Saturday, February 6, 2010


One big challenge an upcoming artiste has to surmount in Nigeria after recording a good song is how to afford the average cost of 1.5 million naira for a music video. However stingomania records made an audacious move to solve the problem of high cost of making a video by shooting and producing 19 incredible music videos in barely 10 days.

Stingomania records made history between January 17 & 27 as they gathered the artists on their label together for a musical video production camp at an exclusive location in Lekki, Lagos state. Some of the music videos produced include videos for hits such as

Dudukoko, alepo. stingo girl, koto and reason for Trybson
Kolo and kainje for Aydu Amah
Love wan tin tin for EMX
2ice as nice for Baba Nee
Pay the money, overnight, in my life and ko ye mi o for Ovis Tee
Show your logo for Eazy Lizy
Shimpaka for whichlevelz
Wind e for Obesere

Ope Banwo, CEO of stingomania records speaking on the MVP camp said “solving the problem of the high cost of video production was a life or death problem for the record label. We had to choose between spending over 20 million naira on videos for our artists or watch the label go quietly into oblivion, both options we definitely could not afford, so we had to come up with the concept of the MVP camp.

EMX’s hit single love wan tin tin will be the first video to be released and will be released on youtube. The music video which costs less than 50,000 naira will hold viewers spellbound with its masterful combination of simplicity, audacity & creativity.

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