Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Does dbanj really charge 2 million naira for guest appearances?

When will lkt's unanticipated album drop?

With names like bracket,minus 2,plus 1 and p square,is it safe to say we are learning BODMAS again?

Is don jazzy & dbanj trying to sign 9ice to mo hits?

Wouldn't it be sad if wande coal's mushin 2 mohits album ends up being the best album of 2009?

Why do most naija artistes wait for a year before releasing their videos?

Who will make a better secret agent?dbanj in ogbono feli feli or naeto c in kini big deal?

Where is infinity?

Was zaaki adze trying to resurrect his career by appearing on back to the roots?

Is kennis music's jay won not a counterfeit version of 9ice?

Ain't we all eagerly awaiting ruggedman vs modenine round 2?

Won't it be great if Nigerians had half the passion & love they have for football for music?

Don't you think dare art alade will be better off releasing an entire album filled with remakes of yesteryears hits?

If NBC bans bigiano's shayo & wande coal's bumper to bumper what will happen to seantero's choko?

What happened to djinee,m.i & ice prince on hip on tv?did they forget that pounded yam is supposed to be eaten with the hands?

Will M.i's "somebody is about to die" be the biggest blunder of his career?

Shouldn't cartiair's owo ati swagger win an award for wackest song of the year?

Isn't alariwo's 11th anniversary gig a good example of corporate begging?

Did bolanle okhiria break out the kneepads to win koko mansion?isn't that what being a kokolet all about?

Am i not the best blogger in my field?

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  1. I'm happy u've admitted your weakness. you might want to check out my post on wande Coal's new album. its wat I call blogging... but anyways u rock! by the way that choko choko guy is hot and ruff all at once and thats a good thing. I wish I could answer all your questions but I guess my take on Wande answers one of them at least. No who born the maga is a marvel