Friday, April 1, 2011


Y’all know how I roll, always coming out with the super scoop. This time around I am giving y’all the lowdown on your favorite artist’s unmentioned projects. Here are the 7 albums that you can’t afford to sleep on.

TERRY G - Gingah matrimony: married to the choko
What could be more befitting? The ginjah master finally embraces his dark side on this one and as we already know, there is no limit to what Terry can do under the influence of
Mary J. Expect more sangalocious music to gingah your swagger to. We sincerely hope that another TGP patron decides to stay outside again so that Terry will have another beat to free madness on.

P SQUARE - Revenge of the fallen
A Glo deal doesn't change the fact that their last album tanked, neither does a range rover sport and a BMW X6. With cameos on Ruggedman’s album, 9ice’s album and LKT’s album, it is clear to see that the Okoye brothers are not going to go down without a fight. They are set to take back what Bracket took from them and with a title like this to heighten anticipation, the comeback will be massive.

KELLY HANSOME - He who must not be named
The name of Kelly Hansome has become synonymous with beef in recent times. From beefing with 2shotz, D’banj, Terry G, Wande Coal, MI to his label boss, Keke. One thing that is clear is that Kelly fears no man and any artist that is into healthy living can’t afford to have his name on his/her lips. At the mention of Kelly’s name any artist involved will be attacked, In fact the general consensus now in the industry is that the fear of Kelly Hansome is the beginning of success.

SASHA - Second lady
With Kel sitting her fat ass on naija’s femcees throne (I am yet be convinced that one exists), Sasha has finally decided to put herself right where she belongs before people do.
After casting aside her worries about airlines for celebrities, she is finally in the studio working her ass off to reclaim her first lady status. Although the word on the street is that she is going to slap a cover on all her recent recordings and take her position right behind Kel (or every other female rap artiste out there).

WANDE COAL - Nude music (Orobo to Black)
One leaked nude picture doesn't change the fact that WC is a good singer but unfortunately he couldn't milk the situation for all it was worth. With D’banj grabbing all the headlines now, expect to see a naked Wande Coal on the album cover. Now who wants to see that? Nobody! Dude is way too flabby and most people would rather see a nude D'banj over WC anyday.

DENRELE & CHARLIE BOY – The gayest story never told
As far as duo albums go, this one would be the bomb. What could be more controversial than two grown up men kissing? Two grown up men releasing a joint album with picture of said act as the album cover. They might even end up doing crazy numbers like Weezy did after he kissed Baby. The question is who will produce the album? Your guess is as good as mine.

D’BANJ & KANYE WEST – When continents collide
Ever since Kanye tweeted D’banj & Don jazzy, the whole of the naija music industry has been agog with rumors of a collabo between Kanye west & D’banj. Yours truly can unauthoritatively confirm that a duo album is in the works. After completing recording of “Watch the Throne” the highly anticipated joint album with Jay Z. Kanye will begin recording with D’banj in LA & NY. Producer No ID has been tipped to man the boards alongside Kanye while prolific producer Swizz Beatz will provide additional beats. No news yet on the part Don Jazzy will be playing.

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