Monday, August 3, 2009


Talk is truly cheap,just look at how easy it is for me to talk about the songs iam listening to,the videos iam watching and what is happening all around me.

Heard that T.W.O(tunde & wunmi obe) are about to quit the music biz.

when you think of the worst song of the year,look no further than diamond's "bo sokoto" featuring obesere.that song is totally senseless.

Olu maintain's next album is titled "with all due respect,press play"(its nice to see that diddy still has fans)

Naeto c has a new single "ako mi ti poju" which iam kind of feeling.still hoping his album drops before the year runs out.

You guys will have to pardon me for this,i never really liked artquake's alanta & deebee's collabo so i won't even talk about their videos.

By now y'all must have watched the highly anticipated "gongo aso" video and the not so anticipated "gbono feli feli" video.were these videos worth the wait,i don't think so.i mean the only reason an artiste should delay his/her video is to take the time to shoot something spectacular or eye the case of dbanj it is really hard to picture him as a secret agent and what was he really trying to tell the viewers by disappearing at the end of the be frank that video was poor,great idea,poor execution.

Darey Art Alade has been selected as the host for the 2009 Sound City Music Video awards.

It is official!!!!!!iam the news,i get hits from 58 countries worldwide,so i guess it is safe to say that ori mi ti fokasibe,but come to think of it.what are Nigerians doing there a country in this world where naija people are not running things.well,do what you do(hustle hard,ko ere oko wale),just don't do anything that will tarnish the image of the country.

Imagine the pied piper of R&B came to naija courtesy of thisday and the only thing people could talk about was tuface not performing on stage with him and how kellz denied him(not thrice o!!!).even though i reserve my comment on this one.the fact is tuface takes a big L on this.he needs to tender an apology to his fans for misleading them or just say something to clear the air.
note to freestyle:shelve that t-pain collabo

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