Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What is flexgate?when i say flexgate iam refering to the tuface & r.kelly collabo fiasco.
how did flexgate happen?the story is that prior to the release of unstoppable 2baba had been diagnosed with a disease which we will call flexzheimers or parkinflex disease(i think i will go with flexzheimers) but decided to keep it from the general public.before you ask me what flexzheimers disease means i will define it for you.

flezheimers is a disease condition whereby an artiste in his quest to evolve beyond the average artiste tries to do something spectacular but in failing to do so decides to take a short cut to achieve his goals by decieving his fans into believing he has something special when he actually doesn't.

3 things tuface could have done with flex to avoid embarrassment
1.flex should have been on the enter the place EP and not on unstoppable(then it would have been safe to say you featured r.kelly and later claim that it was just a song you did for a mixtape)

2.flex should have been an unlisted bonus track on unstoppable(something extra for your fans and you could have done without all that unnecessary promotion of flex like it was your lead single)

3.flex should have been on unstoppable but without the words featuring r.kelly(you don't have to tell us it is r.kelly,we all recognise kellz voice.think of cassidy's "iam a hustla" and ti's "bring them out",they never said featuring jay z cos they knew all they did was sample his voice)

Unstoppable was a mature tuface,all he needed to make the album great was just cameos from 9ice,dbanj & m.i.then beats from paul play & don jazzy.if he really wanted to step outside the shores of naija for a cameo,he should have gone for someone his own size like mario,lloyd,trey songz,omarion,or j.holiday and he would have actually featured them cos they are affordable.if he was searching for a rapper ace hood,maino,glasses malone or wale would do just fine.if he was looking for big name artistes,akon,nas,fat joe,ja rule or sean kingston would have helped him.they are the few superstars who i know are favourably inclined to working with african artistes.akon might even do it for free(he is always ready to help out a brother).

Things might look gloomy for 2baba right now but the situation can still be salvaged.here are some possible solutions.
-he can give an interview/series of interviews in any newsprint or magazine to set the record straight.
(this will only work if he never at any point in time claimed to have featured/worked with r.kelly and live tv interviews will not work cos the presenters will ask him some silly questions & he might end up giving sillier answers)
-drop a classic album before the year runs out to shut the haters up.(get into the studio ASAP & drop something really hot,if possible feature a big name artiste for real)
-start an NGO or open an orphanage for motherless babies.(the general public might focus their attention on your good deeds and forget flexgate.NOTE:might is the keyword here)

Artistes do things like this everyday,so why is tuface's case so special.i guess the general public never really expected him to do something as stupid as this.i just hope he survives this and comes out a better artiste.

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  1. Tuface is finished.............he has dissapointed everyone.