Thursday, September 3, 2009


I know that most naija artistes are lyrically unfit but i never knew they were this bad,i saw this in an edition of dynamix magazine and so i decided to bring it to your notice.abi na by force to rhyme?these are some of the worst lines used by Nigerian artistes.if you know of some please kindly drop it in the comments section.i hope you enjoy this as much as much as i did.

Tuface{ole-sound sultan}-"na why i table the matter on the floor"
-would he have tabled it in the air?when he has tabled the matter already,what's the floor got to do with it?

Modenine{it's a goal}-"my cool flow brings ac to milan"
-how does that connect?his cool flows transports air conditioners to milan?

Faze{originality}-"if you wan know me better,go wake baba fela"
-That's not only senseless,its insulting.respect the dead.

M.I{blaze}-"my music like marijuana,you wanna get high brother,you die smoking the guana"
-very contradictory.

Gino{no be God}-"i knew my future was tall"
-future could be bright,not tall

9ice{street credibility}-"my brain drain working all day like say i no be man made"
-first off,how is it possible to own or have brain drain?he talks about originality & here he claims to be man made.

Ruggedman{peace or war}-"i took it with a pinch of salt & a bottle of malt"
-imagine what that would taste like.

Pherowshuz-"i can get your car lost like santana"
-carlos santana gets car lost?

P square{busy body(remix)}-"to the middle of the centre"
-creatively dumb.

Freestyle-"hold my breath under water like tilapia"
-since when has fishes begun to hold their breath under water.

Skuki{fire}-"bend it low like you are living in abungalow"
-now these guys are telling us that people living in bungalows bend it low.

2shotz-"Umunamu just entered the door"
-do you enter a door or enter through a door

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