Thursday, September 10, 2009


How do you define an underated artiste?an underated artiste is someone who is too good for his/her own good and has somehow managed to slip under the consciousness of the general public.i always feel very sad whenever i see talented artistes not been recognised,while the mediocre ones take all the glory.

1.Tony tetuila:Anthony Awotoye
Most people might not agree with this,but throughout his whole career till date,tetuila has never released an album without having hit singles that top the charts.he was the first artiste to show us that there was life after kennis music contrary to earlier beliefs.ever since he was ostracized from remedies,tetuila has continually proved critics will be hard pressed to find an artiste on his level with a proven track record of hit making.

Morning time
My car
E go better
Free soldier

Hit file:
omode meta,morning time,kind of woman,my car,e go better,fefe ne fe,two women,omolara,rock da party

2.Sound sultan:Lanre Fasasi
Sound sultan is a great example of being too good for your own good.what is it that he can't do,he sings,he raps,and he is one of the few Nigerian artistes that actually play an instrument.i can't really place my finger on sultan's problem,he is talented,consistent & even makes great songs,why he is yet to blow up big time still baffles me.when you talk about making solid albums and hit songs,he does it year in year out but still doesn't get the respect he deserves.

The compulsory textbook

Hit file:
Koleyewon,mathematics,gengen,back in the days,motherland,oko won lode,bush meat

3.Modenine:Segun babatunde
One of africa's best lyricist,modey has a way with words,he is quite sharp and witty.been around for a couple of years now but for some reasons he doesn't get the accolades some rappers that came after him get.a lot of people find it hard to relate to his raps,maybe because he is deep and is not ready to dumb down his flows now.although he has a loyal fan base which a lot of his peers envy him for,he is still yet to blow up big time.if there was a school of rap modey will graduate with honours.

Malcolm ix
Pentium ix
One amongst many
Paradigm shift

Hit file:
elbow room,formidable,cry,Nigerian girls,death blow,360 poetry,spazmodic,spartan

4.Shola allynson:shola obaniyi
When you need pure and undiluted yoruba R&B,shola is the one to call.after getting her big break from making movie soundtracks,she has successfully established herself in the industry with hit album after hit album.even though she is a better song writer and composer than most of her peers,she is yet to make it into the mainstream.she is widely respected for her soulful and inspiring songs.

Eji owuro
Gbeje fori

Hit file:
eji owuro,omo tuntun,aiye ofe,akosile,oreke lewa,gbeje fori,ire,obinrin,ayanmo ife,imole atan

5.Beautiful nubia:segun akinlolu
it's quite difficult to place beautiful nubia in a category/genre but he can be best described as an afrocentric/roots renaissance artiste.with seven albums under his belt already,its quite difficult to figure out why he is yet to recieve due recognition for his contribution to the Nigerian music scene.he is quite capable of crafting inspiring songs.

Seven lives
Voice from heaven
Fire on the roof

Hit file:
What a feeling,seven lives,owuro l'ojo,awon agba,ife oloyin,ikoko akufo,iba f'olojo,jejeje

Asa would have been no 1 on this list,if not for divine intervention.we thank God for saving her from the clutches of kelvin luciano & ?.

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  1. honestly,I'm addicted to your blog...keep up the good work..guess someone should tell Modenine to come up with lyrics ordinary people can relate to instead of acting high and mighty when truly he needs this cash...he's almost fading out you know?