" dropped and relieved them of their teflon aura.

-Terry g started out on a good note but fizzled out towards the 4th quarter of the year,initially everyone was on terry's nuts for a verse,a hook or a beat but the story changed as soon as everyone got a taste of terry's insanely underwhelming album "gingah ur swaggah".the major lesson we can learn from this is that all gingah and no talent makes you a poor artiste.

-Ruggedy baba is the chief culprit here.infact this list should be called ruggedy baba & the beginning of the year,he had everything set up for him to blow up big time.he never capitalised on the modenine beef.any reasonable artiste would have used that to re-establish his/her buzz,ruggedy could have at least dropped a mixtape filled with modenine disses but he chose to end the year on a quiet note with no album,no mixtape and no major cameos.i never thought it was possible to turn a win/win situation into a loss.

-When next you hear someone talking about falling from top 10 to not mentioned at all,they are definitely talking about olu maintain.this dude went from having the biggest song in the nation "yahoozee" to wack songs like "karmakazee & arab money".how do you explain that?these days whenever i think of a one hit wonder,the only person that comes readily to mind is olu maintain.

-I am not really sure if JI(what he calls himself these days) should be on this list but i think the fact that he attempted to drop or probably dropped an album(haven't seen the album anywhere yet) this year qualifies him for this.just one look at the video of his single "who am i" featuring tuface will tell you all you what to expect from his unreleased or released album.the fact that nobody is checking out for him clearly underlines his failure.

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