Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The rap game is similar to a chess chess you have to keep your eyes open and time your moves.a simple mistake can cost you dearly & greediness can be disastrous.every piece on the board is important but you must be able to gauge their respective importance as the game proceeds,the little pawn you overlook might eventually became a queen,the sluggish knight might become your waterloo & the limited bishop might trap you.the reason why iam saying this is just to get a message across to MI.ever since mi dropped "somebody is about to die" i have not been able to shake the feeling that it is his career that is about to is my letter to mi.......

Dear mr incredible,
How are you doing and how is choc city,i hope you are enjoying your new found fame?the question is how long do you want it to last,because it clearly looks like you do not cherish your new status as naija's finest.don't let people decieve are not the best(at least not yet).what you should be doing right now is trying to move out of your comfort zone and take your game to the next level.while the hip hop heads might be feeling you,the average Nigerian music lover is don't have a certified hit yet(on a kini big deal level) and your album wasn't even a classic.
Dissing iceberg slim was the height of stupidity,more like putting the cart before the horse.if you were dissing eldee,ruggedman,modenine,2shotz or naeto c that would have been different,at least these are people who have fanbases that can be hijacked.iceberg slim has no fan,he is a were supposed to ignore him.just because you are lyrically sound and talented and you are better than most of your peers(when rhyming in english) doesn't give you the liberty to go at anybody anyhow.this nigga is way beneath had the rap album of the year,your career is on track and chocolate city is blowing up,why do you want to fuck it up right now?iceberg has nothing to lose while you have everything to lose.what is wrong with you?
You might think you are better than everybody else but that is far from the truth.i have listened to your album and your mixtape and i know that you can be defeated in a battle(easily).for every great artiste in the world there is always a better one waiting in the shadows.lyrically iam way better than you(true story!!!even if you don't believe it) and i know there are other people like me out there.what if iceberg is someone like me?then you would have succeeded in destroying your own career with your own hands.before you released "somebody is about to die",nobody including yours truly knew who iceberg was,but now you have given him unnecessary publicity & credibility(are you happy now?).all he has to do now is drop a mixtape & a solid album and its a wrap for you.isn't there someone in your camp who can give you good advice(jesse jags & co).
What you should have done was let iceprince go at him(that's why you have weed carriers),you could have ghostwritten the reply and stayed behind the scene,that way you might even blow up iceprince.i have been in this game for so long that i can recognize a mistake when i see one.

-what if iceberg gets the backing of mode9,terry da rapman,illbliss,sauce kid,cyrus da virus & vector?even with kel on your side,you will get run over.(naija's version of ja rule vs 50 cent,eminem,dr dre,dmx,busta rhymes,obie trice,g-unit,d-12)

-what if iceberg gets signed to mo hits,kennis music or storm records?

-what if the media blows it out of proportion?

jude,my advice for you is to back off before it gets ugly,stop making a mountain out of a molehill cos when shit hits the fan,all these rappers claiming to be your friends will not come to your aid.a word is enough for the wise.


  1. It's still sad that the traffic you were hopping this will bring did not come.
    I noticed you've been blogging for sometime now but maybe you need under study the likes of Bella Naija or Linda Ikeji or better still get a copy of the book titled "Bogging made easy for people who couldn't get a career in rapping".
    When is ur birthday?You may be lucky to get one from me or we can ask M.I to send you one.
    If you rap same way you write,then we can clearly see why you couldn't make a career out of rap.
    Next time,before u write,pls do the following;
    1.Take your d*** off ur mother's ass
    2.Get ur facts rite.
    3.Hire an English teacher to explain M.I songs to u.
    And lastly eat balance diet and stay off overnight kunu.
    On a lighter note,get someone to redesign ur blog,there's something local about it and maybe that's the reason u r not getting the required traffic.
    M.I does not have time for Iceblock or whatever u called him.
    There's what the call "Brand equity" and that's the reason we'll keep buying M.I.
    Football supporters al over the world claim to know how to play better from the comfort of their homes.
    Borrow money for studio,release ur mixtape and let's learn from you.
    If only ur mother breast fed u for more than one week maybe u would have had ur head screwed on properly.
    Until you can do better,shut up and remain a closet rapper that never was.

  2. Dude u should eat ur beef before it jumps up and slaps you in the face. Wtf is wrong with you that you can't identify. MI is the fucking ish. His tighter than a virgin's pussy and u know there aint anything tighter than that.
    Bitch why u acting like a ho with crabs or better yet u pms-ing right? Jay -z said "u can't upgrade me. What's higher". I'm a chic who didn't lidten to Naij music until I bought M.I's first album.I bought 7 copies of it. Its that good.
    What's ur P man,if u wanna rap, drop ur shit...oh wait..aint nobody's gonna buy ur music cos all u'd be doing is bitching about fucking rap wars we don't need. Just so u know rap wars are soo outta fashion its bad form to even think abt it.
    As AAA said sorry u didn't get much traffic on this piece of shit u wrote. Or better yet, I wish u did. Its free publicity for MI. If ur dumbass knew anything about showbiz its that bad publicity is the best publicity.

    Thanks for the free publicity. Oh and yes do redesign ur blog page. It sucks maja pig's balls.
    On a lighter note, do urself a favour and quit writing. Yours stinks

  3. Hi Mr Blogger, its me again.the little girl that needs her mouth washed wiv soap.but this time I don't have ur time. I came to write my own letter to here goes...

    Dear Mr Incredible,

    I don't think I have the right words to describe the beauty of ur music and what it does to me. So I'll tell u what music does to and for me. Music is the food I eat when my soul is hungry. Music brings me true joy. Music heals my heart when its hurting soo bad it feels like I'll die from the pain alone. Music helps me understand when I read. Music tell me the world is not that bad if such beauty can be produced by humans. Music drives my ambitions and gives me hope. Have I said it all, I think not. Music produces emotions in me. It makes me feel that love is possible.that love will find me and I will find it. Music is my anchor. It doesn't fail.
    I have told you all the things music is to me, but I haven't told you yet that its extremely rare to find one musician whose music will do all that for me. Extremely rare MI. But I've listened, really listened to your first album. And as I got into the cd, I felt the first stirrings of love. Love for your music. I fell in love with music all over again. Just because of your music. Your music is beautiful MI. Its true and doesn't lie. Your music doesn't give bullshit. Your rap is beautiful in its form. Your diction is impeccable. You are just right. Even now as I lie on my bed writing this,I'm listeninig to your music and I still don't have the complete words. I remember the first time I watched u perform live. I felt your energy, I felt your love for and dedication to your music. I could tell that your music was borne out of love and not hunger. Only love produces true music.
    I can keep writing but I'll stop here. But I wanna let u know that I can't wait for ur new album. I'll be at your album launch to support you and I'll buy your cds to give to friends. Keep making music MI.

    To Mr Blogger, this is the first fanmail I've ever written. Thanks for the opportunity. On a lighter note, fuck urself in the asshole. With a chainsaw

  4. @ AAA109
    M.I is that you???????

    to the m.i stans,
    it ain't about design,9jahiphop always runs his mouth,take it lightly.

  5. you can't compare linda ikeji or bella naija to 9jahiphop.this guy is on another whole level.bellanaija & co will only praise your favourite artistes.they are always scared to tell them when they are wrong.stop hating.

    9JAHIPHOP IS THE SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!