Saturday, August 7, 2010


 Just when we were thinking that Mohits records couldn’t come up with a dud and Don jazzy couldn’t touch anything without turning it into gold, out comes Dr sid with his long overdue debut album “turning point” to prove us wrong. After cutting his teeth in rap with defunct rap collective Da trybe alongside 2shotz, Sasha, Timi & Del, Dr sid then moved on and pitched his tents with Don jazzy’s Mohits records and the rest as we all know is history.

After trying unsuccessfully to record and release a rap album, the multi talented artist finally switched lanes and decided to try his luck at R&B hence the birth of “turning point”. With major support coming from his Mohits fam (D’banj, Wande coal, Ikechukwu, K switch), Dotstar, MI, Sway & his mentor Eldee and with Don jazzy behind the boards, who is to say his transition from rap to R&B won’t be a smooth and easy one?

The prodigal son of naija rap first tests the waters with the catchy & clubby “when the song comes on” which sorts of wets your appetite but is quickly followed by the overly simplistic “over the moon” featuring K switch which suffers from cheap lyrics and poor delivery, the first single “something about you”, the lone glimmer shines like fools gold and with Wande coal on the hook, “winchi winchi” stands out in the midst of all these ramblings.

Although nothing calls for celebration, the D’banj assisted “pop something” comes on to put a little bit of life in the LP, “bamijo” which was supposed to be a posse cut featuring MI, Ikechukwu & Eldee turns out to be the most disappointing record on the album as Killz unabashedly jacks redman’s da goodness style while MI drops his weakest line till date with “we fly like helicopter”. On “e je ka jo” Don jazzy comes to the rescue as he does the hook in his trademark raspy voice and a couple of remixes later, the album comes to a close.

At nine original tracks and two remixes, this album doesn’t offer you much in terms of quantity and also fails in terms of quality. Dr sid gets an E for effort as he tries so hard to please everyone with this LP. With almost every song missing the mark, it is safe to say that Dr sid will never amount to anything musically in Nigeria and at this point in time no one will be clamoring for a second dose of Dr sid’s medicine.

RATING – 3/10

PLAY – when the song comes on, winchi winchi, pop something, something about you
SKIP – pillow, over the moon, bamijo


  1. quiet agree with you.most songs on the album na total waste of time

  2. can i just say im in love wit ur blog... u keep it real. but pls we need more posts!!!!

  3. kkdlegend

    the album is a complete waste of resourse..dr sid needs to go back to his job as a dentist

  4. kkdlegend

    the album is a complete waste of resourse..dr sid needs to go back to his job as a dentist