Friday, April 2, 2010


1. DON JAZZY – I would like to see what the audience will think of him since he doesn’t talk much and acts like he has a speech problem. I hope his co contestants will understand sign language. Won’t his walking stick be confiscated as a weapon? How will he cope without his underlings around him?

2. MI – The chocolate city MC wouldn’t last long on the show as he will be shown the door real fast when they get to vertically challenging tasks like jumping up and plucking fruits. The little man won’t make it to the screen unless they are casting for a leprechaun.

3. DA GRIN – This one will be a really tough one for the producers because I don’t think that Da grin can complete a sentence in queens English. That edition will have to come with subtitles or be limited to the west.

4. MUNACHI ABI – The wannabe rapper would finally have the chance to get some street cred or jungle cred as the case may be. I am really curious like everyone else to see what she looks like without make up and see what insect bites will do to that beautiful skin of hers.

5.  TERRY G – How long can Terry G stay off the ginjah? I believe we will finally get the answer to that question if this were to happen. The producers must be prepared to see an uncoordinated individual running stark naked around the jungle. How is that for reality?

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