Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In Nigeria the ember months are reknowned for tragedy.once the last 4 months of the year rolls in,the average Nigerian becomes jittery and prayerful.some run to their pastors while others run to their imams but iam not a superstitious person what i do is take solace in music(that is not to say that i don't pray).over the years i have noticed that the best music gets released in the ember months.i can't really explain why it is like that but i believe everyone is just trying to put in work before the year runs out.

Iam not so sure about this but i believe these albums came out in ember months(cos in naija we don't have release dates).M.I's talk about it,Timaya's true story,Dbanj's the entertainer,p square's game over e.t.c.but looking at the industry right now,iam not so sure about this year.the kind of music on rotation right now is kind of shitty and iam starting to think that this year will be different.first off is p square's ist single "danger" off their 4th album of the same title(that song is so awful & unbelieveable,i guess it is the okoye's time to catch a brick).modenine was rumored to be dropping something on 09/09/09(we still ain't heard nothing yet).m.i's MI2 is highly anticipated but i keep having this feeling that replicating the success of talk about it will be a mission impossible for m.i(i didn't say it,m.i did).

The only albums iam anticipating now are kel's the investment(wa waa alright & too fine were great appetizers,waiting for the full course),bouqui's redefinition(morile has got me wanting more),9ice's tradition(iam yearning for that alapomeji music) & paul play's MVP/club life(if it sees the light of day).with eldee going soft right now,anything from 2shotz or freestyle will be greatly welcomed(some real trybe music).naeto c(some cerious music to slow down the choc city takeover) & ruggedman(when you are under attack,a solid album is all you need to make a statement).terry g(please free madness totally,iam getting sick of mo hits).Sasha(your reign is coming to an end,don't sleep).tony tetuila(time is running out).vector(surprise us,so we can talk about you like m.i).klever jay(igboro oti daru to,the streets never scatter reach o).eedris abdulkareem(jaga jaga pt 2 will be in order).Knighthouse(mio ti beri o).kelly hansome(keep the kennis music flag flying).

People whose album i don't want to hear till next year........

1.Styl plus-another flop right now will be the end.

2.Tuface-there will be enough time for damage control next year,lay low.

3.Eldee-Unless you decide to come hard,just keep your songs on your hard drive.

4.Timaya-iam just not interested right now.

5.Faze-no more originality fiasco.

it is that time of the year so lets just sit back and take whatever we are offered.pump up that ember music.


  1. i don't get your comment on the Originality fiasco?
    kindly explain.

  2. You don't do objective music reviews then?