Thursday, November 4, 2010


How do you make a hot song hotter? Make a dope remix with the hottest artists around. Quite simple you might say, but if it was that easy, your favorite artist will have a hot remix out there, which kind of explains why Jahbless’s “joor (remix)” has been well received in all quarters.  You don’t get to hear a good remix like that all the time and believe it or not; it would have sounded better if my verse had made the final cut.  You know how me and Jahbless go way back, so when he was cooking up the remix, he hit me up and this is the story of how I missed out on what is gradually turning into the remix of the year.

When I got Jah’s call on my radio, I packed up my bags and went to the car park, but all the flights had been cancelled, then I ran to the airport but the only available ship didn’t have a conductor so I had to travel from PH to Lagos on a horse and as I am blogging on my nokia 3310, I just hope that when I get to Lagos, I can pay the cab drivers there with my ATM.

Get acquainted with my own verse and feel free to add yours (jooor)

Father u turn oni fe di pope
Timaya oni fe wa ni interscope
dj tee oni fe shoot video pelu webcam
Naeto c oni fe wa ni defjam
M.I oni fe feature jay z
Eedris oni fe gba grammy
Don jazzy oni fe shey beat bi swizzy
Pype oni fe fi dada e we ti weezy
Charlie boy oni fe join ruff ryders
Mohits oni fe shaye bi rocafella
D,banj oni fe shey porn bi justin slayer
Omotola oni fe jo bi shakira
Muma Gee, shey ole di bi Lady Gaga
Essence, ko rin ju Rihanna
Skuki oni fe lo abuja lo yin banger
Kollington oni fe pa ariwo swagger
Daddy showkey oni fe ko reggaeton
Tuface oni fe losi ewon bi akon
Weird Mc oni fe se sex tape
Wunmi Obe lo ri runway
kelly hansome shey ole fi we Drake
Modenine ati Dj Drama, shey won le se mixtape
Sauce Kid oni fe jabo pelu D-block
Teeto Ceemos, oleri lori Detox

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