Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In a bid to ensure that the life, works and ideals of the late music legend, Dagrin, do not go down the drain, officials of Stingomania Records are putting things in place to ensure that the man who gave the Yoruba rap music genre some breath of fresh air is immortalised in a constructive and enduring manner as it plans a memorial project for the late rapper.

The memorial project will ensure that the family Dagrin left behind is catered for and the loss is made more bearable for his family in a tangible and measurable manner. The memorial project will also provide a lasting structure and means to encourage upcoming, struggling and budding entertainment stars, while helping talented artistes deal with the different challenges and lack of resources limiting them in fulfilling their potential. It will set up a foundation to provide assistance for upcoming and struggling musicians with limited means and poor backgrounds. The foundation will also provide help for young musicians in areas of finance, training and mentoring. All these were ideals the late musician stood for.

Stingomania records have put different formats in place to enable the promoters achieve the objectives of the Dagrin Memorial Project set out above. As part of the formats, the record label will be seeing to the production of a movie titled, “Ghetto Dreams” based on the life of Dagrin. The record label will also be establishing The Ghetto Dreams Foundation for young and struggling musicians. This will be a foundation to provide financial assistance, training and mentorship for young artistes from less privileged backgrounds in order to help them achieve and maintain their dreams. As part of its activities, the Foundation will give out yearly cash awards; organize trainings/lectures for young artistes and source mentorship for young artistes to help them with their personal and career development. Annual awards will also be organised as part of efforts to immortalise the hip- hop world best rap album award winner.

The award will showcase upcoming and struggling artistes who share the musical ideals and dreams of Dagrin every year. The Concert will also award prizes to different best rookies/upcoming stars in different genres of music including Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Fuji, Juju and Gospel.

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