Saturday, June 12, 2010


With two successful albums “True story And Gift & grace” under his belt, Timaya decides it is time to be reborn and not one to procrastinate, what better time to do it if not now. How hard can it be? It’s just a simple case of out with the old and in with the new. Timaya gets down to business by bringing out the big guns MI & 2face, the unusual suspect Konga and his soldiers Wrecoba, Allenian, Tj 2 solo & Lanre. In search of a new sound to make his baptism hitch free, he calls on beatmakers far and wide like M yire, Flux, Phyno, Fairface, Akeem d beat, N.D, Jiggi jego, J sleek & K solo.

Timaya first expresses his gratitude to his fans on “thank you”, a lackluster song in the form of the J sleek produced “watta bambam” follows then he teams up with hypertek’s 2face idibia on “It’s about that time” which is unexpectedly and unbelievably sub par for their high standards. The album is jolted back to life by the Jiggi jego produced adrenaline pumping “who born u” where Wrecoba, Allenian & Tj 2 solo get the opportunity to have their moments.

Timaya makes a laughable attempt to craft an R&B track on the flux produced “love over me” which falls short lyrically and vocally. On “press” he totally blames the media for destroying his relationship with nollywood actress empress njamah, but still finds time to floss on “feeling so fly” alongside Konga, Lanre & Allenian. If there is one thing Timaya has succeeded in doing on this LP, it is putting to rest the argument that he has only one style, case in point the M yire produced “freestyle” where he successfully frees madness like Terry G as he goes crazy all over the track switching up his style over and over again.

Nico gravity, Timaya’s arch nemesis doesn’t get a look in at all, but “happy birthday” finds a playful Timaya showing his sense of humor by taking pot shots at bigger fishes with lines like “e dey see danger e, for this party no danger, kini big deal, kini big deal, for this party, I swear no big deal” and even goes as far as calling out “he who must not be named” with his “because you hear bumper to bumper, some people change am to fender to bumper” line.

On the Phyno produced “life anagaga” Timaya gets re christened “egberi popsy 1 of bayelsa” by MI, who also wants to be addressed as “Mr I don try” from now on. Mr I don try delivers the best verse on the entire album where he raps ask about me now, google MI, I got so many shows, they call me the event guy, I fly so many times a year, I should rent skies, call me MI, Mr I don try, I got the dough baby, wetin you wan buy”. The way MI successfully pulls off rhyming in pidgin shows that the hunger is still there. Long time collaborator K solo’s “plantain boy” is as good as it gets while on “peke peke” you get a brief glimpse of the former Timaya as he reverts back to the style that brought him fame on fortune on a highlife beat.

Despite the number of times, Timaya claims not to care about what anyone says about him, it is clear to see on this LP that he does as he spends half the time answering his critics. With no song on this album being as potent as his previous hits, it is easy to jump to the conclusion the De Rebirth is a failed experiment but that is clearly not the case, The blame can solely be placed on the overcrowded production team which makes Timaya’s junior album a less cohesive effort than his previous works.

RATING – 6/10

PLAY – Freestyle, Plantain boy, Feeling so fly, Life anagaga, Who born U, Peke – peke

SKIP – Ruler, Watta bambam, Money money money, It’s about that time

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