Friday, March 27, 2009


The way i keep it coming,y'all will think i f*@k all day,can't say i am killing the competiton cos there is no competition.i am a jack of one trade,master of one & thats why i am running this thang.

I got the whole hip hop community in a frenzy just cos i leaked an awards winners list that wasn't handled with y'all make it look like i am straight out clowning these was just sloppiness on there part.

I dropped state of emergency,next thing you know bella naija is doing naija divas.i mean how much of a co incidence is that?

"where are they now" has got all all these long gone artistes coming out of the woodwork like roaches,talking about how much they have been around and granting interviews everywhere.

real talk,iam way ahead of the game,i got my s*@t in japan

this is just to let you know i ain't going nowhere,iam just warming up.stay tuned.

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