Saturday, August 7, 2010


Most people didn’t know Duncan mighty initially, not until after his hit single “dance for me” started impacting dance floors nationwide did people begin to pay attention and then his debut album “Koli water” began to get the recognition it deserved. With a totally different style like no other, it was no surprise that his sophomore album was one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

With mounting pressure, unbelievable expectations, and the musical burdens of the Port Harcourt people on his shoulder, Duncan mighty hit the studio for the follow up to his successful debut album “Koli water” knowing that he had no option but to deliver, hence the birth of “Legacy”. Without his friend & collaborator Sandaz black or any other artist for that matter on board, the Port Harcourt first son goes in all alone.

From the opening track “hand of Jesus”, one does not need to have the brightest mind to understand that Wene mighty was never alone. The lead single “ahamefuna” showcases the much more reserved and changed man Duncan mighty has become while “na God” sees him toeing the gospel line again. The pendulum swings into mainstream on “isimgbaka”, which is vintage wene mighty on a dancehall beat, proclaiming his love for the girl of his dreams.

The obligatory rep-your-hood song comes in the form of “port harcourt son”, but it is on “I don’t give a shot” where we catch a glimpse of the Duncan mighty we all know and love as he manages to score a hit with this one. With lines like “its another hit, get busy, if you dey kolobi your baby, you be junkie, it’s a portharcourt and lagos party, a collabo of tombo and henesseywene quickly explains to the uninitiated what a PH/Lagos party is supposed to be like and on the second verse, he takes a dig at nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, “one shot, mercy Johnson nearly touch my rod, I don’t know what to do cos I no fit talk, I come dey feel like person wey dey chop kolanut, could be sweet or bitter, whether yes or not, if you lovee me, I will lovee u, if you gbadun me, I will gbadun u, if you givee me, I go givee u, no dey carry ikebe dey television me.

For an artist who has had incredible success, it’s hard not to try and recreate that, which is what wene tries on “I love u” where he uses the same beat he used for his hit single “dance for me”. On “same fire” he gets on his knees and pleads with the lord to give him power to conquer his enemies and if you run into wene mighty at any point in time, he will probably be armed as he claims that “the fire of God is his pump action”. The regrettable “golden ring” covers admirable subject matter but lacks execution while “obianuju”, “aroma” and “I no fit shout” all fail to lift the album on the back end. 

They say that heaven helps those who help themselves and wene mighty doesn’t help himself this time around, so it is easy to understand why “legacy” falls below expectation. On this album Duncan mighty becomes too predictable as when he is not praising God, he is wooing some girl. Duncan mighty might be a great artist but one thing that he certainly isn’t is a one man band

RATING – 5/10

PLAY – isimgbaka, I don’t give a shot, ahamefuna, same fire, goodluck jonathan
SKIP – I love you, golden ring, Indian girl, obianuju


  1. Sometimes, I wonder if you listen to the songs or just skip through it!
    Obianuju has a killing beat, and the vocal, though constantly repeated, still fill my heart with warmth. I Love the Album, even though I'm not a 'high level' fan. (TONY says so)

  2. Very true Tony..I love that album.