Thursday, April 22, 2010


In a move to position the record label as one of the front runners in the industry. The likes of Azadus, Styl Plus & Waje are now signed artistes on SKP records.

The CEO of the record label, Sam kargbo took out time to express his deepest love for Nigerian artists and the music industry as a whole, “I love Nigeria with a passion and I am ready to contribute my own quota to make the country work. Our artistes are going through lots of challenges to get their music out there. The stress of doing everything themselves is having its toll on them, SKP records is ready to help the artiste succeed”, he said.

Speaking on the reason why he signed Styl Plus & Azadus to the label. Sam Kargbo said that he believed that an artist who made a hit a few years back can still make another hit if everything is right. “who said an artist that had a popular hit at a time cannot replicate such? He or she can even do better if everything is right. The record label can create a favorable environment for the artiste to perform. For the fact that God does not take away talents from humans, any talented artiste in his or her right frame of mind can still come up with hit or hits” he assured. Before the recent signing of Styl Plus, Azadus & Waje, X project were the only artistes on the label.

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