Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Like a meteorologist predicts the weather and a psychic stares into a crystal ball and tell you the future, I am about to tell you where the Ruggedman vs 9ice beef is headed.

No beef is good but the worst kind of beef is the one between friends, when this whole Ruggedy/9ice Brouhaha started, I could have sworn it was never going to degenerate to this level. From what I know about these dudes, they were once as thick as thieves. It was Ruggedman that gave 9ice his big break courtesy of his monster hit “Ruggedy baba”, some might argue that it was 2shotz “make them talk” that brought 9ice to the limelight, but even the alapomeji crooner himself will always tell you that Ruggedman made the most impact in his career. When the time came for 9ice to take someone to home to mama, who was there for him? Ruggedy again!

No sooner had Ruggedman introduced 9ice to Toni payne, it was “kutupa kutupa, eshin gan ga”, and they were at the altar, and they lived happily ever after (you wish), and then there was Zion. It was all good (or so we thought) in the alapomeji household until 9ice released “once bitten, twice shy” off his “tradition” album, then they announced their separation after which rumors of infidelity started surfacing, accusations and counter accusations started flying around and soon enough, all fingers were pointed in Ruggedy’s direction. In a bid to clear his name (so he said), Ruggedy went ahead to record his now infamous phone conversation with 9ice and then everything started snowballing.

Now that 9ice has taken the first shot via his weed carrier Seriki, I think it is time to ask the question that has been preying on our minds. Where is 9ice going with this? Is he trying to tell us that Ruggedy fathered Zion? Because it has become difficult to believe that all this noise is to boost album sales. With 9ice relying on Seriki to take care of his business, who will ruggedy call on? Is Jaffer still alive and where the fuck is Abounce when you need him?

Ruggedman is in the battle of his career right now; this is a battle he cannot afford to lose (not after the modenine debacle). If I say I know where this is going to end, I will be lying but one thing I know is that the odds are stacked heavily in Ruggedy’s favour, all he has to say to win this war is one sentence. “You claim to be a playa but I fucked your wife” and there will be blood.

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  1. dude really? u havnt hear ruggedy;s reply via chynaydu?