Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dagrin has been huge in the steets ever since "rap rules anthem" and with the release of his sophomore album "chief executive omoita" he has exceeded all expectations.with production from Sossick,SAS,Tfrizzle & Dr frabz,da grin delivers CEO and doesn't disappoint on the 10 track album.On the opening track "ghetto dreams" he bares it all & tries to exorcise his demons on wax.with lines like "mo ni dream lati di pastor or woli,but everytime ni mon mu shekpe,mo den fa kpoly" it is not that difficult to understand where he is coming from & why he gets so much love in the streets.

On the first single "pon pon pon" which is a street banger and one of the hardest cuts of the year,his realness is there for all to see and he shows us lyrically why he should be in our top 10 if not no 1.the SAS produced "kondo" shows dagrin trying to fill up the commercial quotient of his album & he actually succeeds as he offers the average naija music lovers what they want.this track also suggest that he wouldn't mind having a hit on the charts."make doe" finds him trading bars with dark poet about money,power,respect and with help from isolate on "gboro" he keeps it street and pledges his allegiance to the grind.

While the tfrizzle produced "hola hola" is one for the road,it is on the dr frabs produced "thank God" where he features omawunmi that he sheds his thuggish personality and takes his rap to the church.if only "swag" was half as good as the other tracks on the album,we would have been talking classic by now but notwithstanding CEO is a solid album and the bonus tracks on the album makes up for the little mistake.

What makes dagrin's CEO special is the hands on,take the bull by the horn and aggressive approach which is quite refreshing.even though the album title might suggest that it is meant for some people,there is enough on this heater to satisfy everyone's needs.whenever dagrin opens his mouth he shows his hunger and you are bound to feel his pain.this is an album that will bring out the oliver twist in you.


PLAY-ghetto dreams,kondo,pon pon pon,make doe,thank God.

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