Thursday, December 31, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks, i have heard a lot of people complaining about 9ice's new album "tradition". Two months ago i told a friend of mine who was desperately waiting on the 9ice album that he would be hugely disappointed when he finally listens to the album, so you can imagine his surprise when it turned out that i was right(I am never wrong). its not like i can see the future or something like that, what happened to the 9ice album is what i would call THE GREAT ALBUM SYNDROME.

The great album syndrome can be defined as the inability of an artist to have 2 great albums in his or her career. To get a full understanding of this, you must first of all be able to differentiate between a great album and a classic album. There are 2 major differences between a great album and a classic album.

1. A great album is just for the moment while a classic album is for all time.

2. A classic album is a perfect collection of songs which may not be loved by everyone while a great album is loved by everyone but not quite perfect.

Let me quickly give you some examples of great albums in Nigeria & America
-50 cent’s get rich or die trying
-Craig david’s born to do it
-DMX’s and then there was X
-Nate dogg’s music & me
-Nelly’s country grammar
-Sisqo’s unleash the dragon
-Young jeezy’s thug motivation 101

-2face’s face 2 face
-9ice’s gongo aso
-D’banj’s rundown
-P square’s get squared
-Timaya’s true story
-Wande coal’s mushin 2 mohits

All the above mentioned albums are the ones I can think of right now and I don’t think I have to start listing the classic albums(you should know them by now).incase you haven’t noticed, all these artists never released a better album than the ones mentioned above and they never will. I can’t really explain this phenomenon but it just happens. No matter how hard an artist tries, he/she never follows up on his/her great album. In fact the harder they try, the harder it gets.

Just like I said in the case of 9ice, P square, Timaya & D’banj, I am saying it here right now that Wande coal’s next album will be way below expectation. And won’t be anywhere as nice as M2M.if I had said this 2 weeks before 9ice’s album came out, y’all would think it was because I had already heard the singles or probably I had an advance copy of the album, but in WC’s case he is yet to hit the studio. feel free to quote me on this. Wande coal’s untitled sophomore album will not be as good as Mushin 2 mohits. Now who wants to bet?

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  1. To me I don't think Tradition is not a floop. I do enjoy listening to it think there are about 5 tracks that are great to me. You can't press/force your opinion on other people! People are buying the what's ur point?

    Elvis D