Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Why am I writing this, probably I have nothing else to write about again. Is it really possible to have nothing else to write about again? A friend of mine asked me some days ago that don’t I ever get writers block, I was like writers block ke?  Emi ko!!! It cannot happen, especially in this naija music industry.

With all these illegal beefs going on in the industry, it’s just a matter of time before someone gets shot; when it happens I will do a rest in peace write up, upload the slain artist’s songs and yap about it for some days. Any moment from now one of our major artists might get caught trafficking in drugs cos most of them are spending more than they are earning logically. Looking at the hottest trend of 2009, one is inclined to believe that it is only a matter of time before Tuface or D’banj gets kidnapped for ransom, if I was in their shoes, I will limit my trips down south or hire the egberi papa 1 of bayelsa as an escort.

If there is a writer’s block, shouldn’t there be readers block or bloggers block. So if a time comes when you can no longer comprehend what you are reading, you know you are having a readers block and for all you bloggers out there who have run out of ideas, don’t panic, it might just be a bloggers block. If a time comes when I have nothing else to blog about again then you can be rest assured that our artists have stopped making rubbish songs, our record label execs have outgrown their shady & nasty habits, our music videos have become perfect, there is no more beef, piracy has stopped and a lot of improbable & impossible things have happened like Femi Kuti winning a grammy. Femi-grammy, what do they have in common except that they rhyme.

Have you noticed how most naija artists lie in their interviews? Some will tell you they started playing the piano at the age of 6 (next thing they will tell you is how they walk on water) and I am sure you must have heard this before; “singing has always been my passion, so I left my job to do music” (don’t believe the hype; it was after they got fired). There is never a dull moment in naija hip hop. Just when you are trying to catch your breath, something else happens. Speaking of which, doesn’t the criticisms of st. janet come across as misogynistic? If it was a guy, I am sure it would have been totally acceptable because I can still remember that obesere’s gogo night & cossy orjiakor videos never got banned.

You see, I blog better when I am angry, so how far do I have to look before I find someone to piss me off? Do you know what pisses me off the most? Dickriders!!!, with the bullshit cats be doing, they must think I am stupid. Maybe I will let it slide, maybe I won't but one thing you can be sure of is that I won't lose. In fact I think I need a name that is more fearsome; maybe y'all should start calling me Ayxdawesome. Before that happens I will keep doing me and I expect you to keep doing you. 

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