Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wow, time really flies, it’s almost April and things are happening really fast in the world of naija hip hop. I just hope we can keep the tempo going till the end of the year. One cannot even come online these days and not see some new stuff going down; it’s either Sauce kid is leaving Storm records or Darey is featuring Chamillionaire but the biggest news in recent times was Kanye West tweeting our own D’banj & Don Jazzy barely weeks after featuring Snoop Dogg on the remix of “Mr. Endowed”. I don’t want to knock D’banj’s hustle but I don’t see him and Kanye doing anything together (nuff said).

Funny how everything is always on twitter these days, have you ever wondered why I don’t follow people on twitter? It’s because I don’t know where they are going (not that I don’t care) and I am more of a leader than a follower. Imagine following Banky W and ending up in Oshogbo (damn, I had to say it). In case you have not noticed, you can’t post comments on my blog anymore, do you know why?  It’s because I don’t really give a fuck about what you think of me. Call it hubris or whatever you like.

Did I ever tell you about the disadvantages of knowing bad guys? You will need to ask Wizkid about that; dude got his car jacked a while back. I hope the bad guys that he knows (Someone holla at MI) will be able to get it back for him.  I have heard a lot of bad albums in my time but I have never heard anything as bad as Tha Suspect’s” Iam Music”, whoever  sanctioned the release of that album has no business running a record label. Wait a minute, ain’t that Clarence Peters, same dude that Kel walked out on, now we know why (won fe pa career omo lo mo). I am not mad that Tha Suspect made that album, I am just mad that his record label decided to sell it to the public. Even though you will expect any decent producer to sound good on his own beats, Tha Suspect doesn’t, probably because he doesn’t have a rapping bone in his body.

Don’t get it twisted, blogging is a serious thing and I try as much as possible to take it serious. Iam sorry for keeping you waiting, it’s been hard getting my team together as per the 9jahiphop awards thang but  everything is in order now and you can expect to know all the winners in April. Remember what I said about been a leader and not a follower, I just noticed how most of these other bloggers pattern their style after mine. I am not mad at that, it’s cool knowing that each of my posts is a class in session. With that in mind, grab your pen & notepad or in this case your mouse & keyboard and blog after me.

The elections are getting closer; don’t forget that your vote counts. Please vote even if I don’t, the secret lies in doing what I say not what I do.

NB: Pray for Japan.

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