Monday, April 12, 2010


1.Only music materials released in the Nigerian market between December 2008 and November 2009 are eligible for nomination.
 2. Artistes cannot submit music materials created by other people except for materials to which they have copyright.
 3. All music materials must fall into Pop, HipHop, Urban Contemporary, R&B, Reggae, Dance Hall and Soul.
 4. Songs and albums in the popular categories are screened for popularity around the country and not in particular centers or states.
 5. Nigerian born artistes are not qualified for the African artiste of the year category.
 6. No music materials that endorse/encourage fraud, alcohol abuse, narcotics and wanton sex are eligible for nomination, except if said songs have radio-edited versions.
 7. The screening committee/panel of judges can nullify any category that is not competitive in the year under review.
 8. Best Music Video of the year goes to the video director.
9. Artistes with no full, released album in year under review will not be considered for Artiste of the year category.
 10.  Non Nigerian creators (including artistes, producers and music video directors) are not eligible for nomination except in African artiste of the year category.
 11.  The board of judges shall decide on the recipients of the HipHop World Awards Hall Of Fame.
 12.   All eligible music materials are considered fairly regardless of who submitted or not.
 13.   Only creators credited on music works shall be considered as right owners.
 14.   The ‘Headie Plaque’ remains the property of HipHop World Awards. It is not transferable at any point. The judges have a right to withdraw an award at any time.
 15.  Each participant on every collaboration shall be awarded.

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