Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wonders shall never end,naija artistes and their unquotables.

Modenine{Freestyle}-"They know me in Europe and they know me in Italy and Belgium"
-last time i checked italy & belgium was still in europe.

Saucekid{hello}-"increase the tap to the loudest"
-i believe the taps in sauce kid's cribs must be speakers.

Deebee{collabo}-"i'm like desperado,tori mo le kolabo,de ado"
-classic example of rhyming by force.

Jazzman Olofin{Shake Something}-"Twist your belly/Like spaghetti"
-what does belly have to do with spaghetti?

Yq{gigolo}-"i be miraculous child like pastor and woli"
-i thought pastor and woli meant the same thing.

Sasha{emi le gan}-"Am not afraid to flip it in your flop"
-how do you flip in flop?very confusing.

Timaya{Chinekemeh}-"Right now i dey strike like thunder,very soon i go dey blow like bazooka"
-maybe thunder strikes in bayelsa,where iam from lightning does.

P square{busy body}-"when i first saw her she was looking like an angelite,flashing like a lighter ina the candlelight"
-is this english or what?what is an angelite?

M.I{gbono feli feli(freestyle)}-"u can't copy me i solo like isolo"
-incredibly stupid and weak.

Sasha{emi le gan}-"its not a game,when iam on the mic its a shame"
-are you dissing yourself or what?

Sound sultan{my year-freestyle}-"dem dey celebrate us like festival,won tun ko wa je bi carnival"
-i never knew carnivals were edible.

OD-"I freeze MC's just like a pack of jello"
-Jell o certainly does not freeze.

Illbliss{glory}-"to God be the glory,ibo boy u no holy"
-creative rubbish.

Paul play{wetin dey-ruff,rugged & raw}-"ota poju enemy lo o"
-paul play was just playing with words.

Blaise{braggin rights-freestyle}-"my presence is your circumstance"
-how can your presence be someone's circumstance.

Ice prince{choc boyz-m.i}-"flow so bloody,just making my menses"
-you call this rhyming!!!!!

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