Saturday, February 5, 2011


“Preach the need for change but never reform too much at once”
-          ROBERT GREENE, 48 laws of power

These are interesting times we live in, not much attention would have been paid to PMAN’s annual delegates’ conference that was held in Oshogbo, Osun state on the 26th of January, 2011, if not for the ignominious attempt made by our very own revered hip hop artists to hijack the party’s leadership.
Before I start castigating the perpetrators which include Eldee, Banky W, MI, KSB, Mr Kool & Sound Sultan, it is fair to note that most Nigerian artists are not pleased with the way the organization is run.

From news making the rounds, it is safe to say that they were acting out a script written by Chief Tony Okoroji. This group of artists went to Oshogbo, where they met with Admiral Dele Abiodun and attempted to impose a new leadership to be headed by Eldee on PMAN, needless to say, it was an exercise in futility. There is nothing wrong in wanting a change, what is wrong is the way they went about it. What did they think was going to happen? They will just get there and Admiral Dele Abiodun will step aside to be replaced by the more effective General Eldee? It is either these guys have spent too much time watching Nollywood movies or they just decided to be collectively stupid. I am placing all my bets on the latter.

Looking at the cast of this B rated Nollywood film, we have super heroes like Mr Capable, Mr Incredible (who is taking all scripts after the success of his block buster MI2), and we also have the naija ninja. These are all exceptional actors whose involvement is not too surprising; it is Eldee’s that is shocking. This is a man who produces, raps/sings, and directs videos, what does he want with PMAN presidency? I just lost all the respect I had for him, in fact he should write a book and call it “how to destroy all you have worked for”. What if Admiral Dele Abiodun had not been diplomatic about the whole thing, would they have beaten him to a pulp and snatched the presidency from him like it was a phone or wrist watch. There is truly no limit to stupidity as your actions have shown. You people really need to dedicate more time to reading because it is becoming difficult to believe that some of you are educated.

Assuming PMAN was a nation; you people would be facing life sentences or getting death penalties now because what you did is akin to treason. You tried pitting the younger generation against the older generation. Who made you spokesmen for the hip hop generation (ITFU – I tire for una)?  In fact you people should be banned from holding any elective position in PMAN for a considerable length of time. I think you people were blinded by greed, this is just pure conjecture but I think the reason for all the sudden interest in PMAN has to do with President Jonathan’s $200 million loan to the entertainment industry. You guys were thinking of ways to assess that fund knowing fully well that whatever is meant for the music industry will be funneled through PMAN.

When Charlie boy was running the show, y’all couldn’t try this; area fada would have knocked the stuffing out of you. If you people were truly interested in effecting a change, all you had to do was wait, those running it now cannot live forever.  What you need to do now instead of licking your wounds is to become card carrying members and pay all your membership dues before anything else. This is not a guarantee that you will be taken serious as you have already humiliated yourselves by putting the cart before the horse.

I am really disappointed in all of you except for sound Sultan who gets a pass, because he always wants to right all wrongs. Banky W in his own case always thinks he is better than everyone else, I hate to be the one to break it to Mr. Capable, but he isn’t as important as he thinks he is. There is no way he will be on a list of top 10 performing musicians in Nigeria, he doesn’t get mad love like Pasuma and Osupa Saheed, he can’t sell records like Aiyefele, he can’t sell out tours like Femi Kuti or Lagbaja, he is not as talented as Tuface or Sunny Neji, he lacks the consistency of Timaya & P Square and he doesn’t have mass appeal like KWAM 1 & Adewale Ayuba, so who the hell is he anyway? If it comes down to PMAN being run by the younger generation, he will have to stand in line behind people like Yinka Davies, Weird MC, Eedris Abdulkareem, Azu Ekiye, Sammie Okposo, Paul Play, Zakky Adze, OJB and a host of others, so also will MI & Baba Dee.

On a lighter note, I heard that one of them was asked the meaning of PMAN and he said Plenty Musicians Association of Nigeria, so much for running PMAN. (UFMH – Una fall my hand)

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  1. This writer be mumu.did they pay you for these jabs which are bias,unprofessional and a disgrace to journalism?If you have an issue with anyone of them and write these,you could have been legitimately aproved of these.But no,you are writing about an incident between two parties and you taking it up like you have a personal beef for one party and even throwing personal direct jabs.Omo go back to school or rather find something else to do,cos you stink just as your article../