Monday, February 1, 2010


Due to the increase in number of mails i have been receiving, I have decided to create a new column where I will be answering fan mails and any question you might have for me.

Don't get the wrong idea though, I will only be answering questions pertaining and limited to the naija music industry. Don’t write me asking a question about Jay Z or Rihanna and don’t ask me some funny ass questions like….em… boyfriend is sleeping with my best friend, what should I do or I am in love with 2 guys & I am confused type of questions. I am not aunt whatever, those questions are for the columnists in your national dallies. So here are the questions I have picked for the first dear ayx.

NOTE - Sender’s email address will not be displayed.

Why is Terry da rapman not smiling?
-He is definitely not happy with his life. If you were as broke as he is,you wouldn't be smiling either. Poverty is not funny.

When will sunny neji have another hit?
-Sunny neji doesn't have a hit now and probably won't have any time soon because whenever he watches his chivita advert on TV, he thinks he already has a hit single.

Will 9ice's next album be better than tradition?
-9ice doesn't want to go back to repairing refrigerators, so you can be rest assured that his next album will be good.

What is the reason behind wande coal’s weight increase?
-Growing up in mushin, he had to eat whatever he could find to survive, so immediately he blew up and became rich, he started trying to make up for lost time by eating three times what he should be eating. You shouldn’t even be asking me this question,  ask durella. On a side note I heard wande’s next album will be titled mohits to mrbiggs.

Where is president Yaradua? is he dead or alive?
I don’t do politics. Infact I don’t even know what you are talking about.

Who are you?
-That is classified information. If I tell you, I will have to kill you.

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