Thursday, December 3, 2009


The year has finally come to an end and it is time to reflect on all that happened during the know how it is now,we naija people don't forget much as i will like to know yours,i will share mine with you first.these are the things that happened during the year which i personally hated.

-M.I on autotune
No disputing the fact that M.I had a great year.i love "talk about it" and "illegal music" but i hate the way m.i uses the later part of the year,the shortest in rhyme couldn't do without autotune and he has somehow lost his identity.infact he is not using autotune but overusing it.dude never needed it in the first place and we loved him like is so uncool trying to sound like weezy & kanye.

-Reuben abati vs naija hip hop
We all run our mouths every now & then but there should be a limit to it.reuben abati certainly overdid it with his piece "a nations identity crisis" which took shots at the whole hiphop community.although banky w & eldee replied him,i still hate the way all the other artistes(especially the most influential ones) kept quiet throughout the whole will think it is only the returnees that know what freedom of speech means.i told y'all then that keeping quiet will turn you to everyone's punching bag,even biodun oduwole also took a subliminal shot at y'all with his piece "singing and dancing our lives away".someone should have gotten a beatdown along the line,its not too late but a stitch in time saves nine.

-Mo hits videos
Mo hits is arguably the best record label in naija presently,these guys keep the chart on lockdown for 365 days 24/7.they come up with hits after hits and they keep coming with more hits(isn't that why they are called mo hits?),but when it comes to shooting the videos for their songs,its a totally different story.throughout 2009,the mo hits family kept on commiting one visual murder after cut a long story short,their videos were catastrophic.with all the money they have,you would have bet the kitchen sink on them coming out with some exciting videos but one look at wande coal's"you bad,bumper to bumper" & dbanj's "suddenly,gbono feli feli,kimon" will show you just how stupid your favorite artistes can be.they really have to get rid of that sesan guy.travelling out of the country to shoot videos is pointless if you don't have good concepts.

-P square's danger album
There are no words to describe how woeful this album is.simply put,it was tragic!!!.just when people were beginning to think that p square couldn't do anything wrong,they dropped their 4th album "danger" and proved everyone wrong.i can't even think of any song i like on that album or one that is bearable.not even their collabo with tuface "possibility" can stop this album from going down as the worst album of the say the album was a colossal failure will be the understatement of the year.if iam allowed to hate only one thing this year,it will have to be this aural train wreck of an album.

-The word swagger & its use
When next you run into any naija artiste,ask him/her the meaning of the word swagger.don't be suprised when you find out that some of them have absolutely no idea what it means.if there is one thing i hate in this world,it is ignorance.most people think that just by mentioning the word swagger means you have it or it somehow makes you hot/cool.all through the year,i was bombarded with all sorts of songs about swagger until it became irritating like the seven point agendais it that these cats don't have anything else to say again? maybe they just want to jump on the swagger train or have a piece of the swagger pie,whichever it is,they had better get over it quickly.

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