Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mr. Raw is presently working towards releasing his new video Turu Ugo into the market and is also working on his new album which is yet to be titled.

However, he revealed that the album is yet to be titled because he’s still busy working on his younger brother’s album.

According to him, the new act, Hype MC is the last child of his parents.
He also said his new album is still in the making and doesn’t know how many tracks it will carry at the moment. He’s therefore channeling all effort in making sure Hype’s album is released first before thinking about his.

But despite his busy schedule, Mr. Raw is bent on releasing his new video, Turu Ugo before the end of this week. According to him, Turu Ugo is his native song meaning “well done”. The song is a song of encouragement to his fans, family and Nigerians in general, telling them that their effort is recognised.

Here are behind the scene photo shoots of the new video titled "turu ugo" which was shot on location in Ikeja, Lagos. The video was directed by Patrick Ellis with appearances by Minista Busta, Phyno and ransome.

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